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					BS eCustoms Requirement
                                                                                                                  BS Requirement

                                                        Table of Contents

1     Work Flow Process and Control Points ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3
    1.1     General Overview: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3
    1.2     General Requirement for eCustoms ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4
    1.3     Receipt of Documents by Dispatch Department.------------------------------------------------------------ 4
    1.4     Import /Export Department. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4
    1.5     Tracking of IGM and Vessel ETA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4
    1.6     Bill of Entry Department ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5
    1.7     Customs Department----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6
    1.8     Delivery Order Department--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6
    1.9     Docks Department -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7
    1.10    Road Freight Department. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7
2     Billing Module -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8
    2.1     General Overview. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8
3     Exports Process Flow. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12
    3.1     General Overview: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12
    3.2     Search List of Documentation: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14
    3.3     Search List for Coordinators: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 14
    3.4     Road Freight Department. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15
    3.5     Search List of Docks Department: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 15
4     Flow Chart of Imports Job Process ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 17
5     Company Master ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 18
6     Sign Off. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 18
                                                                                         BS Requirement

                 Ocean Imports Requirement
1 Work Flow Process and Control Points

1.1 General Overview1:
This document outlines the work flow for the Imports Ocean requirements. The idea is that the user
should be able to assign tasks via application which could be like ‘send to’; that implies assign task, and
thus various departments will be given the task priorities which will be their scheduled task of the day.
The communication will be inter departmental via application but controlled by the user. Also a record
when the task was assigned should be maintained, in the form of time and date stamp. It could be for
example right click and send to as in case of MS Windows and Office.
Goods Landing Date and Last Free Day have to be added in the application and the same is applicable
only for Bombay port. The Last Free Date here means in terms of the Port Charges and not related to
Shipping Co.
CRM integrated module has to be made, so that the customer of BS can view only his data.
      Customer shall be allowed to upload files such as Invoice and other important shipment
      They shall also be allowed to post comments in individual jobs. However he shall have limited
Billing Module
      2 billing modules should be made, one for actual and other for agency. Actual is the charge paid
         by BS on clients behalf, and is reimbursed from him, whereas agency includes the service
      Contract based billing has to be included. Thus a contract base function should be made. This
         will flow in for the agency charges mentioned above.
eFile In Software
      The application should support the uploading and attachments of the external files, such as
         scanned documents etc, so that the consolidated summary can be referred to at the click of the
         job, and thus no need to refer the physical files.
                                                                                        BS Requirement

1.2 General Requirement for eCustoms

1.3 Receipt of Import Document by Dispatch Department
Jobs pertaining to pending documents shall be highlighted in any colour. This shall be an indication
showing that the mandatory documents are awaited. Documents pending email to be sent to
customers. It should be auto recorded in the status code when the email is send.
Refer to CHECKLIST FOR DOCUMENTATION hard copy for the mandatory and optional documents. Also
the outward register should be enabled for the dispatch department. This is applicable only for bills and
returning of original documents to the client. The dispatch department should be able to scan and
upload the acknowledgements against the file numbers. If the documents are send through the courier
then waybill number should be entered against the job and if by runner boy then acknowledgement
should be uploaded. When the courier is send against a waybill number an auto generated email should
be triggered to the client and the concerned departmental head. If the acknowledgement is not received
for the documents dispatched then the alert should be send to the concerned department.

1.4 Import /Export Department
Opening of Job in application: New job is opened on basis of BL/AWBL and Invoice. Then the file is
passed to the Bill of Entry department, and the BL copy is send to IGM department. After the scrutiny of
the documents then a mail should be send to the client for the documents received and pending.

Following Fields should be entered at time of opening a new job. This shall forward the document to the
next level.

Mandatory Fields required for IGM Dept:
    Shipping Co. Name
    OBL No: and Date
    Containers No’s
    Importer Name

1.5 Tracking of IGM and Vessel ETA
Import Document shall be received simultaneously in BoE Dept. This is not a report but a live screen
that shall update all the jobs that are created at any time of day. The entire days work shall be
summarised in this control screen.

