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									Saturnino Alvarado
         A visionary man who (in
          the 1920s) led the battle
          for the Hispanic youth to
          be admitted to public high
          school in the Argentine

         A family man concerned
          with the education of his
          children – of all children,
          regardless of their
       November 1, 2003

Induction into the Wall of Fame
Kansas City, Kansas Community College
Kansas City, Kansas
       November 2, 2003

Dedication of the Saturnino Alvarado
Auditorium at Argentine Middle School in
Kansas City, Kansas.
        Emcee – John Rios
Principal, Argentine Middle School
       Rose Marie Mendez
Granddaughter of Saturnino Alvarado
     John Mendez
District Commissioner
            Gloria Willis
President – KCKs Board of Education
     Dr. Ray Daniels
Superintendent of Schools
Esperanza Amayo
Ribbon Cutting
Dancers at Dedication Program
Dancers at Dedication Program
Award Table
Family Group
The Auditorium
   Argentine Middle School
Saturnino Alvarado Auditorium
                           Thank You
Thank you . . . to all of those who have participated in making Kansas
City, Kansas Public Schools a school district of the future: community
members, staff members, and students.

Today, as in the past, we continue to serve students who are
socioeconically challenged. It is through “your” efforts and those of
community leaders such as Saturnino Alvarado that our youth are
becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

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