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					                             SOCIOLOGICAL ABSTRACTS SEARCH GUIDE
                                      STANDARD SEARCH
To Access: <insert location and steps for accessing Sociological Abstracts from your local library >
To Begin: At the Cambridge Scientific Abstracts Internet Data Base Service web page, click in box at left of Sociological Abstracts to
    select the database. You are now ready to begin your search. You may begin with the Standard Search by filling in the provided
    boxes, or you can select Advanced Search (see Advanced Search Guide).
                                                 TIPS & TOOLS FOR SEARCHING
SYMBOL                     ACTION
*                          Truncation symbol. Expands a term to include all forms of a root word, e.g. child* retrieves child, child’s,
                              children, children’s, childbirth, etc.
AND                         Narrows search and retrieves records that contain all of the terms it separates, e.g. california AND
                              immigration retrieves records with both terms
OR                         Broadens search and retrieves records that contain either of the terms, e.g. immigration OR emigration
                              retrieves records with either term
NOT                         Narrows search and retrieves records that do not contain the term following it, e.g. immigration NOT california
                              retrieves records with the term immigration and without the term california
no operator used           Implies adjacency between words and includes the second word of a pair if it follows the first word within 15
                              characters of the first letter of the word, e.g. immigration california retrieves records with immigration and
                              california virtually next to each other, with no intervening words
()                         Use parentheses to group words or phrases when combining Boolean phrases and to show the order in
                              which relationships should be considered, e.g. (immigra* or emigra*) and california
                                                        STANDARD SEARCH
USE                         TO
Author box                 Search for names in the author field
                           friedland, william
Title box                  Search for words or phrases in a title field
                            immigra* labor*                 searches as a phrase or as adjacent words

                             immigra* and labor* and california           searches for all three words in title
Any Field Box              Search for words anywhere in a record

                            california immigration
                            Retrieves only records containing the phrase ‘california immigration’ or both words adjacent

                           california and immigration
                           Retrieves records with both words appearing in any field together or separately
                           california and immigra* and (labor* or field* or agricultur*)
                           Retrieves records with california AND any variation of immigra* AND the variations of EITHER labor* OR
                           field* OR agricultur*
More than one box           Narrow search. When words are entered in more than one box, the search is performed as if the AND
                           operator was used to combine the statements in each box, e.g.

                           Author        friedland or freedland
                           Retrieves records with EITHER friedland OR freeland as an author AND california in the title.
You may limit your search in multiple years at this point. Use pull-down box to select years. CLICK ON SUBMIT to activate your search.
Results will be displayed in two groups: 1993- and 1963-1992. Scroll down to view first group of citations. To see next group, scroll up &
click on that group’s button.
TO SAVE CITATIONS, mark records by clicking in box at left of citation. You may print or e-mail a marked list by clicking on
Capture Marked Records. At Capture Options screen, select your platform (pc, mac or unix), the record format you want and how you
want the list distributed (i.e., saved to disk, emailed or printed from screen display).

                                                                           Guide created by Cheryl Gomez and Linda Turner, UCSC

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