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                                                       Sheltech Hasan Garden, Apt # 3B, House# 16, Road# 9,
                                                           Block-C, Section-6, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh
                                                                     Phone: 880-1819295289, 880-1819407321
Summary        Microfinance, Microinsurance, Remittances, Enterprise Development, Rural
                  Development, Climate change and post disaster livelihood and Socioeconomic
                  Development specialists with 9 years experience
               Project Management capacity and successfully managing three projects as Project Manager
                  funded by OxfamNovib, DFID, EC-UN Joint Migration and Development Initiatives
               Grants Management capacity and managed grants of different donors, and also NGOs/MFIs
                  funding need assessment analysis and funding decision making capacity
               Experience on inclusive finance, inclusive development, climate change and livelihood project
                  proposal writing and project design
               Contributed to the Microfinance, Microinsurance, Migration and Remittances, SME, and
                  Financial sector of Bangladesh as well as Globally
               Citigroup-Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Certified Microfinance Professional
                  Trainer since May 2007
               Designated Technical Assistance Provider of Microinsurance Innovative Facility of ILO
                  (since October, 2008).
               Listed consultant of Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Germany since July
               Provided necessary inputs and comments to International Association of Insurance
                  Supervisors (IAIS) and CGAP Working Group on Microinsurance
               Provided comments on session paper for Global Forum on Migration and Development
                  (GFMD), Civil Society Day, 9 July 2007, Brussels, Belgium
               Successfully completed consultancy assignment of IFC & KfW, and Actionaid Bangladesh
               Currently working as a Team Coordinator of consultancy for Microcredit Regulatory
                  Authority(MRA), Bangladesh
               Global experience on Microfinance, Rural Finance, Agriculture Finance,
                  Microenterprise, Microinsurance, Migration, Remittances and Development
               Multicultural experience through participation in different international forums and trainings
               Strategic planning capacity with visionary, analytical, problem-solving, decision making, and
                  management skills
               Development Research experience and successfully completed various research
Skills and Competencies:
Institutional      Micro-Finance Institution, Networking organisation, Apex Financing Organisation and Private
Development         Sector Development
                   Microfinance Rating, Project Rating and Short Term MFI/NGO Assessment
                   Social Impact Assessment of Microfinance and Socio-economic Development Programme
                   Business Planning and budgeting for Microfinance, Microinsurance, Climate change
                    adaptation programme and SME Programme Strategic and Perspective Planning
                   Institutional Capacity Assessment
                   Efficient Microfinance Operations, portfolio management and delinquency management
                   Strengthening Governance and Human Resource Skills for MFIs
                   Programme and Organisational Evaluation
                   Funding demand assessment for MFI, project and small and medium enterprises
Programme          Project Proposal Development, Knowledge about donors Project Appraisal specially Oxfam-
Development         Novib, DFID, EC-UN project appraisal
                   Strong knowledge about donors project monitoring and reporting techniques specially Oxfam-
                    Novib project monitoring and reporting.
                   Business Plan development for Microinsurance mutual entity, Microfinance programme,
                    Branch modelling for Microfinance programme, Business Plan for Microenterprise programme
                   Onsite and off-site Monitoring and Evaluation of Microfinance and Economic Development
                   Micro-Finance, Rural Finance and Agriculture Finance Product designing
                   Microinsurance product designing
                   Rural Livelihoods, Climate change adaptation and Rural Finance programme designing
                    involving various stakeholders
                   Micro-enterprise Product designing
                   Private Sector Development Programme
                   Business Development Service programme development
                   Migration, Remittances and Economic Development related programme development
Programme         Staff induction and development and Team Work
Management        Planning, Designing, Executing and Monitoring simple to complex projects/ programs
                  Funding decision and efficient fund management for Microfinance and Small & Medium
                   enterprise development programme
                 Micro Finance, Microinsurance and Remittance Programme Management
                 Post-Disaster livelihood programme management
                 Liaisoning, Networking & Negotiation Skills & working in partnerships with NGOs/MFIs/CBOs/
                   Govt./ Donors
Research         Develop Microfinance Rating Methodology
and              Develop Social Impact Assessment Tools for Microfinance program
Development      Market Survey on Microinsurance products
                 Migration, Remittances and Economic Development
                 Institutional Profile for MFIs/NGOs
                 Socio-economic Impact Assessment Study of Microfinance program
                 Community based initiative impact assessment for rural development
