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This update aims to provide UNISON members and organisers with
a brief summary of the latest trade union news in schools.
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Managing medical conditions in schools – request for information
UNISON and fellow trade unions have been invited to meet with the Department for
Education to discuss managing medical conditions in schools. UNISON is particularly
keen to draw attention to our concerns regarding school staff responsibilities. It would
be very helpful if we could provide relevant background information to back up our
arguments – for example, job descriptions, the precise nature of any voluntary roles,
and specific examples of practice (i.e. where managing medical conditions has worked
well, as well as where there have been concerns). If you are able to provide any
documents or case studies which we can use in our discussions with the DfE, please
send them to Sarah Peters, National Officer, Education and Children’s Services –

UNISON Schools Newsletter – Spring 2012
The latest edition of the UNISON Schools Newsletter is now available. You can order the
newsletter via UNISON Communications, quoting stock number 2166. Alternatively,
download a copy of the newsletter here:

Academies – defend your school: UNISON update
At 1 February 2012 there were 1580 academy schools in England, with the government
showing no sign of slowing down in its enthusiasm for them. The Education Act 2011
has cemented the relationship between academies and central government while
driving the wedge even further between academy schools and local authorities. UNISON
has published an update which highlights some of the hot topics which have arisen as a
consequence. You can download the update here: Academies – defend your school,
update Feb 2012

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Free Schools - new applications in the pipeline
So far 24 schools in England have been awarded Free School status. Five were set up by
teachers, nine were set up by parent or community groups, five were set up by existing
education providers, and one by an existing academy. Five existing schools also became
free schools. A further 72 schools Free Schools will be introduced in September 2012.
Like Academies, Free Schools are independent, state-funded schools given more choice
over their curriculum and more say over how money is spent in the school.

National Awards for School Support Staff 2012
UNISON is encouraging branches and members to help nominate valued colleagues for
the National Awards for School Support Staff 2012. These awards, led by the National
Association of School Business Management, are UK-wide and aim to recognise the
important contribution that support staff make within schools. There are several award
categories covering a range of different support staff roles.
Information and nomination forms are available here. The closing date for entries is the
8 June 2012.

 New drug advice for schools
The Department for Education and the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) have
issued revised Drug Advice for Schools. The Advice is non-statutory and aims to help
answer some of the most common questions raised by school staff. You can download
the advice here:

 Public Sector Equality Duties: employers required to publish equality info
The Public Sector Equality Duty requires public bodies, including local authorities and
schools, to take action over equality issues in the workplace. In England, Scotland and
Wales, schools will be required to publish information to demonstrate that they are
complying with the public sector equality duty by 6 April 2012. The Equality and Human
Rights Commission has set out the t information that it recommends public bodies need
to publish, for example: the race, disability, gender and age distribution of the
workforce at different grades, and whether they are full or part time; any evidence of
pay gaps or occupational segregation and evidence that the employer has had due
regard to the need to eliminate gender pay discrimination. UNISON is encouraging all
branches to check their employer’s website and to report any failure to publish this
information to the Commission. More information and advice has been sent to Local
Government branches in circular LG/9/2012.

Local Authority funding protected for SEN services

Following lobbying by the Special Educational
Consortium (SEC), the Government has
Nottingham City UNISON
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announced that local authorities will retain their
central funding for SEN services no matter how
many academies they have in their area. LAs are
now being urged to consider any decision about
funding SEN specialist services in light of this new
information. You can read more here

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