Melinda Berlan at Hearne s First Victoria National Bank is one of the people who is

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					                                   CROSSROADS REPORT
                                       By Kent Brunette

        It has been mentioned numerous times in all of the county’s newspapers. Information has been
posted on Facebook for weeks on end. E-mails are going out. Flyers are up at some area merchants.
The Hearne Chamber’s website plugs it. The much-anticipated Robertson County Go Texan events are
this coming weekend!

         It is not too late to sign-up to be a taster judge at the Saturday, October 15 Robertson County Go
Texan International BBQ Cookers Association-sanctioned cook-off at the FM 485 Go Texan building in
Hearne. Lots of volunteer taster judges are needed starting at 11 AM on Saturday to help sample pork
spare ribs, brisket, chicken, and dry pinto beans. To sign-up to be a taster judge, call Cole McKinney at

        Robertson County Go Texan will also host a fundraising dinner and dance at Fireman’s Hall on
Saturday, October 15. For a $15 admission charge, you can enjoy a BBQ plate (from 5 - 8 PM) along
with a concert/dance (from 8 PM - 1 AM) featuring Chris Kleiber and the Felony Brothers.

         Melinda Berlan at Hearne’s First Victoria National Bank is one of the people who is selling tickets
to the annual Hearne Lions Club chili bean & cornbread supper which will be held at the former junior
high school cafeteria on Cypress Street next to the football field in Hearne on Friday, October 21 from
5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. There is a Hearne vs. McGregor football game that night as well. Tickets are $6 a
plate and it is all you can eat! Let Melinda know if you wish to buy tickets by either dropping by the bank
or calling her at 979.279.3438.

        The Hearne WWII POW Camp is sponsoring “A Day in the Life” WWII Living History Event from
11 a.m. – 4 p.m. on Saturday, October 22. This Camp Hearne event will explore a day in the life of an
American GI, an enemy prisoner of war, and a rural home-front community during the early 1940s.

         G-Company (WWII re-enactors) will bring to life the American GI through their authentic uniforms
and gear with various demonstrations for the public. Camp Lili, a collection of Signal Corps field
equipment, will enlighten the public on the technical glitches of 1940s communications (including old
school improvisations, such as messenger pigeons used during the D-Day invasion). Demonstrations will
start at 11 a.m.

       Hearne’s Miles Scrivener American Legion post will host a special program to honor our area’s
WWII veterans to start the day at 10 a.m. All veterans will be recognized for their service.

          AMA’s Sylvia Montelongo is once again this year’s Christmas parade chair. Sylvia tells people to
start planning on attending and participating in Hearne’s “Choo-Choo Crossroads Christmas” parade and
the Hearne Depot’s Santa’s Christmas party to be held afterwards on Saturday, December 17 starting at
6 p.m. Judy Werlinger and her crew will soon start decorating the depot for Christmas. Electrical outlets
have been installed around the depot fence to hopefully prevent blown fuses from the hundreds of feet of
lit garlands that will soon be hung along most of its length.

       A couple of weeks ago, green-thumbed Cliff Hopcus broadcast twenty-five pounds of bluebonnet
seeds on the depot grounds. With plenty of sunshine and occasional watering, some seeds are already
sprouting in the dozen or so truckloads of sandy soil that were hauled and spread by the City of Hearne
and James Shear. Gary Conn then treated the area with lime to increase the soil’s pH.

         Purchased from the same Fredericksburg wildflower farm that provides the seeds that grow along
some Brazos County highways, the instructions say to plant the seeds in the fall after September 15.
These should then sprout and develop root systems over the winter. While a profusion of color would be
great to see this spring, bluebonnets sometimes take up to five years to reach their full potential.

          Crossroads Reports appear periodically in the Robertson County News & are archived at The views expressed in this report are those of the author & do not necessarily
reflect the views of the City of Hearne, Hearne’s 4A & 4B Sales Tax Boards, Hearne Chamber of
Commerce, or the Robertson County News.

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