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									                   German Settlement Update #9, April 22, 2008             Wisconsin Historical Society
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Dear Friends of the German Settlement,

    Notice: on May 15 (Thurs), we’ll start the Potluck Family Picnic at
       6:00 p.m. to give more time for a program by John Russell.

May 10 (Sat.) Pioneer Grove Clean-up & Tree Planting                  8:30 a.m. up to a
luncheon meeting. Wiener roast material will be provided.We need your help to clear brush
and plant trees. We’ll need people with shovels for tree planting and a chain saw for
clearing dead trees. If you can bring a wood chipper, phone Charles Garbe: 386-9243.

   Come join us on May 10 (Sat.) as we plant trees in the Pioneer Grove in honor of
“Tree Man” Merton Eugene Timmerman and his community leadership. We will plant
his favorite tree with a stone marker.

       Merton Timmerman Memorial Tree Planting in Pioneer Grove

    Pioneer Grove as viewed from Cty. Rd. N & junction of Hilary Farm Rd. & close-up.
          Mert Timmerman holds seeds and example of future trees & a legacy.

   It’s now possible to drive to Pioneer Grove in Cottonwoods South estate on a paved
road, courtesy of Kernon Bast’s new housing development. For a Google map click here:


From the junction of Country Road N and Hilary Farm Road, drive south about 200 yards
to the Pioneer Grove.
                                         * * *
          May 15 (Thurs) 6:00 p.m. Pot Luck Family Picnic & Talk
           “Nearest American Indian Settlements and Conflicts”

              Picnic at 837 County Road N – one of the oldest farmsteads in the county.

    Noted Wisconsin historian, John M. Russell, will give a presentation on the Indians from our
area before and during the arrival of the white settlers. Mr. Russell is a photographer and artist
living in Menomonie, WI. Since 1966 he and his late wife Lou have written over 2500 weekly
columns called “Wisconsin Lore and Legends” for The Dunn County News. He served as
president and curator of the Dunn County Historical Society, as past-chairman of the Wisconsin
Council of Local History and is currently on the Board of Curators of the Wisconsin Historical
    He has either written and illustrated books, such as Where the Wild Rice Grows. His latest
book is Wiscomical: A Collection of Funny Facts, Fiction and Facts in Wisconsin History. He
is informative and has good humor. His website tells much more:

  These are some of the questions he will address:
Where were the major Indian encampments, battles, and burial grounds nearest Hudson?
Where was the “contested area” between the Chippewa and Dakota tribes?
Where were the main Indian trails in St. Croix County?

   Children are welcome and will have Indian craft making opportunities close by.

   Bring food to pass, plus utensils, lawn chairs, etc. for your family. Some tables will be
available on a “first come” basis. The pole barn will be used in case of rain.

   Parking is available on a new internal road, behind the historic bakery-smokehouse. Enter
from 837 County Road N. and follow limestone road SE for angle parking.
                                               * * *
Sept. 18 (Thurs) 6:30 p.m. Apple Pie & Ice Cream Picnic at Pioneer Nick Schwalen
homestead (now Schwenk Family Trust). Please bring lawn chairs.

   Both picnic events will be held at 837 County Road N. (6 mls. north of River Falls)
                                               * * *
Oct. 4 (Sat) 6:30 p.m. Barn Dance Benefit at 565 County Rd. U, 4 miles. N of River Falls
at the Mike & Evonne Ganz farm.
                                               * * *

              Warm Springtime Greetings! We hope to see you for these activities.
Just a Friendly Reminder...
Many thanks if you have already sent your membership dues for 2008. New and
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THIS IS AN INVITATION to all interested in preserving German
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Please make checks payable to: German Settlement Heritage Society, Inc. & send to:
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Please circle any activities you would like to volunteer for: Tree planting, Brush
clearing, Carpentry, Cement work, Special Events, Publicity, Research, Historic displays,
Restoration, Special recipes, Tour guide, Museum keeper, Website help, Others:

    To aid in planning, we would greatly appreciate your estimate of the number from
            your family who are likely to attend these events in the year 2008:
[     ] Pioneer Grove Clean-up & Tree Planting, 8:30 AM & Noon lunch meeting, May 10
[     ] Pot Luck Family Picnic, 6:00 pm, May 15 at 837 County Rd. N, 6 miles east of Hudson
[     ] Apple Pie and Ice Cream Picnic Gathering, 6:30 pm, Sept.18, 837 County Rd. N.
[     ] Barn Dance Benefit, 6:30 pm, Oct. 4 at 565 County Rd. U, 6 miles north of River Falls

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