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					       Radiation Belt Storm Probes

                                     EFW Overview and Status

                                              Keith Goetz
                                         University of Minnesota

                                        RBSP/EFW I-PER 21 January 2011   9
        RBSP EFW Mission

                          Axial Booms (1 of 2)

                                          Spin Plane Booms (1 of 4)

                              IDPU (inside S/C bus)

Goetz    RBSP/EFW I-PER 21 January 2011                        10

                               IDPU                      AXB (1 of 2),

        SPB (1 of 4),

Goetz                   RBSP/EFW I-PER 21 January 2011                   11
        EFW Block Diagram

Goetz    RBSP/EFW I-PER 21 January 2011   12
                              EFW Organization

                                         Project Office

                                           EFW PI
        RBSP SWG                         John Wygant

                                          EFW PM                               EFW IM
    EFW Co-I team                        Keith Goetz                         Kim Cooper
                                            UMN                                 APL

        LASP lead      UCB lead               SE              SMA             Finance
        Bob Ergun     John Bonnell      Michael Ludlam     Jorg Fischer      Kate Harps
          LASP           UCB                 UCB               UCB              UCB

         LASP PM        UCB PM
        Mary Bolton   John Bonnell
          LASP           UCB

      DFB SE          Mechanical           Electrical     Flight Software    Ground SW
    Susan Batiste     Paul Turin        Michael Ludlam     Peter Harvey     Will Rachelson
       LASP             UCB                  UCB               UCB               UCB

Goetz                           RBSP/EFW I-PER 21 January 2011                               13
                                            Team members

•   Minnesota
        –   John Wygant                            EFW PI
        –   Keith Goetz                            EFW PM
•   Berkeley
        –   John Bonnell                           UCB Hardware Co-I and UCB PM
        –   Michael Martin Ludlam                  EFW System Engineer and IDPU Lead
        –   Jorg Fischer                           SMA - Parts and Mission Assurance
        –   Christopher Smith                      EFW Thermal Engineer
        –   Paul Turin                             ME Lead
        –   Gregory Dalton                         ME – SPBs
        –   Jeremy McCauley                        ME – AXBs
        –   Rachel Hochman                         PA Lead

Goetz                                     RBSP/EFW I-PER 21 January 2011               14
                                     Review History

•   RBSP Mission Concept Review                                 30-31 January 2007
•   RBSP Requirements & Mission Definition Review               2-4 October 2007
•   RBSP/EFW Preliminary Design Review (w/ SOC)                 3-4 September 2008
•   RBSP Mission Preliminary Design Review                      14-16 October 2008
•   RBSP/EFW Peer Reviews
        –   AXB, SPB, IDPU structure                            28 July 2009
        –   PRE, BEB, DCB electronics, backplane, harness       2 September 2009
        –   DCB FPGA, DCB FSW                                   3 September 2009
        –   DFB, DFB FPGA                                       10 September 2009
•   RBSP/EFW Critical Design Review                             30 September 2009
•   RBSP Mission Critical Design Review                         1-3 December 2009
•   RBSP/EFW SOC Critical Design Review                         26 January 2010
•   RBSP/EFW Boom Pre-Environmental Review                      30 June 2010

•   RBSP/EFW Instrument Pre-Environmental Review                21 January 2011
•   RBSP/EFW Instrument Pre-Ship Review

Goetz                              RBSP/EFW I-PER 21 January 2011                    15
                  Review RFA Status

    Review            # A/I         # Open   # Closed   # Concurred

    BoomPER       4 (+2)        0            4          3

    I-CDR (SOC)   3 (+3)        0            3          3

    M-CDR         0             0

    I-CDR         13 (+2)       0            13         12

    M-PDR         0             0

    I-PDR         25 (+4)       0            25         25

    I-PDR (SOC)   5             0            5          5

Goetz                 RBSP/EFW I-PER 21 January 2011                  16
                                   I-PER Entrance Criteria

•   Successful completion of the I-CDR and responses made to all CDR RFAs and/or a timely
    closure plan exists for those remaining open
•   A preliminary I-PER agenda, success criteria, and charge to the board have been agreed to
    by the technical team, project manager, and review chair prior to the I-PER
•   The I-PER package (RE-001) is distributed 7 days in advance to members of the review
    board. Package should include the current version of the test verification matrix
•   I-PER technical work products have been delivered and approved
        –   SW-005, Software Test Plan Update to Baseline (if changed since CDR)
        –   TE-001, Instrument Verification, Validation, Test and Calibration Plans, Baseline
•   I-PER technical work products listed below for both hardware and software system
    elements have been made available to the cognizant participants before or at the review:
        –   hardware fabrication and component level testing results
        –   CPT results on integrated hardware
        –   flight software testing results
        –   travelers/work orders
        –   copy of all deviations and waivers
        –   closed and open PFRs
        –   test procedures
        –   instrument acceptance criteria
        –   command and telemetry list
        –   updated design (hardware and software) documentation
        –   current versions of deliverables

Goetz                                     RBSP/EFW I-PER 21 January 2011                        17
                       I-PER Documentation

• Current versions of deliverables
–   MA-001 -002, -007, Performance Assurance Matrix
–   MA-002, FMEA(s)
–   MA-002 -009 Limited Life list
–   MA-005, As designed parts list
–   MA-006, Instrument Safety Data Inputs
–   SE-001, Instrument Requirements Document
–   SE-002, ICD
–   SE-006, Instrument User’s Manual Information
–   SE-007, As designed Materials and Processes List
–   SW-002, Software Requirements Document

Goetz                     RBSP/EFW I-PER 21 January 2011   18
                       I-PER Success Criteria

•   The instrument is expected to meet the requirements with adequate
    margins at an acceptable level of risk
•   Test plans and procedures are complete or a completion plan for any
    open item is established
•   The product verification and product validation requirements and
    plans are complete
•   The testing approach is comprehensive, and the planning test, and
    launch site and mission operations is sufficient to proceed
•   Adequate technical and programmatic margins and resources exist to
    complete the testing within budget, schedule, and risk constraints
•   Risks to success are understood and credibly assessed, and plans
    and resources exist to effectively manage them
•   Safety and mission assurance (e.g., safety, reliability, maintainability,
    quality, and EEE parts) have been adequately addressed in system,
    testing and operational designs, and any applicable S&MA products
    (e.g., PRA, system safety analysis and failure modes and effects
    analysis) have been approved

Goetz                      RBSP/EFW I-PER 21 January 2011                       19
                                  I-PER Expectations

•   Engineering model development has proceeded well
        –   AXB mechanism has been developed, tested and fully qualified
        –   SPB mechanism has been developed, tested and fully qualified
        –   ETU electronics have been developed and tested
        –   EFW system has been integrated with EMFISIS
        –   Flight and ground software allow end-to-end data flow
•   Flight model development has proceeded well
•   Procedures and documentation are in place
•   No major open issues

•   EFW is ready to move into environmental testing of mechanical flight hardware

Goetz                               RBSP/EFW I-PER 21 January 2011                  20

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