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									  The United Nations
Democracy Fund (UNDEF)

 Objectives, Activities and
     Project Funding
            Dec 2008

•   UNDEF is a General Trust Fund of the UN under the authority of SG

•   UNDEF aims to strengthen the voice of civil society and assist the
    participation of all groups in democratic processes

•   1st funding round (2006): 122 funded projects in 110 countries and
    territories, 96 grants to NGOs and 29 to UN entities

•   2nd funding round (2007): 83 funded projects 70 countries, no grants to
    UN entities, 3 to intergovernmental organizations, 2 to associations of
    electoral officials and 78 to NGOs

•   3rd funding round (2008): expect same pattern as second round
Analysis of the Second Round Applications

           Demand for Funds                            Statistical Breakdown

       Number of Proposed Projects                               Applicant Type

     projects                                                            85.9%

                             Second Round                        6.9
  1,303                                          1.8
projects                                               2.3 2.9
                       First Round
                                            Civil Society Organization or NGO
                                            UN Entity
                                            Other Public Institutions
                                            Global or Regional Inter-governmental body or association
                                            Government Agency (Local or National Government)
Analysis of the Second Round (cont’d)

                                                            Number of Applications, per Country - Top 10
                 Themes Covered by UNDEF


                           22.4%                               Liberia
                                   19.6%                       Ghana

         8.1%                                                  Cameroon
                 8.8%        12.3%
                                                               Sierra Leone

Civil Society Empowerment
Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms                          Congo, DR
Democratic Dialogue and Constitutional Processes
Civic Education, Electoral Support, and Political Parties      Nepal
Accountability, Transparency, and Integrity
Access to Information                                          Nigeria
Second Round
Funding by Region

• Africa               $8,125,000
• Asia and Pacific     $5,325,000
• Latin America
  and the Caribbean    $4,000,000
• Arab States          $3,150,000
• Europe               $2,970,000
• Global               $1,375,000
• Total               $24,945,000
Funds Allocated to
Projects by Region

                               Global, 5.5%
              Europe, 11.9%
                                                           Africa, 32.6%
 Arab States, 12.6%

       Latin America and the
                                              Asia and Pacific,
         Caribbean, 16.0%
Projects by
Key Activities

                            Tools, 5.8%
      Strengthen instrumen-
      talities of government,
                                               Women, 30.2%
       Youth, 10.5%

      Media, 11.6%

           Rule of law and human          Community develop-
               rights, 15.1%                 ment, 19.8%
Governance Structure

              CONSULTATIVE            ADVISORY
                 GROUP                 BOARD
  Screens      Provides              Reviews and
 & Assesses    expertise             Recommends
    Initial    & quality               Shortlist
 Proposals      control

              Project selection process

              UN Office of Partnerships Provides management oversight
     Advisory Board
    7 largest Member                                                         6 Member States
     State Contributors                                                        selected by the SG to
     to UNDEF                                                                  reflect geographical

Australia France Germany India    Japan   Qatar   USA    Mali   Mozambique    Peru Philippines Romania Vanuatu

  SG’s Representatives                                 NGO Representatives

  -Prof. Michael Doyle, Professor of Law –              − Mr. Ziad Abdel Samad, Executive Director –
  Columbia University (Chair)                           Arab NGO Network for Development

  - Prof. Adebayo Olukoshi, Secretary-                  − Mr. Nicholas Howen, Secretary-General –
  General – Council for the Development of              International Commission of Jurists
  Social Science Research in Africa
                                                        Chair of the Programme Consultative
  - Mr. Amir Dossal, Executive Director, UN             Group (PCG)
  Office of Partnerships (ex-officio)

  - (vacant)
 Programme Consultative Group (PCG)
Providing technical and specialist advice
Providing quality control and monitoring
Close relations with Peace Building Support
     Office and Electoral Assistance Division

         Executive Head
Friends of UNDEF: Additional Oversight Group
Oversight group established for major
donors not on the Advisory Board
Also includes former members of the
Advisory Board
And two international organizations:
Inter-Parliamentary Union; International
Friends receive same documents that
go to the Board
Significant contribution allows
membership of Friends group
What Type of Projects will UNDEF
    Action-oriented CSO projects bringing tangible improvements in
     democracy and human rights on the ground
    Projects with measurable outcomes
    Enhancing CSO relationship with Authorities Focus on gender
     equality, the grassroots, and inclusion of vulnerable groups.

Eligible Activities – 6 priority areas
    Democratic dialogue and support for constitutional processes
    Civil society empowerment
    Civic education, voter registration
    Citizens’ access to information
    Participation rights and rule of law to strengthen civil society
    Transparency and integrity
Who Can Apply?
  National and International NGOs and CSOs: PRIMARILY
  Independent & Constitutional Bodies
  Global & regional inter-governmental bodies,
        organizations & associations
  UN Bodies, ONLY if circumstances require

Technical Eligibility Criteria
 Global/Regional vs. Country Window (approx. 25/75)
 US$50,000 – US$500,000
 24 months duration
 Preference to countries emerging from conflict, new and restored
democracies, Least Developed Countries, Low Income Countries and
Middle Income Countries
Proposals Assessment Criteria

1.  The Project Promotes the Objectives of the UNDEF
2.  The Project Draws on the UN Comparative
3. The Project Will Have a Significant Impact
4. The Project Will Encourage Inclusiveness
5. The Project Will Enhance Gender Equality
6. The Project Has Strong Prospects for Successful
7. The Applicant Organization Enjoys a Strong Track
8. The Project Is Technically Sound in Conception and
9. The Project Represents Good Value for Money
10. The Project has Strong Prospects of Sustainability
         Major Contributions to UNDEF (Dec. 2008)
   Country         2005            2006             2007           2008             Total
United States   $10,000,000.00   $7,920,000.00                    $7,920,000.00   $25,840,000.00
of America

India            $5,000,000.00   $5,000,000.00                    $5,000,000.00   $15,000,000.00

Japan                                            $10,000,000.00                   $10,000,000.00

Qatar            $2,000,000.00   $4,000,000.00                    $4,000,000.00   $10,000,000.00

Australia        $7,303,974.44                                                     $7,303,974.44

Germany          $1,600,000.00   $1,584,784.50    $1,086,000.00   $2,964,959.57    $7,235,744.07

France            $588,100.00     $629,350.00      $656,550.00    $1,917,388.00    $3,791,388.00

Spain                            $1,059,080.00    $1,231,132.50   $1,211,915,00    $3,502,127.50

Italy                                             $1,485,400.00   $1,462,400.00    $2,947,800.00

Sweden                            $729,450.04      $755,650.00                     $1,485,100.04

Republic of                      $1,000,000.00                                     $1,000,000.00
Key Project Obligations and Features
         Country Projects: option to have a well-regarded institution
          to act as “Executing Agent”
         Executing Agency Fee 5%
         No overhead for Implementing Agency (incl. o’head costs)
         10% of project allocation, but capped at US$25,000, for
          monitoring and evaluation
         Commitment to general Branding and Visibility Rules

          Strong democracy and rights-based orientation
          incorporates UN values in democracy promotion
         Stresses the importance of partners outside of the UN
          Transparency of process
        Brings political and technical actors within UN involved in
      democratic development together

 Roland Rich - Executive Head
 Annika Savill - Secretary to the Advisory Board
 Christina Colon - Senior Programme Officer
 Anne-Sophie Le Beux - Associate Expert
 Asmita Barua – Programme Assistant
 Emileo Boromeo - Programme Assistant
 Tina Werner - Intern
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