Training         Business Planning and Branch modelling training manual development
Materials and    Manual for Microfinance professional training
Manual           Manual for Microinsurance operational training
Development      Manual for Micro-enterprise client selection and Micro-enterprise loan operations
                 Financial Management Modules for MFIs
                 Micro Finance Programme M & E Framework Development
                 Business Development Services training
Advocacy         Advocacy skill for mainstreaming gender in Microfinance
and              Migration, Remittances and Economic Development
Communicati      Philanthropy and humanitarian approaches for migration
on               Private Sector Development
                 Microinsurance Mutual Entity development
                 Social Business Enterprise(SBE) development
                 Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) and Socially Responsible(SRI) investment fund for
                   Microfinance programme
                 Business Development Services for SME
                 Forward, Backward and Market linkage for SME
Experiences      Working as a Project Manager (Microfinance and Remittances) International Network of
July 2008- To      Alternative Financial Institutions (INAFI) Bangladesh, Gulshan-1, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Date            Job responsibilities:
                   - Managing 3 projects ( 2 Projects in Bangladesh and 1 in Sri Lanka) on Migration,
                       Remittances and Enterprise Development funded by OxfamNovib, DFID, EC-UN Joint
                       Migration and Development Initiatives
                   - Project proposal and Project Operational plan development
                   - Microenterprise and SME Training of Trainers(TOT) course development and conduct
                   - Microenterprise / SME and Business Development Services(BDS), Financial Literacy for
                       remittances senders and recipients training course material development and conduct
                       training for the staffs of MFIs and clients
                   - Professional Microfinance training materials development and conduct training
                   - Enterprise development for remittance recipient families and returnee migrants project
                   - Conduct Research on Microfinance Rating, Microfinance and Rural Finance product
                       development, Migration and Development, and Enterprise Development
Sept.2004 –     Working as Programme Officer at International Network of Alternative Financial Institutions
June 2008        (INAFI) Bangladesh, Gulshan-1, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
              Job responsibilities:
              - Capacity building of Microfinance institutions through professional training
              - Institutional Profile Development of Member MFIs/NGOs
              - Developed Microfinance Rating methodology and provided inputs to the Microfinance rating
                 methodology of a local rating agency
              - Developed Social Impact Assessment Tools
              - Microfinance, Microinsurance and SME Training brochure and manual development
              - Market research on new Microfinance product development and conducted market research
                 on Microinsurance products offering by MFIs/NGOs and Insurance Companies in Bangladesh
              - Microfinance, Microinsurance and Microenterprise / SME product development
              - Conduct Thematic research on Migration, Remittances and Economic Development
              - Programme management
              - Organising workshops/seminar/symposium
              - Project proposal writing
              - Preparation of work plan, budget and annual progress report

Jan. 2003 –          Worked as Project Associate & Assistant Manager (Operations) at Palli Karma-
August 2004
                      Sahayak Foundation (PKSF), Agargaon, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
              Job responsibilities:
              - Monitoring and evaluation of operations and performances of partner organisations (NGOs),
              - Funding decision and disbursement of fund for partner organisations
              - Financial and strategic planning for partner NGOs
              - Evaluation and assessment of new organisations applied for funding
              - Capacity building of partner NGOs by providing training
              - Business planning and budgeting for partner NGOs
              - Human resource planning for partner organisation
              - Research on Socio-economic impact of Microfinance programme

Nov. 2002 –          Worked as a Program Officer in a Project of Micro Industries Development Assistant
Dec. 2002             Services (MIDAS).
              Job responsibilities:
              Computer entry of the data through SPSS and processing of the same, report structure designing
              and Writing draft report.
Dec. 2001-             Worked as a Customer Service Officer / Merchandiser in Braitrim Plastiform (BD.) Ltd.,
April 2002              Banani, Dhaka.
              Job responsibilities:
              Export- Import documents preparation and management, commercial job, customer management,
              distribution and supply chain management
Dec. 2000-            Worked as Executive- Marketing in Shwash Corporation Ltd., 3/3-B Purana Paltan,
Nov. 2001              Dhaka-1000.
              Job responsibilities:
              Identifying demand of customers through market study, designing marketing plan, product
              positioning plan, Export- Import monitoring, corporate sales follow up etc.
Sept. 2000-           Worked as a Research Assistant in the ‘Evaluation of Community Based Fisheries
Nov.2000               Management Program for Rural Development’ project of the Research Division of Centre
                       on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific (CIRDAP).