Mandatory Fields required for tracking of Cargo:
    Shipping Co. Name
    OBL No: and Date
    Containers No’s
    Importer Name
Data collected from Shipping Company
    Vessel ETA
    IGM No
                                                                                          BS Requirement

     ITEM No & Sub Item No.
     De-stuffing Point (To be added into the application)
     Shipping Company Charges for Demand Draft.
     FREE detention Period
     No of Agents (Console and Final) with details to be fed.
     Payment to be made via Chq/DD. (This shall be entered into the Company Master.
Search List:
                                                MAWB               Vessel                          De
Job                 BE        Shipping                     Contain        IGM ITEM
     Consignee                           Date / OBL                 / Flt                        stuffing   Status
No                heading        Co                         er No          No   No
                                                   No               ETA                           Point

Status is Linked to IGM Tab: Unfilled Field is = Vessel Awaited, Filled Field= IGM No
BE heading means short description of goods.
De stuffing point: new field in the IGM tab.
Completion of Task is only when IGM is received and related details and Destuffing Point is taken from
the shipping company. Then the task shall be cleared from the search list.
A provision has to be given to enter the number of detention free days in the IGM tab, based on which
the priority of the shipment will be decided.
Whenever there is a surrendered BL the DO department person should confirm this. This has to be
linked to the OBL field in the documents received in the application; provision should be given for the

1.6 Bill of Entry Department
The task of this department starts on receipt of mandatory documents, as listed in the checklist for
The task is finished when the BE is prepared and the status code in the status tracking (status code of BE
completed will be created in the base setup) indicates the date and time of completion of the same. This
is linked to the job status mentioned below in the search list of the user level. And once the task is done,
and then it will be removed from the task list of the user, which will be then passed on in the search list
job status of the Head of this department. The search list for the head is shown below.

Search List: For BE User Level
Job      BE No Consignee BE            Date        Shipper   Customs Vessel        IGM      Job
No                             heading                       Status  / Flt         No       Status

Status: Customs BE Status.
Logic for BE User: If IGM recd and Declaration not send, then highlight the entire row in RED.
Report of BE Dept for User Efficiency: On basis of TIME, DATE and USER, for controlling the
performance. Following fields are required:
Job Received for Preparation of BE. (Status Field)
BE Prepared. (Status Field)
Auto Calculation on basis of above 2 dates. (Diff of above 2 dates stating time taken)
                                                                                                BS Requirement

Job Status would be BE prepared brought in from status code.

Search List: For BE Head
Job     BE        Consignee BE      Date             Shipper  Customs Vessel IGM         Type    Job
No      No                  heading                           Status    / Flt    No      of BE   Status
Job status would be checked or approved it will be linked with the status code.
Type of BE: bond, ex bond, home consumption, License or Oil field.
After this a scrutiny of the BE is done, so a check box and remarks column has to be provided. New field
has to be added. After this BE is uploaded to ICEGATE.

1.7 Customs Department
Job No    BE No     Consignee BE      BE                Customs IGM            Job        Type of     Documents
                              heading Date              Status  No             Status     BE          Received
Customs Status: Declaration send, received, query etc.
Job Status: Floppy noting code to be defined in the status code, and will be linked here.
Documents Received Date: Status Code.

1.8 Delivery Order Department
This activity may be parallel or after the DO department.

Here if the import in charge assigns the task for collection of DO only then it should be listed in the task
list, so that the user will initiate the action for collection of DO. Else the job is already in the search list to
be viewed by the user of the DO Department.

The shipping agents should be segregated as per the BO offices at different locations; ex Saki Naka, Fort,
and JNPT etc. The user should come to know if the BL is surrendered or no, so that he will confirm form
the shipping company about the required message.
The charges which are paid by the DO department should be entered in the billing module. The detailed
description of the billing module is discussed in a separate chapter. It will highlight the relation of billing
module with the listed departments.

