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									                                                              ITEM No           6

Title              Recruitment Gateway
Meeting of         Salford Strategic Partnership Executive
Meeting date       27th October 2010
Report of          Debbie Brown, Assistant Director for Customer and Support
                   Services (HR)
Contact officer    Debbie Brown 0161 607 8600,

1. Recommendations

That partners consider signing up to the recruitment gateway process for
basic level entry jobs as described in this report.

2. Purpose of this Report

2.1    This report provides details of a council strategy to provide routes to
sustainable employment by targeting Salford residents for jobs with the
Council, in accordance with the Cabinet Work Plan for 2010/11.

2.2   It is clear that there is potential for this model and approach to be
shared across the city and the partnership is requested to consider
advocating this model for use within their organisations.

3. Report Content


3.1     The City Council has been working to bring together a number of linked
and complementary initiatives into a single co-ordinated approach to more
effectively increase the skills and employability of both the council’s
employees and the residents of Salford.

3.2    These include Future Jobs Fund placements, apprenticeships for
existing staff, work placements and apprenticeships for new staff. One of the
outcomes of this strategy is that the council will in future conduct recruitment
to basic level entry jobs through a recruitment gateway operated by Salford
City College’s Trinity Business Training arm.

Delivery model

3.3    The approach to be taken is to apply the model currently used for the
recruitment of clerical and admin staff for all entry level jobs; whereby

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providers maintain a pool of candidates who have already been screened
from whom recruits are drawn without the need for advertising.

3.4     Whilst Salford College are the lead provider, they will be working as
part of Salford Working Futures Partnership to join with other training
providers in the city such as Economic Solutions, Start Training, Salford Skill
Centre and specialist provision through Myerscough College.


3.5    There are a number of agencies across Salford who can supply
candidates for the Gateway in addition to Salford City Council’s entry level
recruitment. These include the Next Step/Looked After Children service;
Future Jobs Fund/Manchester Solutions; Salford Foundation; Connexions;
Salford 14-19 service; Skills and Work; Job Centre Plus; Standguide;
Supported Employment Service; Next Steps (adult employment service).

3.6     Many of these agencies contact the council on an ad-hoc basis to
identify pre-employment support and jobs. The Gateway will now be a
positive response where all such requests can be referred.


3.7    The training providers will ensure that every participant undertakes an
assessment prior to them starting on the pre-employment training course.
This will determine their needs and skills and what training they will need to
reach the ‘work ready’ level.

3.8     This will include all specific skills or knowledge which is required as
part of the role they are interested in and basic literacy and numeracy to
ensure they are able to complete an apprenticeship. The training providers
should also ensure that the individual is motivated and committed to
undertaking a qualification whilst working.

3.9     The training providers will produce a joint candidate work readiness
planner which will include information providing details of the work-readiness
of participants including:

      Training support they are being provided with
      Skill level
      Vacancy they are interested in
      Anticipated completion date of programme


3.10 Training providers will deliver a pre-recruitment course in response to
vacancies which will be ring-fenced by the council. This will cover specific job
roles and may need to include specific activity/training in line with service or

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statutory requirements of the role and other softer skills which may assist the
individual to obtain and retain the vacancy.

3.11 The training providers will ensure that the candidate completes the
application form to a good standard, completes mock interviews and meets
the role requirements of the person specification.


3.12 A tracking process will be put in place by the training providers to
ensure that anyone who leaves the pre-employment course is tracked
accordingly to ensure that they receive appropriate support and training in
order to eventually be at a suitable standard to gain work with Salford City
Council, or for them to be put forward for jobs with any other employers that
the Salford providers are working with.

3.13 If participants aren’t successful at the interview, the training providers
will determine suitable training, development and work placement
opportunities which will need to be carried out before the individual re-applies
for work.

Potential for further development

3.14 Whilst this model has been developed for jobs with the council, there is
clearly great potential for this approach to act as a gateway to basic level
entry jobs for a range of employers in the city. This can include other public
sector organisations, private, voluntary and independent sector employers. It
can also act as a route for redeployees or those facing redundancy in the city
to receive immediate job search support.

3.15 This would be welcomed by the training providers, provide real benefits
to Salford residents and be a selling point to potential developers as we could
point to a ready made pool of trained, job-ready candidates.

Conclusion and recommendation

3.16 The model is presented to the partnership as a means to provide
routes to sustainable employment by targeting Salford residents for jobs with
the Council. This can easily be extended to other employers in the city which
will be of mutual benefit to employers and job seekers.

3.17 It is recommended that partners consider signing up to the recruitment
gateway process for basic level entry jobs as described in this report.

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