Australia Spa Beauty Therapy Treatments

					Camp Eden Sauna Steam Bath at Currumbin Valley
in Queensland
Gold Coast is a great place for spas, relaxation, and beauty treatments. How ever there are
only few Spas which consume less money, and help the customers to refresh and relax as

Australia, Commonwealth of, Jul 26, 2012 -- Camp Eden provides treatments so that
people can relax themselves from the daily life pressure. Menu provided at the Camp
Eden's Spa Beauty Therapy Currumbin Valley concentrates on face, body, and
package skin care menu.

Face beauty therapy treatments offered at the Camp Eden includes Hyaluronic
heaven - anti ageing, Collagen care - anti ageing, silicum sensation - anti-aging,
Camp Eden signature Facial - organic terre and met, depolluting Detox facial
treatment, classic facial, cosmetic acupuncture, etc.

Spa Beauty Therapy Currumbin Valley's Body pampering treatment segment
provides slim and sculpt wrap, micronized marine Algae wrap, sublime wrap,
Aromatic salt and glow body treatment, body polish, Indoceane - Thalgo signature
treatment, hand and foot spa soak, tempting upgrades, santorini tan, etc.

Mostly people who are thinking of having chemical peel to hide or erase aging signs
can use these types of Spa and beauty treatments. Peeling is one of the important
processes of the Spa Beauty treatments. The peel is vey much effective in removing
dead skin, even erasing of scars, reducing wrinkles, etc.

New and exciting Spa treatment packages includes Earth Bounty – organic,
purification, full bloom, Man Adonis, Golden Goddess, pregnancy packages, etc.

Spa body or beauty treatment helps in maintaining good health. It also combines
facials, massage, waxing, aromatherapy, bathing/soaking in sauna, skin exfoliation,
hot spring, steam, mud or hot- tub, dietary consultancy, yoga, meditation and various
types of body wraps.

At Camp Eden, you can choose different types of packages you wish to enjoy ranging
from weight management, detox, stress management, personal development, holistic
body therapies and massage, changing habits and spa beauty treatments.

Many women prefer going to Spa for their hair removal. Camp Eden holistic spas
which use mixture of sugar and lemon instead of wax to form the paste. It makes

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                                   painless hair removal, and makes skin left clean and smooth without residue. Holistic
                                   spas treatments are far much better than waxing, electrolysis, etc.
                                   Camp Eden Health Retreat which is located in sub tropical region, allows the people
                                   to enjoy the simplicity of its natural environment. This tropical rain forest area allows
                                   you to please your mind body, health and soul.

                                   Accommodation provided at the Camp Eden includes various choices ranging from
                                   single or double air-conditioned with floor to ceiling glasses, private balconies with
                                   window seats, etc. Mainly accommodation has been grouped under categories like
                                   Rainforest Retreat (Twin), Valley View Deluxe (Single & Twin), Hillside Haven
                                   (Single), and Eden Sanctuary (Single).

                                   Camp Eden's Health Retreat located in Sub Tropical Rainforest specializes in
                                   Australia Spa Beauty Therapy, Spa Beauty Therapy Currumbin Valley, Spa Beauty
                                   Therapy Treatments, Sauna Steam Bath Currumbin Valley, and Weight Loss Retreat.

                                   Camp Eden's Spa Beauty Therapy Currumbin Valley which comes as a whole finest
                                   package of environment, travel, accommodation, treatments, activities, medicine,
                                   exercises will surely help us to relax, refresh and restores strength.

                                   You     can   find   more   information           about     us    on     our      website

                                   Contact Information:
                                   Name: camp eden
                                   Company: Camp Eden Health Resort

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