APA Rocket City Pool League 2008 Bylaws by c9O41UH8


									                               APA Rocket City Pool League 2008 Bylaws
These Bylaws have been approved by the American Poolplayers Association, Inc.
The Local Bylaws are a secondary source of information, created in accordance with, and in addition to, the Official
Team Manual. The Official Team Manual will be your primary source of information and all rules in the Official
Team Manual will be followed, with the exception of any revisions as listed below. All revisions and rules may be
overridden at the League Operator’s discretion.
Please be aware that NATIONAL RULES always supersede local bylaws in HIGHER LEVEL TOURNAMENTS.
League office hours are Monday through Friday 10:30am to 7:30pm
Cyndi Gilbreath 783-5699 cyndi1955@comcast.net
Lee Coffman        476-6093 lcoffman@apaleagues.com
Office             722-0990 Fax 722-5080
Website:            http://northalabama.apaleagues.com
All calls/emails will be answered within 48 hours. Please be specific as to how we can assist you.
APA membership dues are due the 1st night a new member plays or by the 4th week of the session, whichever occurs
first. The new member must pay their annual membership on the 1st night they play or the team will forfeit all points
for that night. Simply put, NO PAY-NO PLAY! After the 4th week, the League Operator must approve the addition
of a new member to a team.
The city of Huntsville’s smoking ordinance will not allow customers, under 19 years of age, in smoking
establishments. The Rocket City Pool League will allow 19 & 20 year olds as members on teams with the warning that
these members will not be allowed into all host locations.
Team fees are $30/week for ALL scheduled matches, regardless of number of matches played, including forfeits and
division play-offs. We recommend payment by check made out to RCPL-APA. Checks are encouraged to avoid
accounting discrepancies, theft, or loss. There will be a $20 charge for any returned check plus 3 points removed from
the team’s score. If returned checks occur for any 1 team, a total of 3 times in a league year, payment will be required
via money order, cashier’s check, or personal cash delivery to a league staff member. All fees paid in cash are subject
to count upon receipt in the league office. Weekly Fees must be current for any teams and/or players to enter the
Session Playoffs, Singles Qualifiers, the Local Team Championship, receive patches and pins, or participate in any
League sponsored activities or tournaments.
In 8-ball league: 1 point for returning the scoresheet by 7 pm the following day after the match. 1 point for having
100% of the fees paid, & 1 point for the scoresheet being completely filled out.
In 9-ball league: 5 bonus points per week. 2 points for returning the scoresheet by 7pm the following day after the
match is played. 2 points for having 100% of fees paid, & 1 point for the scoresheet being completely filled out.
The league office hopes that we will never have to issue penalty points. However, should the following incidents
occur, there will be consequences: profanity written/displayed on the scoresheet, 3 or more documented complaints
on play conduct, and returned checks.
Three (3) points are assigned for 8 ball byes. Sixty (60) are assigned for 9 ball byes. Sign BYE scoresheets
Teams qualified in any given session MUST play in the Summer Session to remain qualified for the HLT.
Players CANNOT mark the pocket with chalk or chalk holding devices.
Teams must use the equipment provided by the host location UNLESS both teams (or players) agree that a substitute
can be made. (e.g. a red dot cue ball over the cue ball that comes with the table)

8 Ball - For each match forfeited, the opposing team receives 1 point.
9 Ball - For each match forfeited, the opposing team receives 15 points.
All fees are due regardless if the team has to forfeit. Any team with more than 5 forfeits in a session will NOT be
eligible for the wild card draw. Any team failing to appear must pay team fees and accept ZERO points. Any team
forfeiting the last week of a session will be disqualified from the Wild Card Draw.
Both team captains must agree to reschedule a match. The make up match must take place within 2 weeks of the
original match date. If the teams are unable to play the make up match within this time frame, zero points will be
awarded to each team and the weekly fees for both teams will become due. The league office must be informed of all
rescheduled matches BEFORE the original match date. Severe weather conditions or traveler advisory warnings are
reason enough for rescheduling matches. Severe weather is NOT cause for a team to claim a forfeit win for the night.
Any team that falls into arrears by 2 weeks will incur a $10 charge applied to their next scoresheet. If the money
remains unpaid the team may be dropped from the League for nonpayment. Dropped teams will forfeit all benefits,
trophies, awards, etc.
The league office will not discuss handicaps over the phone. Please write your concerns on the back of the score sheet.
Be as detailed as possible. You may also submit your handicap queries via email to the above addresses.
To be eligible for the wild card drawing, a team representative must be present, the team must not have forfeited more
than 5 matches in the session, and the team must be current with all fees. Should a wild card team elect not to
participate in the play-offs, this office reserves the right to replace that team.
Do not touch the cue ball while it is still moving. The cue ball is ALWAYS live. Even after the cue ball has stopped,
it is always a good idea to verify that the shot resulted in ball in hand. It is also recommended that the player not put
their hand in a pocket to catch the cue ball if it appears to be scratching.
Teams should be prepared to begin league play by 7pm. and to play continuously This means ready to assign the first
player to shoot and begin the match. The APA has established guidelines to limit match play time in an effort to
provide an evening of pool that adheres to a schedule that is productive and enjoyable for all participants.
Time Guidelines for Individual Matches- Games must win (total for both players) 4-6 (45 minutes), 7-10 (1 hour)
Additional Time Guidelines- Average shot 30 seconds (national is 20 seconds) Difficult shot 60 seconds (national 45
Time outs 2 minutes (national 1 minute)
Teams and players who consistently are not ready to play at the appointed time or consistently play slow need to be
written up to the league office. Enough complaints will result in disciplinary action. Communication is Key!
If a team captain asks for play to be stopped for a few minutes, in order to look up a rule clarification in either the rule
book and/or the local by-laws the opposing team must grant the time (try to limit this to 5 minutes). When a rule is
found and presented it MUST be followed.
Splitting matches- Please grant a request to split the 4th and 5th matches if a table is available and the 3rd match is still
underway at the 2 1/2 hour mark. Play the 4th match on the other table and have the 5th match start promptly on the
same table as match 3 was played.
The team captain is the first person listed on the team roster. The team captain is an essential part of the team. A team
may elect a new team captain by a simple majority vote at any time. Local league management must be notified
immediately should this occur.
Responsibilities include: Verifying weekly team points, communicating discrepancies at once to local league
management, collect membership dues/weekly fees for the team and turn them into the local league office, ensure all
rules, sportsmanship, eligibility, & scorekeeping procedures are followed. Team captains and players should be
familiar with the APA Official Team Manual.

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