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									                             NGO Registration Form

*Please send across your filled NGO Registration Form along with the softcopy of your
logo in printable vector file format (.cdr,.eps or highest resolution jpeg) to (We require this for creating your Online Giving Page and all
publicity material)
* Please attach a copy of your filled registration form with your NGO Registration cheque
amount of Rs 2500/- in favour of “United Way of Mumbai” and send it to UWM office.

I. Organizational Information:

Name of NGO :

Acronym (if any) :

Year of Establishment:
Organizational Address:
(This will be used for all
communications including
disbursement cheques)

Name of CEO/ED

Telephone No.

Email ID


Facebook page link

Contact Person’s Name &

Contact Person's Mob.

                                                    SCMM 2013- NGO Registration Form. Page 1
Governance                                                                Primary Affiliation
(details of board/          Name                   Designation On Board   (Company/Organization
trustees)                                                                 Working For)

Note: Please list atleast
      3 trustees

Legal Compliance            TYPE OF                REGISTRATION         DATE OF
(Wherever not                                                                             VALIDITY
                            REGISTRATION           NUMBER               REGISTRATION
 kindly mention NA)         Societies Reg. Act
                            1860/ Public Trust
                            Act/ Company act
                            u/s 25
                            FCRA Registration

                            PAN Number

                            Certificate U/s 12 A
                            Income Tax
                            U/s, 80-G from the
                            Income Tax

 Beneficiary Group          Education                    Environment & Animal Protection
Note: Please highlight      Disability                   Arts, Culture & Sports
only one category closest   Health                       Livelihood generation
to your primary cause.
Your online page will be    Women, Children & Aged
listed under the same       Social, Civic & Community Development

Banking Information:
(a) Organization’s Bank Details:

             Name of NGO as it appears in bank           Name of bank           Bank Branch (City)

IMPORTANT- Please make sure these details are accurate since these will be used when making
disbursement cheques/DD.

                                                            SCMM 2013- NGO Registration Form. Page 2
(b) Details of payment of NGO registration fees

 Details of cheque     Cheque No.:
 for NGO
 Registration Fees     Cheque Date:
 sent to United Way
 of Mumbai for Rs.     Bank:

IV. Did you register last year for SCMM 2012:

   Yes            No

Give a one or two line description about your NGO’s focus area. This line will accompany your logo
display. ( please do not exceed a maximum of 50 words)

                                          Annexure II
 (Brief write up about your organization and area of intervention.This information will be
displayed on your online page & used for the purpose of any publicity during SCMM 2013.)
                           (Please restrict to within 200 words only)

                                                          SCMM 2013- NGO Registration Form. Page 3
                                           Annexure III
(Brief Summary of your appeal for support with details of where and how you intend to spend
funds raised by donor’s support.) (200 words only)

                                       Annexure IV
    Give one Case Study or a story showing the impact and achievement of your NGO.
                                    (200 words only)

                                                         SCMM 2013- NGO Registration Form. Page 4
V. Supporting documents required:

All NGO's require to submit copies of the below listed documents (All photocopies must be self attested by
CEO/ Director of the NGO. Softcopy of this filled up form and logo to be send to )

Please Note:The following documents should be submitted along with the NGO registration form.

1. Copy of Certificate of registration of the NGO
(Societies Registration Act 1860 / Public Trust Act / Section 25-Company's Act)

2. Copy of 12A registration certificate under the income tax

3. Copy of 80 G Certificate / Application for renewal

4. Copy of FCRA registration certificate (if applicable) front and back

5. Copy of PAN Card.

6. Address Proof such as electricity or telephone bill.

7. Latest audited annual accounts including auditor's report (2011-2012; 2010-2011; 2009-2010).

8. Mumbai payable cheque/DD for Rs. 2,500/- favoring “United Way of Mumbai”.

9. Soft copy of your logo preferably in printable vector format (cdr/eps etc) or if unavailable in highest jpeg
resolution. Your logo will be used for your online page as well as any event related communication by

Terms & Conditions: ( Important)

1) Registration with United Way of Mumbai, the official Charity Partner, as a ‘Listed NGO’ for the Standard
Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2013 is subject to submission of documents as required in the NGO
Registration document, confirmation of the same, and realization of payment of INR 2500/- as annual
registration fees.

2) The listed NGO shall be solely responsible for the information provided by it in this registration form.
Information so provided by listed NGO's in this application will be showcased on the event website and in
other mediums for the sole purpose of promoting the respective Listed NGO and/or the Event.

3) You will be required to submit information to United Way of Mumbai on utilization of the funds raised
through the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2013.

4) Listed NGO's shall raise funds through the Event using the Charity Structure specifically devised for the
2013 edition of the Event. Where funds are raised using modes other than those included in the said
Charity Structure, such modes will be subject to written confirmation from the official charity

5) All funds raised through the Event must be reported to the official charity partner. Listed NGO's
not reporting to United Way of Mumbai, may not be able to register themselves as beneficiary NGO's in the
2014 edition of the Event. UWM has full right to debar any NGO not adhering to the same.

                                                                   SCMM 2013- NGO Registration Form. Page 5
6) Listed NGO's receiving/expecting donations from outside India or from companies having more
than 51% foreign holdings must have a valid FCRA permission.

7) Funds received from donors, companies and other entities, will be remitted to listed NGO's in phases,
after deducting necessary processing charges, wherever applicable and as is mentioned in the Charity
Structure. Any discrepancies in the amount received must be brought to the notice of United Way of
Mumbai immediately.

8) Decisions with respect to all aspects of the Event shall rest solely with the Promoters, Procam

9) Registration with United Way of Mumbai for Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2013 is limited to
funds raised through this Event.


We confirm that we have fully read and understood the terms and conditions outlined herein and the Event
Rules and Regulations as given in event website and agree to abide by the



(Please sign. while submitting hardcopies)                              (Please put your NGO Seal while
                                                                         Submitting the hardcopies)


* Please send your NGO Registration form along with all the required documents and registration
cheque amount to the following address. Soft copy of this form and logo needs to be emailed.

 Contact Us
 United Way of Mumbai;
 309, Nirman Kendra, Famous Studio Lane.
 Dr. E. Moses Road, Mahalaxmi Estate,
 Mumbai – 400 011, India

 Tel: 00 91 22 24937676 / 79

                                                                SCMM 2013- NGO Registration Form. Page 6

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