Linked with:
     Accounts
     IGM Dept
     Customs BE
     Documents Awaited ( For OBL)
                                                                                                   BS Requirement

       Search List:
       Job    BE      Consignee    BE      Date        Shipping Customs Vessel           IGM       No of        Job
       No     No                   heading             Company Status   / Flt            No        Agents       Status

       Customs Status: Customs BE Status
       Job status: DO collected, which will be linked with the Status Code.
       Billing Maintenance: The Payments processed for Shipping Company will be recorded at this stage. A
       separate chapter is dedicated to the same.
       Number of agents is called from shipping agents field in ascending order.
       At the time of collection of Final DO, Gang letter is provided up to the detention free period. Empty
       Letter is only required in case where Loaded Container Delivery is taken by the CHA.The request of the
       gang letter (in case if detention is applicable) or empty letter (in case of loaded container) will also be
       posted by this department’s user. That will be conveyed through application to the Road Freight
       Department and the Docks Department.
       Sometimes client sends a DD for the payment to Shipping Company, this should be recorded in the
       application against the particular job. Status Code of DD returned if not used has to be added.
       Approval from Finance is required for all payments that are being made on behalf of the customer.
       Appropriate charges should be entered into the system by the DO and Docks Dept user. Slabs should be
       defined for the amounts that are being paid. For instance: Rs.20k, approval can be granted by the
       Finance Manager. For Rs.50k approval shall be granted by next person in the hierarchy and futher.

       1.9 Docks Department
Job      BE      BE Date      BE         Consignee    No of   No of       Custo    IGM    Job        De Stuff     DO Status
No       No                   heading                 Pkgs    Containe    ms       No     Status     Point
                                                      /UOM    rs / Size   Status

       Job Status: Linked to the relevant status code.
       Customs Status: Customs BE Status
       DO Status: Status Code.
       The docks user should be able to view the yard wise search list.
       Docks Dept plans delivery on receiving intimation by the Import Department. They should moniter all
       documents however priority should be set as per the intimation by the Import Department.

       Once the delivery has been completed all despatch details are filled in by the Dock Clerks. The Post
       Clearance set is prepared by them and sent to HO.

       1.10 Road Freight Department.
 Job    Consignee     No of    Gross    De      Destination     Mode of        Gang      Transport     Out of       DO
 No                   Pkgs     WT       Stuff                   Delivery.      or        by Party      Charge       Status
                      /UOM              Point                   Loaded /       Empty     or BS         Date         with
                                                                Destuffed/     Letter                               Agents
                                                                SOC                                                 Name
                                                                                            BS Requirement

Job Status: Linked with the relevant status code.
Logic for this user will be the task of this department starts when he is assigned to book vehicle/s
against a particular consignment.
Gang Letter will be trigged by the docks department and the import in charge to the DO department.
Empty Letter will be triggered by import in charge or this department itself. In the former case the road
freight department comes into action and arranges for the necessary fleet.
 This department requires documents related to the clearance, so that provision has to be given in the
application. The Road Permit is an important document. At the time of dispatch of the goods,
documents to be send along with the vehicle are BE, invoice etc, which should be instructed by the
import in charge that what all documents have to be send along with the vehicle.
Refer to Road Freight Excel DB. This shall make available the criteria on basis of which transport booking
is made. The bookings made daily are to be approved by the senior in the hierarchy with the final rates
that are negotiated.

2 Billing Module
2.1 General Overview.
       This module should enable the jobs and invoices relation as 1: n.

       Also the duty for imports should not be defaulted from the job so selected.

       The billing for agency should be as per the contract between the client and BS via base set up for
        contract maintenance.

       Billing should be possible in any currency (standard 12 currencies as per the CBEC).

       Covering letter should be printed for the bills.

       Current job will be triggered as soon as a job is opened. That is in the billing module all the jobs
        should be reflected as soon as a job number is allocated by the system to a consignment.

Search List for the billing module.

         Job        Consignee   Status   Creation   Total      Mode of      Terminal      Branch
         No                              Date       Expenses   Shipment.
Job opened, status = unbilled.

Draft = a toggle.

Final =Billed and send to the client.

If Draft or final is not the status, then status is File not received by Accounts Department.

Status: Billed, Unbilled, draft or file not received by Accounts Department.
                                                                                            BS Requirement

The columns is the modules should be as under in

Charge            Desc           Paid to         Receipt No   Receipt Date   Cheque no.   Cheque Date

08                Yard           Maersk CFS      786688       21/Aug/07      1234567890   20/Aug/07

The entries made by the users should always be provisional, they will be finalised by the final authority.

Following are the different charges incurred during reimbursement.

     1) EDI charges.

