4 Capacities by EQ7Al75w


									                           4 Capacities               -   Overview Planning Sheet
P4G October – December 2009                       COMMUNICATIONS
          Successful Learners                                                  Confident Individuals

     Understand how to keep safe from
      harmful substances.                                                        Communicate effectively with visitors,
                                                                                  and on trips, asking appropriate
     Know about the invention of the                                             questions, and responding to their
      telephone, and how it has developed          Health & Wellbeing             answers.
      since then.
     Understand what happens to letters when                                    Make simple electrical circuits.
      they are posted.
     Know about and interpret Morse code                                        Understand body language, and the
                                                        Numeracy                  effect it can have on what we say.
     Understand how Braille is used by people
      with visual impairments.                           Science                 Performing in the Christmas show.
     Understand the use of sign language, and
      its importance to the hearing impaired.         Social Studies             Understand and create pictures using
                                                     Expressive Arts

                Responsible Citizens                  Technologies                     Effective Contributors

                                                    Religious & Moral
     Discuss what harmful substances are,                                       Working in pairs, to make rules to keep
      and how they should be handled/treated.       Community Links               ourselves safe.

     Discuss the main uses of electricity.                                      Send Morse code messages using own
                                                                                  electrical circuits.
     Know about the power of lightening and
      how to stay safe during a lightening                                       Working independently and in pairs,
      storm.                                                                      research information about different
                                                                                  types of communication from
     Understand that being in a community                                        internet/books.
      involves many different religions and
      each of those has a different place of                                     Collaborate with others to produce wall
      worship.                                                                    display.

   Visits to local place of worship, and post
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