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									                 Siler City NC STEP Community Leadership Team Meeting
                              March 24, 2011 Meeting Minutes

Community Leadership Team Present (28): Zoann Adams, Donald Buckner, Faythe Canson
Clark, Travis Cohn, Pat Dawson, Nita Dukes, Marti Greene, Dewitt Griffin, Diana Hales, Pam
Hawe, Sarah Kuhn, Heidi Lineberry, Vieda Mazur, Eddie McClure, Cheryl Meads, Steve Meads,
Donna Moye, Wandee Norwood, Roger Person, David Poe, Dianne Reid, David Ritter, Donna
Sivulka, Sammy Slade, Alyssa Stepusin, Chuck Stires, Carol Straight, and Sue Szary

Elected Officials Present: Mayor Charles J. Johnson and Town Commissioner Sam Adams

NC Rural Center Staff Present: Chilton Rogers (NC STEP Coach)

Town Staff Present: Joel J. Brower (Town Manager), Jack Meadows (Director of Planning and
Community Development, NC STEP Community Coordinator), and Dee Lee Thompkins
(Administrative Support Specialist)

Welcome and Announcements: The Community Leadership Team met on Thursday, March 24,
2011, at the First United Methodist Church at 5:15 PM. Mayor Johnson welcomed and thanked
everyone for coming.

       Siler City NC STEP Planning Investment Phase Project Budget: Jack Meadows
reviewed the proposed budget with the team members.

  Line Items                 Expenditures to Date  3/24/2011 Proposed Budget
  NC STEP Kickoff                           $1,660                     $1,660
  Equipment                                 $1,925                     $1,925
  Administration                              $450                       $915
  Consultants/Studies                           $0                    $11,000
  Local Meeting Expenses                    $1,771                     $3,300
  Travel Expenses                           $1,962                     $3,500
  Training                                  $1,540                     $2,700
  Special Project                               $0                         $0
  Total                                     $9,308                    $25,000

         Branding and the services of ArnettMuldrow: Jack Meadows reported that
ArnettMuldrow is an urban planning firm based in Greenville, SC, specializing in community
branding, retail market analysis, historic preservation and downtown master planning. Jack stated
that he attended a presentation by ArnettMuldrow at the 2010 NC Main Street Conference in New
Bern and was sold after hearing their presentation. Jack added that Aaron Arnett of
ArnettMuldrow is available to meet with our STEP Team at our April 14 meeting to discuss what
his company can offer. A motion was made by Sarah Kuhn to approve the proposed budget and
invite Arnett Muldrow to our next meeting, Vieda Mazur seconded, followed by unanimous

         Piedmont Food and Agricultural Processing Center: Nita Dukes explained that she
attended a seminar in Asheboro about the Piedmont Food and Agricultural Processing Center that
will be located in Hillsborough. The center will allow food entrepreneurs and farmers to produce
specialty foods and farm products for wholesale and retail markets. Clients of the center will be
allowed to lease commercial kitchen space by the hour in order to produce food products for
commercial distribution. The center will also provide training workshops on beginning and
building a food business.
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         REDI report: Wandee Norwood reported that there is only 33 people attending REDI
and feels very fortunate that she was selected. Wandee said that the focus of the class includes
the following four building blocks:
    1. Physical infrastructure;
    2. Civic and social infrastructure;
    3. Business development; and
    4. Workforce development.
She suggested that we should think globally and act locally. Jack Meadows highlighted the
following four topics:
    1. Economic development
            a. Economic development equals raising the living standard
            b. Be proud to be from Rural NC
            c. Comprehensive (holistic), long term approach (plan) that includes more than 1
            d. Preserve and promote your communities local heritage and culture
            e. Collaborate across local boundaries (our competition is outside of NC)
            f. Sports are recession proof
            g. Provide contract work from a home based businesses
    2. Leadership
            a. Ham and egg breakfast (the chicken is involved but the pig is committed)
            b. Praising individuals instead of criticizing them
            c. Believe in people (people are our greatest asset)
    3. Communication through Technology ( is one stop for Twitter, Facebook,
         LinkedIn, WordPress,, Myspace, and foursquare accounts)
    4. How to make meetings work (always create an agenda, submit the agenda before the
         meeting, and keep the agenda short).

Complete Community Assessment Worksheets & Thought Sheet: Chilton divided the team
members into four groups and asked them to appoint a recorder to report on each group’s
discussion and results. The basis for the worksheet exercise was for team members to list the
assets and challenges of the following topics: 1) real estate/land use planning; 2)
people/workforce; 3) recreational activities/entertainment; 4) natural resources; 5) cultural
resources/arts; 6) infrastructure (including financial and health); 7) festivals/celebrations; 8)
educational opportunities; 9) famous people from (town); 10) medical facilities; 11) safety/crime
control; 12) business variation/restaurants; 13) leadership/political vision/commitment; and 14)
civic organization. Each group submitted their master worksheets to Chilton before the end of the
meeting. Chilton explained that she will share the results at our April team meeting and those
results will help the team define our economic development strategies.

Vision Review and Visioning Exercise: Chilton explained that the visioning exercise would be
the team’s homework assignment and should be submitted at our April team meeting.

Other Business: Dianne Reid reported that the Chatham County Economic Development
Corporation received a $75,000 Economic Innovation Grant from the NC Rural Center. The
grant will be used to fund a pilot economic gardening program. Dianne added that the Siler City
NC STEP Team’s letter of support was helpful in being awarded the grant.

The next meeting will be on Thursday, April 14, 2011 at 5:15 PM at Virginia Cross Elementary
School. The meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.

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