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									WHITE WOMAN LANE SCHOOL                                                Issue 38 Week Ending Friday 13th July 2012
White Woman Lane, Sprowston, Norwich. NR6 7JA
Telephone: 01603 419203     Fax: 01603 424651
Email:     office@whitewomanlane.norfolk.sch.uk
Website:   www.whitewomanlane.norfolk.sch.uk
           www. wwlms-artgallery.ik.org

Dear Parent / Guardian,
                        Best News …
           The Week Ahead
           Mon. 9th          -          Non-Uniform Day - Fine to be paid
                                        Years 5 and 6 a bottle for the Bottle Stall Tombola
                                        Years 3 and 4, donations for a general Tombola Stall
                                        Dance Club                             3.20-4.20pm
           Tues. 10th        -          Talk Homework Feedback                 am
                                        Guitar lessons am                      Library
                                        Drum lessons pm                        Mobile pm
                                        Drama Club with Ruth Martin
                                        Years 4, 5 and 6                       School Hall 3.20 – 4.20pm
                                        Cricket Club                           3.15-4.15pm
           Wed. 11th         -          Guitar lessons am                      Library
                                        Year 6 to meet Eoin Colfer –
                                        author of Artemis Fowl                 Sprowston Junior at 1.30pm
                                        No Animation Club
                                        Keyboard lessons pm                    Music Room
                                        NO Gospel Choir
           Thur. 12th            -      Upper School Performance –
                                        Forest Gramps                          1.45pm and 7.00pm
                                        Fun Maths Club                         3.15 – 4.15pm in 4J
                                        ECO Club                               3.15 – 4.14pm
                                        Mad Science Club (Year 3)              3.15 – 4.15pm in 3SB
                                        No Cookery Club
           Fri. 13th         -          Olympic Treat Lunch
                                        No Stacking Club
                                        No Apple Graphics Club
                                        Big Talk Homework
                                        Summer BBQ                             6.00 – 9.00pm
  Dates for your Diaries

           Mon. 16th         -          Circular Sports (Weather permitting)
           Tues. 17th        -          Field Events (Weather permitting)
           Wed. 18th         -          Sports Day, Track Events (Weather permitting) 10.00am
           Thurs. 19th       -          Year 6 ‘Picnic in the Park’
           Fri. 20th         -          Celebration Assembly
                                        End of term.

                        HOUSEPOINT TOTALS                                      THE ATTENDANCE CUP

                                                                                     Was awarded to
                                           Points   Term Total
           Buckingham        (Green)                    79                                   5R
           Balmoral          (Blue)                     68
           Sandringham       (Yellow)                   87                    With attendance of 100%
           Windsor           (Red)                      96                          For the week
                                                                               25th to 29th June 2012
                                   NON UNIFORM DAY
                                  Monday 9th July 2012
            All children may attend school in non- uniform on Monday 9th July –
                               but a fine will need to be paid!
Pupils in Years 5 and 6 will be required to donate a bottle for the Bottle Stall Tombola
at the Summer BBQ as a fine and pupils in Years 3 and 4 are asked for donations for the
general Tombola Stall. If you would like to make additional donations in additional to the
fine payable for not wearing school uniform we would be extremely grateful.

Alternatively, children can donate a jar. They will need a clean glass jar with a plastic
screw on top. The jar can be any size – the more varied the better! The idea is that the
jars can be filled with anything they choose – the more original the better! Our
suggestions have been things such as sweets, bath salts, craft beads, small soaps or
bath beads, hair bands, cotton wool balls … I’m sure you will have many, even better
ideas. Thank you so much once again for your support.

                                    SUMMER BBQ
                            Friday 13th July 6.00 – 9.00pm

Fill-a-jar             Fill a glass jar with a screw-on lid with a variety of items –
                       sweets, accessories, stationery – the more original the better!
                       Start sending your filled jars into school from Monday 9th July.

Smellies               Perfumes, bath oils, shower gel, soap, etc. Please send donations
                       into school from Monday 9th July.

Cuddly toys            Any adorable toys or unused presents that are no longer wanted.
                       Donations received in school from Monday 9th July.

Books and games        Games and books in excellent condition please. Please send your
                       donations into school from Monday 9th July.

Bric-a-brac            Items which are in good condition only. Please send into school
                       from Monday 9th July.

                                    RAFFLE TICKETS
The raffle tickets should have come home with your children – if you haven’t yet
received them I suggest they are still lurking in your child’s tray or at the bottom of
their bag!
If you would like to purchase the tickets please send in the ticket stubs and the money
back into school in an envelope as soon as possible. If you do not wish to buy any tickets,
please return the book of tickets to school as soon as possible. The draw will take place
at the Barbecue on 13th July – please sell as many as you can! Thank you.