     2) Shipping Line charges.

     3) Duty if applicable.

     4) Interest if applicable.

     5) Yard Charges.

     6) N form charges / Octroi

     7) Transportation Charges

     Desktop\Requirements\CHARGE CODE LIST.xls
                         These are the charge code list.

Entry of expenses should be in different forms. They should be not through the jobs, but through the
books of accounts. The data which is entered in the billing module here has to be send to the accounting
package. This data has to be verified for its correctness so as to avoid the mismatch between the
eCustoms and other accounting package. Thus to allow synchronous data entry the eCustoms billing
module should be able to take the data and thus transmit the same to other accounting application as
per the requirement of other account package. The data transmission has to be to and fro, that is, it may
flow from eCustoms and updated in accounts application or vice versa. This requires 3PI. The accounting
module needs more information to be conveyed to a Functional Consultant who has an accounting
background. This will be given by BS at a later date, as mutually agreed by Mr. Dhaval Davada and Mr.
Balakrishna Reddy. Until this comes up, no development will be initiated in the existing billing module of
eCustoms. Thus all the requirements that have been taken as of now are for the information purpose
and not for development.

These are the reimbursement bill details.
BJV no= Job no.
BS Requirement
                                                                                        BS Requirement

On clicking the highlighted field above

The agency bill details are as below. The % is manually calculated and entered. Also the charge codes are
predefined and they have a description. Matching this charge code and description the amount or the
charge is calculated and then entered in the application manually. While entering the data, the physical
copy of the contract is referred, in order to get the terms of contract. Those terms are not defaulted in
the application as per the client of BS. Thus a set up for contract is required.
                                                                                             BS Requirement

                  Ocean Exports Requirement

3 Exports Process Flow.
3.1 General Overview:
The access has to be given as per the user. The senior user can enter the data, but the junior level
cannot over write the same, but the same will be possible if the junior enters and the senior wants to
over write.

The following points have been listed out by the BS exports department as suggestions for 4S eCustoms.

   1)    New button near every look up, so that new entry in the set up can be added from there itself.
   2)    SION needed in the master and link with DEPB.
   3)    Freight and other charges pop up has to be changed.
   4)    Look up at EOU details
   5)    Linking of the import and export DB. For re exports on selective basis. Status should be send to
         imports so that imports can get the RE Bond cancelled. This linkage should be irrespective of the
         BO obstacles.
   6)    SION field in DEPB.
   7)    Error immediately for UOM and Qty Code.
   8)    License Master for Exports. Should prompt for the Export Obligation. This has to be linked with
         Imports License.
   9)    Job number should allow manual intervention, for dummy job number to be filed if the
         declaration gets rejected or there is a need for revised filing of the job at ICES. Dummy job
         creation should have the choice of selection of the job number manually.
   10)    BL printing is required. Only one format is needed, which can be printed in pdf, rtf and xls etc.
   11)    Print out of the Manual shipping bill on a pre printed stationery (section 74 DBK and ex Bond
         SB)/ Bill of Entry on pre printed is required so that if the icegate server is down, then this can be
         done manually, by just taking the print and submitting at the port.
   12)    User defined reports should enable the charge codes and the status codes to be picked and
         chosen to make the column headings as per the codes.
   13)   Multiple formats for printouts such as pdf, rtf and xls etc for any reports generated.
   14)    Annexure A for Ocean to be printed…….in the standard defined reports.
   15)   Air shipments – stuff details, seal and carting point not required.
   16)   UOM for air exports always KGS.
   17)   Data type in the net and gross wt is NUM(10.3)
   18)   RBI/GR waiver number, either of them should be there, as both are never used.
   19)   Notify party may be different than the consignee. Three companies are needed for the
         consignee in SB.
                                                                                       BS Requirement

