Every Child Matters by MzyIR1M


									         Every Child Matters
• Every Child Matters – Change for Children
  2004 – Outcomes Framework – 5
  – Be healthy
  – Stay Safe
  – Enjoy and Achieve
  – Make a positive contribution
  – Have economic well being
The Children’s Plan
Healthy Lives, Brighter Futures
    The purpose of education
• Three main aims:
  – Successful learners who enjoy learning, make
    progress and achieve
  – Confident individuals who are able to lead
    safe, healthy and fulfilling lives
  – Responsible citizens who make a positive
    contribution to society
          Primary Curriculum

• Preparing to play an active part as citizens –
  right and wrong, responsibilities
• Developing good relationships and respecting
  the differences between people –behaviour,
  respecting difference
• Breadth of opportunities –consider right and
  wrong and moral responsibilities
    United Nations Convention of the
           Rights of the Child
• 54 articles in all
• Articles 1-42 stating the rights of every child
• Articles 43-54 – how adults and governments
  should work together to make sure all children
  get their rights
• UK ratified Convention on the Rights of the Child
  on 16th December 1991
      Secondary curriculum
• A Foundation Subject in Key Stages 3/4
• GCSE Full and Short course Citizenship
• AS and A Level Citizenship Studies
• Your Child, your schools: our
  future – building a 21st century
  schools system

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