UTV of San Antonio by e8ExQFH


									                               Federal Communications Commission                   DA 01-579

                                          Before the
                               Federal Communications Commission
                                     Washington, D.C. 20554

In the Matter of                                   )
the Applications of                                )
UTV of San Francisco, Inc., KCOP Television, Inc. )     File Nos. BALCT-20000918ABB,
UTV of San Antonio, Inc., Oregon Television, Inc., )    ABC, ABD, ABF, ABK, ABL,
UTV of Baltimore, Inc., WWOR-TV, Inc., and              ABM, ABN, ABU, ABY, ABG,
UTV of Orlando, Inc. and United Television, Inc.        ABH, ABI, ABJ, ABO, ABP,
                                                   )    ABQ, ABR, ABS, ABV, ABW,
                                                   )    ABX, ABZ, ACA, ACB, ACC,
and                                                )    ACD, ACE
Fox Television Stations, Inc.                      )
(Assignee)                                         )
For Consent to the Assignment of Licenses          )
for Stations KBHK-TV, San Francisco, CA;           )
KCOP-TV, Los Angeles, CA; KMOL-TV,                 )
San Antonio, TX; KPTV-TV, Portland, OR;            )
WUTB-TV, Baltimore, MD; WWOR-TV,                   )
Secaucus, NJ; WRBW-TV, Orlando, FL;                )
KMSP-TV, Minneapolis, MN; KTVX-TV,
Salt Lake City, UT; KUTP-TV, Phoenix, AZ

                          SUPPLEMENTAL PROTECTIVE ORDER

 Adopted: March 2, 2001                                     Released: March 5, 2001

By the Chief, Mass Media Bureau:

1.      On March 1, 2001, the Commission released a Protective Order, DA 01-528, in the
pending proceeding involving the acquisition of Chris-Craft television station licensees by Fox
Television Stations, Inc. News Corp. and the Petitioners jointly request that the phrase contained
in the first sentence of the third paragraph of the Protective Order “associated counsel of record,
as agreed to by the parties” be supplemented by adding “; the following law student associated
with the Institute of Public Representation, Georgetown University Law Center who is actively
involved in the proceeding and is supervised by counsel of record: Jennifer Mercer; and Mark
Cooper, Director of Research for the Consumer Federation of America.” News Corp. and the
Petitioners also jointly request that Appendix C to the Protective Order be supplemented by
adding “Jennifer Mercer, student, Georgetown University Law Center” and “Mark Cooper,
Director of Research, Consumer Federation of America.” After due consideration, we are
persuaded that the public interest would be served by supplementing the Protective Order, as it
                             Federal Communications Commission              DA 01-579

reflects the negotiated agreement between News Corp. and the Petitioners.

2.     Accordingly, IT IS ORDERED, That the request to supplement the Protective Order, DA
01-528, IS GRANTED.

                                   FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION

                                   Roy J. Stewart
                                   Chief, Mass Media Bureau


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