A)    Consignee B) Notify Part 1 C) Notify Party2 D) Buyer other than Consignee.
20)   Shipper and AD Code relation is 1: n
21)   Packaging details data type should be Varchar (alphanumeric) (5).
22)   Default dates in the field should be system date.
23)   Invoice value and other calculations to be changed to avoid mistakes. If the calculation with
      regard to the terms of shipment do not tally with the total invoice value in s/Bill after data
      entered in unit price, freight & insurance, then a pop up message of ERROR to appear. This can
      be taken care of by giving a summary in the checklist for the SB in which a table as below will be
      Inv No; Inv Value; Product Value; FOB Value; Unit Price Includes; TOI;
      Also while adjusting the packaging charges a pop up to ask the user to adjust the additional
      charges should be initiated. This will help the user to amend his values of Invoice. The Invoice
      value should be an input field and the product value should be the output field.
24)   Look up for the type of containers for SB.
25)   Job number prefixes should be enabled through stock mechanism. For mode of transport, and
      branch the jobs numbers should be unique.
26)   List of Documents Received
A)    General Documents
        Invoice- M
        Packing List-M
        SDF Form-C if Inv>25,000 USD and O if Inv<@25,000
        Annexure C-O
        ARE form-O
        Tax Invoice-O
        Non Hazardous or MSDS Certificate- O
B)    DEEC SB documents
       DEEC (Advance License) Copy. -M
       Registered or No-M
       Annexure and Original Copy of License -C if not registered.
C)    Scheme Documents.
       Free SB
       DEPB
       EPCG
       DFRC- has been discontinued.
       DBK
       DFIA
D)    Re Exports
       Original BE-M
       Original Imports Invoice.-M
       GR waiver- C if NFEI Category 99
       GR form - C in case of Commercial SB
       Original packing List.-O
       OBL or AWB copy-O
       Certificate of Origin-O
                                                                                             BS Requirement

        TR6 Challan Original-C for Section 74 DBK
        EC-C if Oil Field Exploration
        Request Letter-M
    E) Ex Bond
        Original BE-M
        Original Imports Invoice.-M
        Original packing List.-O
        Request Letter-M

   Export           Rcv.Exp.          S/Bill             ICES                           Billing
   Dept.            Docs re.          prep.             S/Bill.
                                                                       Job compln                    Job closure

                                                 Unloading at
   DO for F/S             Trucking                                                     shipment

3.2 Search List of Documentation:
The task of this department starts on receipt of mandatory documents, as listed in the checklist for
The task is finished when the SB is prepared and the status code in the status tracking (status code of SB
completed will be created in the base setup) indicates the date and time of completion of the same. This
is linked to the job status mentioned below in the search list of the user level. And once the task is done,
and then it will be removed from the task list of the user, which will be then passed on in the search list
job status of the coordinator. The search list for the coordinator is shown below. When the customs
status is Declaration send (which will be governed by uploading the file to icegate by the coordinator)
the user here has to take annexure C and A prints with checklist and sends it to the docks department
for further process.

         Job No    Shipper     Consignee       SB no.        SB Date      Job Status   Customs

3.3    Search List for Coordinators:
The user in this department has to upload the files on ICEGATE. Once uploaded the documentation
department has to take the prints and send documents to the docks. After the documents are send to
the docks the user in this department has to act. This will be known to the user here by the job status
which is changed by the documentation person in that department.
                                                                                                                     BS Requirement

Job No     Shipper       Consignee        SB no.         SB Date       Port of         Vessel Name/         ETD            Customs      Job Status
                                                                       Destination     Voyage No.                          Status

         3.4 Road Freight Department.
         The task of this department starts when the DO is issued by the liner.

         Job       Shipper            No of      Gross   Pick      Shed No /      Mode of           Transport      Liner       DO
         No                           Pkgs       WT      up        Line           Delivery.         by                         Status
                                      /UOM               Point     (TO)           LCL / FCL         Party or
                                                         (From)                                     BS or 3

         Job Status: Linked with the relevant status code.
         Logic for this user will be the task of this department starts when he is assigned to book vehicle/s
         against a particular consignment.
         The vehicle details have to be inserted at relevant places in the application.

         3.5 Search List of Docks Department:
         This department acts after the SB number is received and the coordinator initiates the cargo arrival to
         the docks. Then the user here updates the job status such as carting done, documents received, handed
         to shipping lines and send back to the head office. From this status the coordinator will initiate his next

  Job No       Shipper       SB no.           SB Date     Port of       Vessel         Rotation NO       ETD           Form 13       Job Status
                                                          Destinatio    name &         & Date                          Agent
                                                          n             Voyage

         Job Status Linked to status code.