              Job responsibilities:
              Questionnaire preparation, Pre-testing questionnaire, Collection of information from stakeholders,
              Focus Group Discussion, Computer entry of the data and processing of the same, writing draft
                   Worked as a manager in Computer and Communication Tracks, 3/3/B (1 Floor), Purana
June 2000-
Aug. 2000              Paltan, Dhaka-1000.
              Job responsibilities:
              Control and supervise the work of employees, Receiving and dispatching letters, Leave
              Management, Maintenance of accounts and reconciliation, Financial analysis and preparation of
              reports, Cash and fund management.
Mar.2000-            Worked as an Intern in the Research Division of Centre on Integrated Rural Development
May 2000              for Asia and the Pacific (CIRDAP) and conducted research paper on “Micro-finance for
                      the Poor in the Slum Areas of Dhaka City: Urban Program of Proshika.”
               Job responsibilities:
               Preparation of research proposal, Questionnaire preparation, Collection of information from
               stakeholders, Computer entry of the data and processing of the same, writing draft report and
               Preparation of final report.
                    Worked as an “Internal Auditor” in Marketing and Sales Department of Hyundai Cement
                      (Bangladesh) Co. Ltd. for two weeks from 5-19 February, 1998.
                  Currently working as a Team Coordinator on behalf of INAFI Bangladesh of consultancy on
October 29,        ‘Rating and Auditing Issues of MFIs’ for Microcredit Regulatory Authority(MRA),
2009 to            Bangladesh
January 2010   Terms of References(ToR):
(Ongoing)       Risks of MFIs, necessity of credit rating, credit rating and prospective flow of commercial
                Overall strengths and weaknesses of MFIs operations considering governance
               aspects, managerial factors and sustainability issues, determining indicators representing
                Assessment of MFIs’ social performance and issues relating to social rating, alternative
               scoring/rating methods, selection of methods and criteria for appointing credit rating agencies,
               regulation that MRA should adopt in this regard,
                How financial statements are prepared and accounting is done by the MFIs in
               Bangladesh, how to ensure that these are done in accordance with standards, norms and
               Regulations, importance of distributing audit reports widely to all stakeholders and others, present
               position of internal control mechanism and ways and means to create
               an appropriate internal control environment in MFIs, assessment of training requirements of audit
               firms and prospective sources of finance for training program, issues relating to selecting
               affordable national and international auditors, and other issues.

August 17,            Conducted Research on ‘Suitable Insurance Mechanism for the Poor Fisher Folk
2008 –                 (Sea)’      ( A Project of Actionaid Bangladesh supported by European Commission
January 31,            Humanitarian Aid), Recruited by CODEC, a local NGO/MFI of Bangladesh
2009 ( 60
Working        Terms of References (ToR):
Days)              Setting the Action Plan
                   Background and context analysis
                   Literature review
                   Opinion assessment of the stakeholders i.e. fishermen, boat owners and insurance
                   Develop the proposed insurance mechanism
                   Validation workshop in Dhaka and Chittagong. A short-lived workshop will be organized
                     ensuring the participation of relevant persons for finalizing the report.
                   Compile final report, incorporating proposed insurance system. The report will be finalized
                     only when the inputs and suggestions of the workshop will be incorporated.

July 23 -
September              Conducted Research and Provided Consulting service as a Local Expert to the project
30, 2008                titled ‘Microfinance Initiative for Asia- Review of the Microfinance Sector in
( 15 Working            Bangladesh’( A Project of IFC & KfW), Recruited by Frankfurt School of Finance and
Days)                   Management, Germany.
               The        report      has      been      published     in     the    IFC      website    link:

               Terms of References (ToR):
                   Provide an overview of the political & macroeconomic situation
                   Provide an overview of the financial sector
                   Assess the demand / supply gap for several microfinance services
                      Assess the demand /supply gap for refinancing facilities for the microfinance sector
                      Describe the state of the microfinance sector, including the stakeholders, the legal and
                       regulative framework and important recent trends and upcoming issues(Mapping)
                      Identify the potential for support mechanism for the sector, e.g. green fielding,
                       transformation, downscaling, apex/fund structures, support to individual institution having
                       a regional focus
                      General and in particular financial analysis of commercial banks and microfinance
                      Provision of local background information in finance and microfinance issues.

