Urban Heat Island Effect - PowerPoint by vlfpl2


									  Developing a Data Management System for
 NYC’s 1st Green Roof Meteorological Network

Lawrence Brazin
Jacob Eichenbaum-Pikser
Daniel Novak
Stuart Gaffin, PhD
Green Roof Benefits Overall
   Urban heat island
   Runoff Water
   Biodiversity
   Ecological
    restoration potential
Energy and Water Balance
   Energy Balance
       Due to the evapotranspiration ability of a green
        roof the amount of incoming solar radiation that is
        absorbed as heat can be significantly reduced
   Water Balance
       Provides an ideal platform to absorb large
        quantities of water that classically translates into
        CSO (combined sewage overflow) plaguing
        Manhattan’s waterways
Basic Layout-RTMC Webpage
    Fieldston RTMC Homepage                Green Roof Cross Section

  Comparative Surface Temperatures             Precipitation Graph

                Fieldston Middle School RTMC Page
Fieldston Cross-Section
RTMC Site Allows for Data Comparison
    Portal to Webpages

http://www.ccsr.columbia.edu   Research Topics   Green Roofs
Summary of Accomplishments
   Developed real-time webpages that provide
    access to current meteorological conditions
    on and around green roofs at anytime
   Created a remote data backup and recovery
    system that permits analysis of weather data
   Streamlined the data communication
    hardware and software
Future Plans
   Provide user-friendly method for uploading
    data to GISS servers
   Analyze incoming data
   Oversee Con Edison green roof installation of
    meteorological tower
   Linda Tool-installation and monitoring
   Incorporate NYC Met-Net into NCDC
    (National Climatic Data Center) website
   Dr. Frank Scalzo
   Dr. Stuart Gaffin, Principal Investigator
   Shailly Kedia, Computer Whiz
   Cassandra Innocent
   NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies
   New York City Research Initiative

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