To Penny or Not To Penny by mbb6N1


									                              To Penny or Not To Penny

           Currency Overhaul for an Industrious Nation (COIN) Act
In June 2006 Representative Jim Kolbe introduced the “Currency Overhaul for an
Industrious Nation (COIN) Act” (HB5818) which would, among other things, eliminate
the penny as United States currency.

In a well-written composition, argue in support of the act or in opposition to it.
      Take a position on the issue.
      Decide who your audience will be.
      Think about what 2 or 3 main arguments you will use.
      Formulate your thesis statement (remembering to incorporate your main
       arguments into the statement as a “guide” to your paper).
       Have the teacher ok it. _____________
      Anticipate counter-arguments and decide which ones you will answer in your
      Support your arguments with detailed evidence: examples, facts, reasons,
       statistics, etc. Refer to your notes and the class’s annotated bibliography; review
       articles or do additional research as needed.
      Outline your persuasive composition.
       Have the teacher ok it. _____________
      Write a first draft using word-processing software. Save and print it.
      Save a “Works Cited” list using OSLIS Citation Maker.
      Make revisions based on feedback from others who are willing to read your
       composition from the perspective of your intended audience.
      Edit and proofread your composition.
      Print a best copy, attach the Works Cited list, and hand it in.

Alternative Topic: Keep Those Pennies Circulating!

One of the arguments for eliminating the penny is that people tend to hoard them,
keeping them out of circulation and requiring more to be minted. Write a composition
persuading people to put their penny collections back into circulation quickly.

                     8th Integrated Lesson: To Penny or Not To Penny

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