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Fitness Lifestyle Pathway leaflet by 8Pqda516


									               Ventures sessions are
               generally offered as a course
               of weekly appointments.

               If you need any more
               information about Fitness            Fitness
               Lifestyle, please telephone:         Lifestyle


               (0113) 3055177


               (0113) 3055004
                                               4 Woodland Square
                                               St. Mary’s Hospital

January 2010
                                                       The fitness need is identified by a member of the
What is the Ventures Fitness Lifestyle?
                                                       Community Learning Disability Team and referred
                                                       onto Ventures. The individual’s GP is contacted to
Group and individual fitness activities held within
                                                       check full medical history and eliminated
the community.

                                                       The service user must first be assessed by a
                                                       Ventures’ physiotherapist or Technical Gym
Benefits of exercise are to assist and                 Instructor who will identify the appropriate activity.

      Weight loss
      Cardiovascular fitness                          The Ventures team may also liaise with the
      Muscle strengthening                            Dietician for support around healthy eating.
      Co-ordination
      Balance
      Anxiety reduction
      General well- being
                                                       A Ventures “Fitness buddy” may be identified to
                                                       give more personal 1:1 support.
The sessions are offered to introduce and support
service users who struggle to find or cope with
existing community based fitness activities.
The sessions are presently located across the city     An allocated appointment time will be offered to the
using different facilities:                            Service User for a weekly one hour session which
                                                       may run over 6 months to allow progressions of
      South Leeds sports centre gyms                  fitness and lifestyle changes.
      Pudsey sports centre bodyline
      Scott hall sports centre chair based exercise
                                                       There are 2, 4 and 6 month re-assessments and
      Bramley Fulfilling Lives
                                                       reviews where the physiotherapy team and
      John Charles Sports centre’s adapted bikes
                                                       dietician will make further recommendations.
      John Smeaton Leisure Centre disability
       swim session

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