We would also be extremely grateful if you could try to bring along small change to the
Summer BBQ to spend on the night!

                   13th JULY 2011 6.00 – 9.00pm
             Entrance to BBQ £1 per adult, 50p per child
                               REPORTERS OF THE FUTURE

Budding     Newshounds       at   WWL
planned, wrote and published their own
newspaper. They learned about
newspapers as part of a literacy project
and visited by Evening News reporter
Mark Shields, who told pupils about
day-to-day      life working    on    a
The class, pictured with Mark, divided
themselves into a miniature newsroom,
with a group of editors planning the
papers and a team of reporters and
photographers finding stories and
pictures before deadline passed for
publication of ‘The Beast’.
On 22 June Mark Shields came in. He writes for the Evening News. He did fun activities with
us. It was in Set 1 English and we had lots of fun. It was very interesting and I know lots more
about newspapers, so thank you Mark Shields for coming to WWL!
By Jessica

We were very pleased to get in the newspaper and being called ‘reporters of the future’. Mark
read our newspaper ‘The Beast’ and was impressed. One pupil asked how much Mark gets
paid for his job. I was baffled when he said not much but he also said it didn’t matter because
he gets to meet famous people (e.g. Prince Charles). It was a fun lesson and it was
By Mia

Mark brought in some newspapers and we got to find our favourite headline. It was lots of fun,
I learnt a lot and it was great!
By Connor S

Mark came in to see all of our hard work we’ve been doing on newspapers. At WWL he came
to tell us that we were doing all the right features to create a newspaper. He told us the right
way we should put our reports in. We had a load of fun and learnt interesting facts and we
found out about the day-to-day life of a reporter.
By Rebecca

                                  TIME AND TIDE MUSEUM
On Tuesday 26 June Year 3 went to the Time and Tide Museum.
The Year 3 pupils learnt about Anderson Shelters, Spam sandwiches
and rationing, good planes and bad German bombers and Make do
and Mend.
They learned lots of things like the different bombs and planes and
what things you could and could not eat. When they did Make Do and
Mend they made miniature rugs.
They enjoyed lots of things. I think they loved making Spam
They probably would all like to go to the Time and Tide Museum again.
They seemed to love it. Now they can put their hand up lots in history.
By Sophie Campbell

We loved the Time and Tide Museum. The only thing we didn’t like was the stinky fish smell.
We met the Air warden and we learned how to hold a ARP Water Drill and marched along the
path with it.
After that we went to Mr Salmon’s shop and he asked us a few questions. All the food was
different and had different wrappers on. Then he took us in a room and we made Spam
sandwiches. We tried it. I thought it was going to be disgusting but it was lovely!
By Megan Welsh
                               NORWICH SCIENCE OLYMPIAD
  Our pupils represented us brilliantly at the Science Olympiad on Wednesday this week.
  We had a very successful day! White Woman Lane School was the best overall school
  in both Years 5 and 6. 30 Schools competed. Congratulations to all the children who
  went along and were fabulous scientists all day;
  Year 3          Eddie Daubney and Rosie Watkins
  Year 4          Connor Buxton, Louis Daynes, Esme Munday and Hanna Sayer
  Year 5          Megan Cracknell, Aruneesh Lakshmanavelu, Thomas Serle and Charlotte
  Year 6          Millie Boorman, Poppy Cruse Earle, Blake Leonard and Tommy Weyer

                                   CITY SPORTS SUCCESS

  The following children represented White Woman Lane at City Sports this   year;
      Year 3                 Year 4                     Year 5                   Year 6
Rebecca Vertigan          Hanna Sayer             Summer Rogers              Carra Bignell
Rosie Watkins             Macy Ladd               Ellie Bumstead             Isobel Browne
Libby Smith               Olivia Gotts            Charlotte Watkins          Aimee Sutton
Tanisha Hughes            Maddison                Megan Howard               Emily Dunstan
Gabriella Gordon          Gamble                  Megan Cracknell            Lauren Driver-Moore
Devin Nixon-              Alexandra Hunt          George Quantrell           Sammi Graver
Johnson                   Josh Dunstan            Kobe Abodunde              Thomas George
Kurtis Russen             Kyle Armstrong-         Callum Green               Camron Russen
Luke Johnson              Iginla                  Luke Bignell               Blake Leonard
Jacob Jeary               Ben Knights             Aruneesh                   Jordan Tilney-Fox
Callum Mitchell           Callum George           Lakshmanavelu              Lewis Mazurek
                          Kian Peek                                          Harvey Kerrigan
                                                                             Owen Davis-Murphy

  It was a superb team effort.

