End of COurse Assessment SAMPLE Carpentry by HC120831034013


									SAMPLE of the Types of info for the template Carpentry 11
Identify the Standards that guide instruction in the course.
MA Framework for Carpentry

What is the essential content knowledge for the class?

Explain solid surface counter top options and installation procedures.
Explain hip and valley roof construction.
Explain roof truss systems.

What are the essential content skills for the class?

Install kitchen and bath cabinets and counter tops.
Demonstrate use and maintenance of a portable circular saw.
Demonstrate use and maintenance of a portable table saw.
Demonstrate use and maintenance of reciprocating saws.

What are the essential literacy and thinking skills in this class?

Read technical manuals, guides, resource books and technical literature to gain information and solve
Read, comprehend, and follow written technical directions for repairs, procedures and processes.
Identify and use knowledge of common graphic features (charts, maps, diagrams).

What is the essential vocabulary for this class?


What are the factors that impact what type of final assessment is developed? ( mirroring an
MCAS format, time constraints for completing the assessment or grading the assessment, etc)

The final assessment has time constraints. That might mean that demonstration of skills will
happen throughout the year, while a paper based assessment of knowledge, vocab, etc might
need to be the end of course assessment.

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