                   Booking No. - Client approaches for placement of container. The container DO is obtained
                    from the S/Co. The fields to include as below detail. It can be applied for LCL booking also.
                    These are the minimal fields in all sorts of jobs. This is done by Coordination Department.

         Client           Shipping        No. of            Port of        Port of            Port of             Rotation No. &
         Name             Co              Containers        Loading        Discharge          Destination         date

         Vessel &         Cut off dt      ETA               ETD            Transit time       Freight Rate -      Freight rate -
         Voy.             &time                                                               buy                 Sell
                                                                                   BS Requirement

   Confirmation & Job No. - Once the booking is confirmed & container placed at the client’s place,
    the details to be carried forward to the job after receipt of the Export Invoice.

   Transportation – arrangement linked wherever the transportation contract is included, LCL as
    well as FCL cargo. The coordinator of export department conveys this to the Road Freight

   Road Freight Department- This department will answer the coordinator with the vehicle details.

   File Maintenance Department- Parallel to transportation activities the job file goes to File
    Maintenance Department. He will open the job in the master and fill in the required details
    manually in a physical register.

   Documentation Department- The user will open the job in the application and fill in all the
    mandatory fields as per the documents received.

   Carting – After generation of SB number details such as carting is to be done. Offloading at CFS
    in case of LCL cargo. Offloading at Port / Buffer for FCL to be registered. Buffer charges
    payment linked for Accounting. An instruction report is prepared by the coordination
    department for off loading the container in the port at the correct terminal. The report format
    is as under.

Job no; Shipper; Vessel name and Voyage; Rotation No. and Date; Shipping Co; Form 13 Agent; Port
of Discharge; Port of Destination.

* Form 13 Agent field has to be inserted at a suitable place.

   Job completion – the target time for completion will be 1-2 day if not completed a pop up
    reminder from day 3 of carting till the job is completed.

   Receipt of docs from dock – the document receipt from dock to be reflected the next day as a
    confirmation that there is no delay otherwise a pop up reminder from day 2 of carting.

   Bill of Lading / COO – module for preparation of B/L format and link up for sending e-mails.
    Similarly for COO also. COO to be formatted in the pre-printed mode setup to enable printing.
    Popup reminder for B/L not released from one day before of ETD.

   Sending the docs to client – the docs sent immediately after accumulation of all the documents
    related to the job and the date to be registered. There should be a pop up reminder for
    documents not sent to the client on the ETD.
                                                                                             BS Requirement

       Tracking of Shipments - Daily status reports of the shipment to be generated. This may be
        required for sending to clients.

       Post shipment docs        - EP copy shipping Bill tracking, reminder listing of all the S/bills after a
        month of its date if not received.

       Vendor payments        - all miscellaneous arrangements like Re-packing, palletising, fumigating,
        to be registered. Vendor bills to this regard to be entered along with the transportation bills if

       Snoozing for reminders is required. It will list out when the application is logged on, the
        pending jobs.

4 Flow Chart of Imports Job Process

Below drawn Flow chart is the Control Points in the Job Process.

       Work Flow is on the basis of Functional Operations of the User. They should be triggered by the
        application, thus User will communicate to another user via application.

       User shall plan the priorities of the shipments.

        Imports                         BoE                   ICES
         Dept.                         Prep.                  BoE              Trucking


          IGM                        Console                Final DO
        Tracking                       DO
                                                     2. Lorry Receipt No

                                                     3. Challan No

                                                     4. Vehicle No

                                                     5. Material Condition
                                                                                       BS Requirement

5 Company Master

    1. Companies shall be categorised according to the Role and Functions of the Company.

    2. Type of Importer shall be defaulted at the time of registering a new company.

    3. Companies have to be categorised as per the Import Department within the Terminal.

    4. Client Contract to be entered into the application, for automated billing.

6 Sign Off.

This is taken from the authors and contributors of the document to indicate the end of the documents.
It implies that the content will be same through the developmental phases, thus streamlining the same.

The following are the pending list of documents awaited:
    1. Yard Charges
    2. Contract base set up.
    3. DO departments working logic and Gang and Empty Letter logic.
    4. Dispatch details related to road freight department’s logic and flow.

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