Computer       MS Office, SPSS, Internet & E-mail.
Literacy       Fluent in Bengali and English both in writing and speaking. Understand little Hindi and French
Languages      Aptitude Test: TOEFL score is 230 in Computer Based Test (equivalent to 573 in Paper Based
               Test) and Test of Written English score is 5.5 out of 6, March 2001.
Subjects of    Finance, Economics, Project management & Human Resource Management.
Country of     Bangladesh. Knowledge about Microfinance and Development sector of Asia and Africa due to
Experience     visit and work with practitioners. Little knowledge about Microfinance sector of Latin America
               through working with practitioner organisations.
Publications         Social Science Review, The Dhaka University Studies, Part-D, Vol.24, No.2, ‘Social
                         Safety Net for Poverty Alleviation and Expectations: The Bangladesh Perspective’,
                         Joint Publication, December 2007.
                     Daffodil International University Journal of Business and Economics, Vol.3, No.1, 2008,
                         ‘Bridging the Gap between Microfinance and SME Financing in Bangladesh:
                         Unlocking the Potentials’, Joint Publication, January 2008.
                    Please visit the web-site ULR:
                     INAFI Bangladesh Research Paper on ‘Reducing Vulnerability of the Poor through
                         Social Security Products: A Market Survey on Microinsurance in Bangladesh’,
                         Published by INAFI Bangladesh, February 2007.
               Please visit the web-site ULR:
                      INAFI Bangladesh Working Paper Series No. 1, ‘Harnessing Remittances for
                       Economic Development of Bangladesh’, Published by INAFI Bangladesh, April 2006.
               Please visit the web-site ULR:
                    The Jahangirnagar Review, Part II, Social Science, Vol. XXIX, 2005, ‘Managing
                       Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) Efficiently: Measuring Performance and
                       Sustainability’, Joint Publication, Published by Journal of The Faculty of Social Sciences,
                       Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka-1342, Bangladesh, Printed in June 2006.
Training/       Participated as a Resource person in ‘International Experts Meeting on Migration and
Workshops/         Financial Microproducts (ENIMPFIN)’ organised by International Organisation for
Seminars           Migration(IOM) Spain on 30 November, 2010 held in Madrid, Spain
                Participated as a Resource person in the session on Feasibility study of Asset Insurance at
                   National Conference titled Sharing on Community Based Climate Change Adaptation
                   organised by Actionaid Bangladesh from 14-15 November, 2009, Dhaka, Bangladesh
                Conducted training as a Resource Person on the session ‘Microfinance Product Design and
                   Development’ Of TOT course on “Microfinance Operation and Management” on July 21, 2009
                   organised by Institute of Microfinance (InM), Dhaka, Bangladesh
                Participated as a Resource Person in ‘Migration for Development Knowledge Fair’ in Brussels,
                  Belgium from 1-5 December, 2008 jointly organized by EC / UN Joint Migration and
                  Development Initiative and International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD).
                Participated in ‘Civil Society Forum of 2nd Global Forum on Migration and Development’ held
                  in Manila, Philippines from 28-29 October, 2008 and also selected as a member of civil society
                  delegates to represent Government Meeting.
                Participated as a Resource Person in International Forum on ‘Microfinance, Remittances and
                  Social Impact of Migration’ held at Asian Institute of Management (AIM), Philippines from 24-25
                  October, 2008 jointly organized by INAFI International, INAFI Philippines, PHILCOMDEV (INAFI
    Philippines is founding member), AIM Policy Center, Konrad Adaneur, and Oxfam Novib
   Participated in Asia Microfinance Forum 2008 in Hanoi, Vietnam from 24-29 August, 2008 as
    Resource person and presented paper on Leveraging Remittances- A Microfinance Issue?
   Participated in INAFI Global Conference on Microfinance, Remittances and Development from
    7-9 November, 2007 in Cotonou, Benin; organised jointly by INAFI International Foundation and
    the Government of Benin.
   Participated in INAFI International Training Programme on Microinsurance from September 28
    to October 5,2007 organized by Asian Knowledge centre for Micro-Insurance (ASKMI), Tata-DHAN
    Academy, Madurai, Tamilnadu, India.
