CAN-SPAM Act: A Compliance Guide for Business
Do you use email in your business? The CAN-SPAM Act, a law that sets the rules for commercial email, establishes requirements for
commercial messages, gives recipients the right to have you stop emailing them, and spells out tough penalties for violations. But follow-
ing the law isn’t complicated. Here’s a rundown of CAN-SPAM’s main requirements:

                      Don’t use false or misleading header information.
                      Don’t use deceptive subject lines.
                      Identify the message as an ad.
                      Tell recipients where you’re located.
                      Tell recipients how to opt out of receiving future email from you.
                      Honor opt-out requests promptly.
                      Monitor what others are doing on your behalf.
How can I comment about the effect of the CAN-SPAM Act on my business?
    The National Small Business Ombudsman collects comments from small businesses about federal compliance and enforcement
    activities. To comment, call 1-888-REG-FAIR (1-888-734-3247) or visit

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                                     TAX CREDIT - LA Citizens Insurance Assessment
       The LA Legislature passed a law that allows policyholders to recover their insurance assessment in the form of a credit on
       their tax return for the year in which you were or will be assessed by your insurance carrier for the LA Citizens Plan. For
      non-profits that are exempt from filing tax returns, there is a form avail-able on the LA Dept of Insurance website to apply for
                   the credit. For more info see: or speak with your income tax specialist.

                                                      Counterfeit Certificates
     If you are a business that requires certificates of insurance from anyone you should be aware that we have encountered a num-
      ber of fake or altered certificates being issued. This could mean a substantial financial loss to you and you should check each
     certificate carefully. A certificate should be sent to you by the insurance agency or company. If someone brings in a certificate
       you should be highly suspicious. We suggest you call the insurance agency listed on the certificate to ascertain that it is au-
           thentic. Those who alter certificates are subject to five years in prison or $5,000 fine or both. Please feel free to call
                                       Lowry-Dunham, Case & Vivien should you have any questions.

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                                                        Vacate Your Premises, Void Your Coverage?
                                        We all know that you can          while renting a home is but      move to a new residence,
       Lowry-Dunham,                    rent part of your house on a      one of the little known cov-    leaving the old residence’s
        Case & Vivien                   permanent basis and your          erage loopholes. Other sce-     homeowners policy in place
                                        entire house on an occasional     narios can trigger a cover-     while the property is market-
                                        basis and still have most of      age gap:                        ed;
            2001 First Street           your homeowners coverage          Renting a condo or seasonal     Moving to a nursing home
           Slidell, LA 70458            intact. But what if you rent      home to others;                 for rehabilitation with or
             (985) 643-1234             your entire house on a more       Moving to a new home and        without plans to return
         Fax: (985) 646-0249            permanent basis? Clearly,         leaving the homeowners          home.
       Toll Free: (800) 200-1258        there’s no liability coverage,    policy on an existing home      The grant of coverage under
                                        but surely there’s coverage       in place until closing on the   Coverage A Perils Insured
                                        if, for example your house        sale is complete;               Against is: the dwelling on
                                        burns down…or is there?           Being relocated by an em-       the “residence premises.”
                                        The issue of coverage gaps        ployer and having to quickly    And, “residence premises” is
           Solar Panels                                                                                   defined as “the one family
                                            Go Online:                                dwelling …where ‘you’ re-
     If you are considering purchas-                                                                      side and which is shown as
                                          Use our easy-to-complete              Personal Lines            the residence premises in the
    ing solar panels for your home or
                                          quote request form on our          Marilyn Fortenberry          declarations.” If the insured
                                        website. That’s all it takes to            no longer resides there, it
                                            receive prompt quote                Karon Swenson             isn’t a “residence premises”,
     commercial            building,               response.                     and there is no coverage.
    please advise this agency before    We understand that it’s not             Stephanie Ohler           Courts are split on this issue
      making your final decision.       always easy to call between           so the only thing that is clear
                                        the hours of 8:30 and 4:30,                                       at this time is that this issue
                                        Monday through Friday.                Commercial Lines            is unclear.
                                              Visit our Website:                Linda Beckwith            Please contact us if you are
       Help Us Help You                                                          contemplating any of the
                                         We are also available to you           Gidget Connetti           above changes and we will
    Need to visit us? Call ahead and                                            endeavor to “clear” up any of
     make an appointment. There’s                 via e-mail:
                                                                                 Cheri Damiens            these gaps, if such exist.
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                                        Please be aware though, that
    We are ready to serve you upon                                             Ann Marie Rouse                    Go online:
                                        any requests for changes to                                  
              your arrival.                                        
    You save time by allowing us to
                                        your policy are not effective          Vernon Gagliano                  It’s that easy.
                                        until we send you a notice con-
    plan our work flow more effec-      firming such.                            Cheryl Kelly
         tively and efficiently.
                                                                                  Alan Case

    Welcome Stephanie Ohler to LDCV                                                                     .
    Stephanie began her insurance profession in 1997. She earned her property & casualty insurance license in 1999 and her life insur-
    ance license in 2003. She also obtained her Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR) designation in 2010. She is currently
    working as a personal lines account manager. We are delighted to have Stephanie as a part of the Lowry-Dunham, Case & Vivien

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