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									                                         PLAN COMMISSION
                                         Monday, May 3, 2010

The regular meeting of the Plan Commission of the City of Platteville was called to order by Chairperson
Mike Dalecki at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Municipal Building.

Present: Steve Becker, Keith Buchert, Christina Curras, Chairperson Mike Dalecki, Dorothy Genthe,
Tom Lindahl, Mike Schmieder, and Amy Seeboth. Excused: Jeffrey Buboltz

Motion by Genthe, second by Becker to approve the March 1, 2010 minutes as presented. Motion carried
unanimously on a voice vote.


    A. Conditional Use Permit – (Lot 17, 1st Addition to IOKA Estates) – Steve Weber (PC10-CU02-05)
       – Community Planning & Development Director Joe Carroll explained that the applicant is
       interested in purchasing the property and building a single family home. The location would also
       be used as the location for a detached building that would contain the applicant’s woodworking
       business. He is requesting a conditional use permit to operate an intensive home occupation at
       this location. The applicant will be the only employee with the business consisting of making
       kitchen and bath cabinets and other wood trims. The plans for the building have not been
       finalized, but the lot covenants do not allow it to be larger than 40’x50’. Carroll noted that the
       proposed business would be in compliance with the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance and
       recommends approval of the CUP. Since this is an ET Zoning District, the request needs to be
       reviewed by the Town Planning Commission and the two recommendations will go before the
       Joint ET Committee for final approval.

        No applicant statement, public statements in favor, against, or in general. Lindahl clarified that
        generally the CUP stays with the property in the event that the property is sold. Motion by
        Lindahl, second by Genthe to approve the conditional use permit with the stipulation that the
        conditional use permit expires when the applicant sells the property. Motion carried unanimously
        on a roll call vote.

    B. Rezoning Request – (915 W Main Street) – David & Joan Bushnell (PC10-RZ01-06) – CP&D
       Director Carroll explained that the property currently contains a large single-family home which
       is the home of the applicant. The applicant would like to convert the upper floor into an
       additional housing unit making the structure a duplex, which is not currently permitted in the
       current R-1 district. The request is to rezone the property to R-2 One & Two Family Residential.
       Carroll explained that the conversion of the structure to a duplex would comply with the density
       designation in the Comprehensive Plan, but the rezoning request to R-2 does not comply with the
       low density recommendation of the proposed land use plan in the Comprehensive Plan.

        Applicant David Bushnell stated that his 4 bedroom, 4 bath, 3 garage bay, 4,000 sq ft house
        located on an acre lot is far too large for himself and his wife. He has tried selling it over the past
        3 years. He contends that West Main Street currently is a mix of rental and residential and that
        Oak Creek and Stonebridge apartments are right across the street. His understanding is that
        everything within a quarter mile of the university is to be rezoned to allow for student rental.
       No public statements in favor. Public statements against included Bob Brodbeck, Lynn Verger
       representing herself and her parents, Don and Wilma Verger, Doug Stephens, Tammy Salmon
       Stevens, Harold Daus representing himself and his wife, Barbara, and Linda Adrian. Numerous
       concerns were cited including rezoning to increase the marketability of a house as a R-2, Preston
       Drive quiet neighborhood will be taken over by student housing, many deteriorating
       neighborhoods decreasing the quality of life, excessive garbage, cars parked on the lawn, spot
       zoning since the request doesn’t comply with the Comprehensive Plan and the City zoning maps,
       multiple housing, and problems with parking on the street.

       No public statements in general. Applicant rebuttal noted that it was unfair to compare to Preston
       Drive – very isolated. It would have a very small effect, possibly one or two people, and he has a
       very large front lot and setback from Main Street with parking accommodations. Joanie Bushnell
       also spoke that all her neighbors were her friends and she appreciates their concerns, but they all
       live on Preston Drive instead of Main Street, and this wouldn’t affect them.

       Plan Commission Discussion – Genthe stated that she received two letters against the rezone, and
       noted that if the Commission approved the rezone, they could have additional requests. Curras
       noted that spot zoning is a concern and clarified that student rentals are currently allowed in R-1.
       Dalecki noted that one reason for zoning is so that when people move into a neighborhood, they
       know what the use patterns are going to be. He is not averse to changing zoning if all agree.
       Seeboth is opposed to spot zoning. She added that she lives in a neighborhood with R-2 and R-3
       and concerned with conversations where assumptions are made as to what type of person lives in
       R-2 or R-3 vs. who lives in R-1. She has very gracious student neighbors and feels that as a
       Commission, we need to be careful to keep to the facts. Motion by Lindahl, second by Buchert to
       deny the spot zoning of 915 W Main Street from R-1 to R-2. Motion carried unanimously on a
       roll call vote.


Motion by Becker, second by Genthe to adjourn. Motion carried unanimously on voice vote. The
meeting was adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

                                                         Respectfully submitted,

                                                         Jan Martin, City Clerk

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