   Participated in Microinsurance Inception Workshop in Burkina Faso from July 30 to August 1,
    2007 as Member of INAFI International Microinsurance Taskforce Expert Group and presented
    paper on INAFI Asia vision on Microinsurance. The workshop was organised by INAFI
   Participated in Microfinance & Remittance Experts and 1st Taskforce Group Meeting in Burkina
    Faso on 2 August, 2007. The meeting was organised by INAFI International.
   Organised and participated as resource person in the conference on ‘The Problems and Prospect
    of Flood Insurance Market in Bangladesh’ and presented paper on ‘A SWOT Analysis of
    Microinsurance in Bangladesh’. The conference was held on 3 July, 2007; Dhaka, Bangladesh
    and jointly organised by INAFI and Poverty Reduction and Environmental Management (PREM),
    The Netherlands.
   Participated in ‘Credit and Risk Management for MFIs’ trainers training course under the
    Citigroup-AIM MFI Management Training Accreditation Program(MTAP) from May 7-12,2007 at
    Asian Institute of Management(AIM), Manila, Philippines
   Participated in the `Second International Training Programme on Microinsurance’ in India from
    6-11 December, 2006; organized by Asian Knowledge centre for Micro-Insurance (ASKMI), Tata-
    DHAN Academy, Madurai, Tamilnadu, India.
   Participated in the 10th Regional Conference on Migration named ‘Current Perspectives and
    Strategies in Addressing Irregular Migration’ in Singapore from 6-7 November,2006; jointly
    organized by Migrant Forum in Asia and Singapore National Trade Union Congress.
   Participated as a Resource Person in the conference on ‘Converging Initiatives and Best
    Practices in Harnessing Migrants Philanthropy, Investments and Remittances for Local
    Economic Development’ at the Development Academy of the Philippines, Tagaytay City,
    Philippines from 23-28 May, 2006; jointly organised by INAFI Asia, INAFI Philippines and
    OxfamNovib, The Netherlands and presented paper on ‘Harnessing Remittances for Economic
    Development of Bangladesh’.
   Organised and Participated as resource person in Microfinance Professional Training on ‘Financial
    Modelling and Portfolio Management for MFIs through prudent Business Planning’ jointly organised
    by INAFI Bangladesh and Enterprise Resource System Ltd. Dhaka, Bangladesh, from 11-14
   Participated in the certificate course on ‘Research Methodology in Social Science’ jointly organised
    by Economic Research Group and North South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh, from 16-21
    January, 2006.
   Organised and Participated in the conference on ‘Asian Tsunami, Restoration of livelihood: Role of
    Microfinance, 27-29 November, 2005, Beruwala, Sri Lanka.
   Participated in the Regional Exposure visit in Sri Lanka, from November 30 to December 01, 2005.
   Organised Conference on ‘Local Initiatives for Microfinance Rating in Bangladesh’, and presented
    paper on ‘Social Impact Assessment Tools for Microfinance Rating’, November 20, 2005,
    Dhaka, Bangladesh.
   Participated and presented paper on Microinsurance in the international conference on
    ‘Microinsurance’, and also participated in the exposure visit, from 27-30 September,2005, Madurai,
    Tamilnadu, India, organised by INAFI Asia, INAFI India and Dhan Foundation, India.
   Participated as resource person in ‘Business Planning for MFIs’ from 22-24 August, 2005, Dhaka,
    jointly organised by Enterprise Resource System Ltd. and CARE Income.
   Participated in the ‘Strategic Planning Training’ from 12-17 February, 2005, the Hague, The
    Netherlands, organised by Novib(Oxfam) Netherlands and INAFI International Foundation.
   Organized and Participated in the INAFI Bangladesh national exposure visit on ‘Reaching the
    Hardcore Poor through Microfinance, May 29 – June 02, 2005, Bangladesh.
   Participated as Resource person in the workshop on ‘Efficient Fund Management and Sources of
    Microcredit Fund’ 12-16 December, 2004, organised by INAFI Bangladesh and Barisal NGO Co-
    ordination, at Barisal, Bangladesh.
   Participated and member of registration committee and also worked as reporter in the           ‘Asia
    Pacific Region Microcredit Summit’ 15-19 February, 2004, Dhaka, Bangladesh, organised by
    Microcredit Summit Campaign and PKSF.
