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									                                                                Wavefront Coding
                                                             Vexcel, Boulder, Colorado
    • Wave front coding applies concepts from coherent radar signal processing and
      design to incoherent imaging systems.

• The firm has produced off-the-shelf precision 3D terrain and building data for over 50 cities
  world-wide. Twelve U.S. cities were recently added to the collection, including: San
  Francisco; Los Angeles; Austin; San Antonio; Dallas; Salt Lake City; and the Arlington and
  Rosslyn suburbs of Washington D.C. Nine cities were also added to Vexcel's international off-
  the-shelf database, including: Sao Paulo, Rio, Vitoria, Brazil; Buenos Aires, Argentina;
  Stockholm, Sweden; and the Canadian cities of London, Victoria, Edmonton, Saskatoon, as
  well as additional areas of Toronto.
• These data sets are designed to assist broadband wireless communication service providers in
  planning and implementing new wireless networks, expanding existing networks, locating
  base stations, and providing full network maintenance.

Commercialization                                                                                 • Vexcel Corporation today announced the addition of Linux-based systems to
•    The firm provides a variety of information products and services utilizing advanced            their Vexcel Data Capture System (VxDCS) product line. VxDCS,
     photogrammetry, GIS, and mapping technologies. Products and services are grouped as            previously available only for the Unix platform, is the leading solution for
     follows according to underlying technologies, applications, and approximate accuracy           direct-to-disk data acquisition (and optional retransmission) of satellite
     of measurements:                                                                               downlinks and other high rate data.
•    Close-Range Photogrammetry
              Example products: FotoG software, as-built CAD models, integrated systems
              Example applications: Industrial engineering, entertainment, forensics               Government/Science Applications
              Nominal accuracy: Sub-inch                                                           •The firm has completed its Apex Ground StationTM for EOS. The
•    Spatial Information for Telecommunications                                                    turnkey system is specially designed for direct reception and
              Example products: 3D building models, DEMs, demographic data                         processing of data from NASA's Terra satellite and follow-on
              Example applications: Wireless and fixed wire telecommunications networks            missions. Terra was successfully launched on December 18, 1999,
              Nominal accuracy: 1 meter                                                            and is the "flagship" to NASA's Earth Observation System (EOS)
•    GIS, Mapping & Photogrammetry                                                                 series of satellites.
             Example products: Topographic maps, ortho photos
             Example customers: Municipal, state, national government agencies                     •The firm was awarded a contract from NASA to provide close range
             Nominal accuracy: Sub-meter to 100 meter                                              photogrammetry technology for use on the International Space Station.
•    The firm announced a 2002 contract win with the National Imagery and Mapping                  Close range photogrammetry is used for deriving accurate measurements
     Agency (NIMA) to develop technology that will map the region of land north of the             from digital imagery. NASA intends to use Vexcel’s close range
     Earth’s 60 degrees latitude.                                                                  photogrammetry software, commercially available as FotoGTM, to extract
                                                                                                   measurements from digital images for a variety of projects.
                                                                                                             Points of Contact:
                    Johnson Space Center Date of Update: 03-20-03                                            NASA : Vexcel :
                                 Success Story 9-054                                                         1994 SBIR Phase II; NAS 9-19497

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