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sheriff letter city police by s0o53A0V


									                            IBERIA PARISH SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT
                                              3OO IBERIA STREET-SUITE 120 NEW
                                                IBERIA, LOUISIANA 70560-4584

                                             PHONE 337-359-3714 - FAX 337-3S4-8406

June 22, 2009

Hon. Mayor Hilda Curry and
  The Board of Trustees 457 East
Main Street, Suite 300 New Iberia,
LA 70560

                                              Re: Cooperative Endeavor Agreement for
                                                    Law Enforcement Services

Dear Mayor Curry and Trustees:

       The law enforcement services contract requires that I provide law enforcement
services for the City of New Iberia. As you know, the current contract price is $3.4 million. In
my first year in office I have demonstrated that I can provide extremely effective law
enforcement for the City. However, the cost of providing this service is considerably more
than $3.4 million.

        I have attempted to negotiate with you, Mayor Curry, for a more reasonable contract
price to cover the true expense of maintaining public safety. Despite my efforts and those of
other members of the council, those negotiations have failed.

         I have completed my first year in office with a deficit of $1,000,000. Budget
projections for the upcoming year indicate that I will incur another deficit of $1,200,000.
Based on this forecast, I am unable to borrow sufficient funds to operate my office for the
first six months of the upcoming fiscal year. Absent immediate action from the City, I must
inform you that effective September 1, 2009, there will be insufficient funds to continue to
provide law enforcement services to the City of New Iberia and the contract will be canceled.
We will cooperate with you in every way possible while you rebuild your police department
during this transition period.

        We have already begun to scale back law enforcement services to fall within the
monetary bounds of the contract. I suspect you will begin receiving complaints from your
constituents and we will work with you to resolve those issues as best as we can. One of our
obligations under the contract is to provide 10 officers on duty at all times within the city limits.
During my tenure, I have provided 2 to 3 times that requirement. [Effective immediately, I will
have to reduce our force to fall within the bounds of the contract as written.
Hon. Mayor Hilda Curry and
  The Board of Trustees
June 22, 2009 Page 2

         This is a very unfortunate turn of events because I believe I was providing the citizens
of this community with better law enforcement services than ever before seen in New Iberia.
But it is equally unfortunate that you would put the value of a dollar ahead of the safety of my
deputies and the citizens of this community. The fact is that adequate law enforcement
should be the most important and top financial concern for the City's governing body.
However, the reality is that the current contract only guarantees out-of-control crime.
                                                     Very truly yours,

                                                       )UIS M. ACKAL
                                                    Iberia Parish Sheriff
copy: Phil Haney

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