COVENTRY PARKS & RECREATION COMMISSION
                                  REGULAR MEETING MINUTES
                                   WEDNESDAY, MAY 4th, 2011

The Coventry Parks & Recreation Commission held a Regular meeting on Wednesday, May 4th, 2011 in Town Hall
Conference Room B. Jared Luce called the meeting to order at 7:02pm.

Members Present: Jared Luce, Jennifer Bynes, Antonia Conti, Donald Figiela, Sean Butler, and Jennifer Ojala.

Members Excused: Todd Cancelliere.

Others Present: Wendy Rubin, Recreation Director and Caterina Torcasio, Recreation Supervisor.

Audience of Citizens: None.

Jared Luce approved moving “Proposal: Food Drive Concert at Patriots Park” up in the agenda.

New Business:
    Proposal: Food Drive Concert at Patriots Park
          o Kim Stepule was there on behalf of herself and Fadia Rodrigues, concert organizers. She explained that
              Ms. Rodrigues had read an article in the newspaper that said that food banks are at an all-time low, and
              they determined that holding a concert would be a great way to collect food to donate to local food banks.
              She said that they are looking to hold the concert in July or August, on a weekend evening after 6:30pm.
              All attendees would be asked to bring a non-perishable food item as their entry fee into the show, and that
              all food collected would be donated to the Coventry Food Bank and Covenant Soup Kitchen in
              Willimantic. The band “Sun Rise Park” has volunteered their services for the evening.
          o Ms. Rubin said that ordinarily a $100 fee is applied for this kind of event, but that she would be happy to
              waive it since the event is a fundraiser. She also offered to close the gates to Patriots Park early that
              evening like we do for our concert series, at 5 pm, so concert goers coming early will not have to pay to
          o After discussion with the Commission, Saturday, August 20th was the recommended date.
          o Ms. Conti asked about a security deposit. Ms. Rubin said it is customary to require a security deposit and
              that one can be applied if the Commission deems it necessary.

Sean Butler moved to accept the proposal for a Food Drive Concert to be held on August 20th with a rain date of
August 21st, waiving the facility use fee, but applying a refundable $100 security deposit. Donald Figiela seconded.
Motion voted in the affirmative by Jared Luce, Jennifer Bynes, Antonia Conti, Donald Figiela, Sean Butler, and
Jennifer Ojala. Motion carried.

Acceptance of Minutes:
Jennifer Ojala moved to accept the April 6th meeting minutes. Donald Figiela seconded. Motion voted in the
affirmative by Jared Luce, Jennifer Bynes, Antonia Conti, Donald Figiela, Sean Butler, and Jennifer Ojala. Motion

Correspondence: None.

Director’s Report:
Ms. Rubin highlighted upcoming events and newsworthy items:
    The budget passed.
    The Miller-Richardson Project is moving along, with bid specifications currently being reviewed by DEP before
       we post them.
    Ms. Torcasio noted the programming highlights from April, as well as some upcoming events:
           o Work is still being done on the concert sponsorships for this summer. Ms. Torcasio and Jay Cohen will be
               in contact with co-sponsors to determine pre-concert activities and begin promotion. There is one co-
               sponsorship slot left to fill, with interest from Direct Energy, Highland Park Market and Amazing
               Hardwood Floors.
           o The Summer Program Brochure was sent to homes in Town on April 19th as an insert in the Town
               Newsletter. Registration began on Monday, April 25th with registrations coming in for Summer Camp,
               Swim Lessons and adult fitness programs.
           o The April Vacation program was held during the school vacation week. We had 30 kids enrolled in the
               full-day program, 9 in the half-day program and 8 on a daily basis. Kids enjoyed craft projects, outdoor
               sports, and other fun games.
           o Jackie Madore, our new Camp Director has been in to help with interviewing and staff hiring, and
               program planning for the summer.
           o The Get Out & Play Day was held on Saturday, April 30th at Patriots Park. Attendance was low with
               approximately 30 families in attendance; however there were a lot of new faces there which was great.
               Ms. Rubin added that another “Get Out & Play Day” is being planned in conjunction with this year’s
               PumpkinFest on Saturday, October 8th as part of our Playful Cities project.
           o The Town-Wide Tag Sale is this Saturday, May 7th and we have 11 households participating to date. Ads
               have been placed in the Reminder, Journal Inquirer, along with signs around Town, the Chronicle
               Calendar, Reminder Calendar, Journal Inquirer Calendar, our websites and program brochure.
           o “Chocolate, Cheese & Cheers” is being held on Thursday, May 19th, 7pm at Cassidy Hill Vineyard. Enjoy
               wine, chocolate and cheese tastings and a silent auction to benefit the Camp Scholarship Fund.
      Ms. Rubin spoke about the ECSU Clean Up Day. She said that over 200 students participated and helping with
       painting, cleaning of the monuments on the Town green, and brush & debris clean up. The group received a
       proclamation at the Town Council meeting, so hopefully this will become an annual event.
      Beach stickers are now on sale, and summer staff is being hired.

Old Business:
    Strategic Plan:
          o Mr. Butler distributed the compilation of everyone’s top five goals. He asked that the Commission take
              some time between now and the next meeting to review them and determine what themes or categories
              there are, so that at the next meeting an overall top five goals can be determined.

New Business:
    Playful City USA Grant Application: This program will designate us as a “Playful City 2012” which makes us
      eligible to receive funding for future playscapes from the Kaboom Foundation. In order to complete our
      requirements, the Recreation Commission has to agree to serve as the Play Task Force, and sign on & register
      with the Kaboom sight. Also, Ms. Rubin requested that the Commission assist in auditing of the town’s play
      spaces; and that Haley Rosborg be appointed as our youth member to the Task Force.

Adjournment: With no other business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 7:40pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Caterina Torcasio,
Recreation Supervisor

Please note: These minutes are not official until approved by the Parks & Recreation Commission at the next Parks &
Recreation Commission Meeting. Please see the next Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting Minutes for approval or
changes to these minutes.

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