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									Canterbury City Council

Job Title:            Housing Advice Officer

Service:              Neighbourhood Services

Current Grade:        5/6

Reports to:           Housing Options Manager

Supervises:           no direct reports

Main Purpose
To execute the council’s day to day legal responsibilities in respect of Homelessness ,
to provide specialist advice and assistance to customers who apply for housing and to
work with statutory and non-statutory agencies to prevent homelessness.

     To provide specialist advice and assistance to customers who apply for
     housing which is appropriate to their individual circumstances.
     To work with statutory and non-statutory agencies to prevent
     homelessness and assess needs.
     Make detailed assessments of housing applications, conducting proper
     investigations in accordance with Council policies and statutory
     Make decisions about the status of housing applicants having due regard
     for the appropriate statutory guidance and council policies.
     Execute the Council’s day to day legal responsibilities with regard to
     Homelessness and Harassment.
     Contribute to the development of standards for housing advice that will
     meet the requirements of Customer Service Excellence.
Key Tasks
     Meet the needs of clients in housing need by working with them, pro-
     actively, to assess their needs and to provide advice to help them find
     acceptable solutions to their housing problems.
     Assess complex applications for housing from customers applying to the
     Housing Need Register, making such enquiries as may be necessary, in
     accordance with Council policies.
     Provide appropriate advice and assistance to customers to help them
     remain in their home, or assist them to obtain accommodation privately.
     Investigate non standard emergency applications for housing , following
     the statutory procedures, and issue formal decisions.
     Attend meetings, case conferences, etc with the Council’s statutory and
     voluntary partners and other organisations in relation to the assessment
     of individual’s housing need.
     Participate in the duty homeless service on a rota basis.

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    Assess applications relating to various council initiatives such as Floating
    Support, Single Agency Assessment, Rent Deposit Scheme and approve
    in accordance with agreed procedures.
    Maintain, in an agreed format, proper records of all contacts with
    customers and ensure that monitoring information relating to individual
    performance is maintained.
    Recommend how best to meet the needs of individual customers to the
    Lettings Team.
    Provide advice on private tenancy related matters, dealing with cases
    involving possible illegal eviction or harassment.
    Prepare homeless cases for review by the line manager.
    Provide cover for other parts of the service as required.
    Establish and maintain good working relationships with colleagues and
    internal and external contacts. Work as a member of a team to meet
    the team objectives and performance targets.
    Keep abreast of new legislation, technical knowledge, guidance,
    initiatives, etc that may affect the Council or its customers and attend
    relevant meetings, seminars and training courses.
    Carry out all duties in a way that is customer orientated and which places
    a high value on the views, needs and requirements of the customer.
    Ensure that personal performance targets are met and participate in the
    performance review process.
    Comply with the Council’s Health and Safety Policy and all relevant
    Comply with Canterbury City Council’s equal Opportunities Policies for
    Employment and Delivery of the Service and co-operate in measures
    introduced to implement and monitor the policies.
    Contribute to the development and achievement of the Division's Service
    Plan by suggesting ideas on service improvements.
    Comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act and co-operate
    in measures introduced to comply with this legislation
    The duties of the post are subject to review and in this respect the details
    contained are provided as an aid to the performance of the contract of
Customers, Social Services, Police, Housing Officers, Landlords, Letting Agents,
Other Agencies, Solicitors, Councillors, MPs

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Canterbury City Council

Job Title:              Housing Advice Officer

Service:                Neighbourhood Services

Current Grade:          5/6

Reports to:             Housing Options Manager

Supervises:             no direct reports

Competency Profile
This role has been evaluated by the appropriate manager(s) and the
competencies below are those that are deemed to be essential to perform to
the required standards of the role.

Awareness of how the political agenda and structure affects their job and their
Contributes towards setting personal objectives based on knowledge of service plan      B
 Makes effective use of resources available.                                            B
Complies with appropriate financial rules and regulations                               B
Exploits full potential of IT packages relevant to the role                             B
Implements policies and procedures and ensures team members apply them
Can interpret information and records and uses this to make informed decisions
relevant to the role.
Can present information clearly and concisely                                           C

Develops working relationships with customers which support individual & team
Gives feedback to other staff to ensure the appropriate people are kept informed.       B
Represents the team or department in meetings, and puts forward the views of the
team or department in an effective way.
Creates and maintains effective working relationships with colleagues and
Understands stakeholders’ interests and suggests service delivery changes to meet

Deals with customers who present with an issue in an effective and constructive
Provides information to customers and ensures that action is taken to minimise the
impact of service errors.
Is aware of section targets, outputs and standards relating to customer service.        B
Is aware of legislative duties and corporate policies relating to customer contact.     B
Invites feedback from customers with difficulties accessing services and acts on

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Develops mechanisms to collect and record customer feedback for further

Knowledge and Training
Undertakes a range of work procedures which would require corporate training, job-
specific training and a period of induction.

Managing Complexity
Makes decisions involving a range of facts or situations, which require analysis or
comparison of a range of options. Problems will often be ambiguous and will               C
require a degree of judgement based on a reasoned rationale.

Physical Requirements / Working Environment
The post requires minimal precision and speed in the use of dexterity, co-ordination
and/or physical skills.
Occasionally required to work in unpleasant or mildly hazardous working conditions.       B

Planning and Achievement
Schedules own work in order to meet deadlines and/or objectives.                          B
Monitors own performance and identifies areas for improvement..                           B
Seeks to self develop performance through various means e.g. reading, seminars,
professional groups
Suggests service improvements within own sphere of work.                                  B
Plans and manages projects to improve or change service delivery within own team.         B

The role requires working with others to deliver on the job training, checking others
work or assisting a colleague on a regular basis.

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Canterbury City Council

Job Title:           Housing Advice Officer

Service:             Neighbourhood Services

Current Grade:       5/6

Reports to:          Housing Options Manager

Supervises:          no direct reports

Applicants should provide evidence of their ability to meet the following
criteria in their application and interview if shortlisted, as these are the basis
for the assessment process.
AREA                   DEFINITION
Experience                 Must have worked in a Housing Options team or
                              equivalent in a Local Authority.
                           Must be able to demonstrate ability to give correct
                              information and advice to the public in a convincing
                              and customer-focused manner.

Knowledge and              Must have working knowledge of the legal
Skills                      framework governing homelessness and
                           Must have excellent interpersonal and negotiation
                            skills both on the phone and face to face.
                           Must have complete and thorough understanding of
                            the housing options available to people.
Qualifications             Minimum of 5 GCSEs at grade C and above
                            including Maths and English
                           Must be willing to work unsociable hours when
                            occasion demands (eg in emergency situations)

Manager:                                                 Date:

Authorising Manager:                                     Date:

Employee:                                                Date:

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