   Participated in the PKSF pre-service training, Dhaka, Bangladesh
                  Participated in the ‘PO MIS Training’ organised by PKSF, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Professional      Selected as a designated Technical Assistance Provider at ILO Microinsurance Innovation
Achievements       Facility Programme
                  Provided information and comments on ‘Survey on role of mutuals, cooperatives and
                   community based organisations in Microinsurance’. The survey was jointly conducted by
                   International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) and CGAP Working Group on
                  Provided comments on ‘Finmark Trust Study on insurance cooperatives and mutual’
                  Reviewed Concept Paper of Session-4: Measures to increase the development value of
                   remittances: Formalization and reduction of transfer costs and ways to enhance the
                   micro-impact of remittances on development to the benefit of the wider community by
                   Manuel Orozco, Inter-American Dialogue, USA. This paper has been presented in Global
                   Forum on Migration and Development, Civil Society Day, 9 July, Brussels, Belgium. Please
                   visit the websiteULR:
                  King Baudouin Foundation of Belgium nominated as Resource Person in the preparation of
                   Session-4: Measures to increase the development value of remittances: Formalization and
                   reduction of transfer costs and ways to enhance the micro-impact of remittances on
                   development to the benefit of the wider community of Civil Society Day of Global Forum on
                   Migration and Development. But due to unavoidable family circumstances I couldn’t
                  Participated in online discussion for Global Forum on Migration and Development, Civil
                   Society Day, 9 July, Brussels, organised by King Baudouin Foundation, Belgium. Please visit
                   the websiteULR: http://www.gfmd-civil &
                  Member of INAFI International Microinsurance Taskforce Expert Group
                  Developed Microinsurance Mutual Entity (MIME) Project in Bangladesh and prepared
                   Business Plan for MIME Project.
                  Developed Microfinance Rating Methodology and also provided input to the Microfinance
                   Rating methodology to a local Rating Agency named CRISL.
                  Developed Social Impact Assessment Tools for the programme of MFIs/NGOs. Please visit
                   the web-site ULR: report on local
                   initiative for microfinance rating.
                  Conducted Market Survey on Microinsurance products offered by MFIs/NGOs and Insurance
                   Companies in Bangladesh. The Primary findings of the survey of MFIs/NGOs has been
                   shared by organising a national conference held on 28 February 2006. Please visit the web-
                   site ULR: & events/INAFI Bangladesh national conference/Read
                   more>> to see presentation document.
                  Member of the research team of PKSF research conducted on ‘ Socio-economic Impact of
                   Increased Loan Size on Microcredit Borrowers’
                  Conducted Special session on ‘Microfinance and Microfinance Institutions(MFIs): A new
                   form of Financial Sector’ as Guest Speaker for course ‘Financial Market and Institutions’
                   offered for Bachelor of Business Administration Students by the Department of Business
                   Administration, Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Academic          Awarded Doctorate level (Phd.) scholarship for the academic year of 2001-2002 by the
Achievements       Turkish Ministry of National Education and the Institution of Education was Istanbul University,
                   The Institute of Social Sciences.
               But due to some unavoidable family circumstances, I couldn’t accept the award.
Education      November,2004                North South University               Dhaka, Bangladesh
                   Completed two years program (60credits) with Marketing & Finance major with CGPA of 3.23
                    on a 4.0 point scale.

              1995-1998( Held in 2000) Jahangirnagar University       Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh
              BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
               Completed fours years’ program with CGPA 3.30 on a 4.0 point scale.

              1993                      Dhaka Board                            Dhaka, Bangladesh
              H.S.C (Higher Secondary Certificate)
               First Division( 73.1% marks, Science group)
              1991                      Dhaka Board                            Dhaka, Bangladesh
              S.S.C (Secondary School Certificate)
               First Division( 77.3% marks, Science group)
Personal      Nationality               : Bangladeshi by birth.
Information                                      st
              Date of birth                   : 21 February 1976
              Marital status                  : Married
              Sex                             : Male
              Religion                        : Islam
References    1.Mr. Robert Smith
              Challenge Fund Manager
              Remittances and Payments Challenge Fund(RPCF)
              Remittances and Payments Partnership(RPP)
                                    nd                    th
              Bangladesh Bank, 2         Annex Building(27 Floor)
              Motijheel C/A, Dhaka-1000
              Ph: 880-2-7126101-20, Ext. 3284
              Mobile: 880-1191001228

              2. Mr. Golam Touhid
                  General Manger(Operations)
                  Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation(PKSF)
                  Agargaon, Dhaka
                  Ph: 880-2-9126240-43, Ext. 1011(off.)
                  Mobile: 01711839442


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