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									                          Local Government Pension Scheme

          Dundee City Council – Administering Authority Policy Statement

Under scheme regulations the Council, as Administering Authority of the Tayside
Superannuation Fund, has decided to exercise its discretionary powers as follows. In the
text below, regulations prefixed by “A” refer to The Local Government Pension Scheme
(Administration) (Scotland) Regulations 2008, prefixed by “B” refer to the Local
Government Pension Scheme (Benefits, Membership and Contributions) (Scotland)
regulations 2008.

   1. Regulation A4 (Admission agreements)
      The Council will generally allow employees of an ‘admission body’ who are based
      at least in part in the Tayside Superannuation Fund area to participate in the LGPS
      provided such a body meets certain scheme criteria and provides evidence of legal
      status, good financial covenant, a financial guarantor where required and other
      related material factors in accordance the report approved at finance Committee on
      10 June 1996.

   2. Regulation A48 (Payment of death grants)
      Death grants may be paid to any person who appears to the panel to be a
      beneficiary, having gathered all relevant details necessary to make an informed
      decision. The panel will consist of the Depute Chief Executive, the Director of
      Finance and the Pensions Manager or their deputes.

   3. Regulation B26 (Children’s pensions)
      At the time of a member’s death, a child over 17 who is in full-time education will be
      treated as an eligible child. However, where there is a subsequent break in
      education and the child resumes education the Pensions Manager will decide, after
      taking consideration of the reason for the break, whether or not the education shall
      be deemed to be continuous.

   4. Regulation A20 (Medical evidence in support of additional pension applications)
      Members will be required to undergo a medical examination to confirm that they
      have a normal life expectancy. Costs will be met by the member.

   5. Regulation A38 & A39 (Payment of employer’s and employee contributions)
      Employers are to remit employer contributions and scheme members contributions
      within 19 days of the month end in compliance with Section 49(8) of the Pensions
      Act 1995. Employers will be charged interest on any amounts overdue by more
      than one month.

   6. Regulation A64 & A65 (Abatement of pensions)
      Where a person is re-employed with a scheme employer and is entitled to join the
      Local Government Pension Scheme the pension will be abated if their new pay and
      their pension exceed the pay they were receiving immediately before retirement
      plus index linking

   7. Regulation A78 (Inward transfers of pension rights)
      Inward transfers may be accepted by an Administering Authority. After consulting
      employers, transfers will only be accepted from schemes which are members of the
      Public Sector Transfer Club.

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