         WWL were placed 4 in the Field Events Cup
         2 in the Boys Shield
                st                     nd
         Equal 1 in the Relay Cup and 2 overall.

  22 schools competed.

  There were some notable individual performances:
      Luke Bignell 3 …. Yr 5 Long Jump

      Thomas George 3 ….Yr 6 Long Jump

      Carra Bignell 4 ….Yr 6 Sprint

      Thomas George 2 ….Yr 6 Sprint

      Josh Dunstan 1 ….Yr 4 Sprint

      Devin Nixon-Johnson 4 ….Yr 3 Sprint

      Rebecca Vertigan 1 ….Yr 3 Sprint

      Owen Davis-Murphy 3 ….800m

      Yr 3 Girls Relay…..3

      Yr 3 Boys Relay…2

      Yr 4 Boys Relay…1

      Yr 5 Girls Relay…3

      Yr 5 Boys Relay…1

      Yr 6 Girls Relay….4

      Yr 6 boys Relay….3

  Well done to ALL pupils who took part, including reserves (without whom we could not
  compete). It is important to remember that all points count and this year our result was
  decided by the single points collected for finalist and lower places. Truly a team effort.

                                      BRACELET FOUND
  A bracelet has been found on the corner of Windsor Park Gardens and White Woman Lane.
  Please call 01603 403600 if you think it may belong to you.
As you know your involvement in your child’s learning is essential. Below you will
find this week’s Talk Homework task. The aim this week is to get children to
read information carefully to verbally answer some simple questions.
On Tuesday morning, all classes will share their answers.
Please spend 10 minutes talking with your child about the questions below;

                                Olympic Torch
An exciting week for Norwich as the Olympic torch arrived in our city.

       What does it mean to be ‘inspirational’?

       8000 inspirational people will carry the torch around the UK. If you could
        choose someone ‘inspirational’ to carry the torch, who would it be and

       How would you feel if you were chosen to carry the Olympic torch?

       Here is a picture of the oldest and youngest UK torchbearers. Can you
        find out why they were chosen to carry the torch?

Our ‘WOW’ Word this week is;
                      Encouraging, motivating, stimulating
                       Please encourage your child to use this word,
                         in the right context, as much as possible.

       The ‘Talk Homework’ and ‘WOW’ words will be set every Friday; children will share
        their ‘Talk’ with their class on a Tuesday morning.
       We will encourage the children to use the WOW word throughout the week.

Thank you for your support in helping your child.
                        STARS OF THE WEEK

                               Devin Nixon-Johnson 3SB
          For excellent behaviour on the trip to the Time and Tide Museum
                                    Bethany Hill 3SB
        For growing in confidence to contribute some good scientific answers
                                   on light and shadows
                                      Leo Bunter 3B
 For showing fantastic knowledge at the Time and Tide Museum demonstrating how
                           much has been learned about WW2
                                    Sinead Pottle 3B
                  For working hard in every lesson for every teacher
                  and for her enthusiasm on the Time and Tide visit
                                    Maia Kerrigan 3B
  For fantastic work in maths learning to tell the time and for good work in history
                                     Owen Waller 3B
  For fantastic work in maths learning to tell the time and for great table moving!
                                Libby-Rose Eglington 3R
 For being very impressive on the Tide and Time trip this week. Libby-Rose listened
           intently and joined in with every activity superbly – what a star!
                                  Brett Walkinshaw 3R
For getting ‘stuck in’ with everything on the Time and Tide trip this week. Brett gave
          super answers to questions and was keen at all times – well done!
             Carra Bignell, Lauren Driver-Moore and Jessica Lofts 6D
             For creating a colourful design for the dinosaur board game
                            which was also really fun to play
                                    Paul Sturman 4J
   For excellent work with the compact column addition and subtraction methods.
                                     Olivia Gotts 4J
                    For eloquent contributions in class discussions
                                    Connor Gibbs 4M
                        For being an expert at electrical circuits
                                    Millie Wright 4M
               For being extremely kind and helpful to her class mates
                                    Rosie Gunton 4Q
         For working hard in DT and coming up with a great plan for a torch
                                Charlie-Ann Waters 4Q
                             For working hard in all lessons.
             She has been making good observations of solids and liquids.
                         Chloe Chivers and Victoria Smith 6Q
      For their humour, spirit and exemplary behaviour during the London trip
      Josh Smith 6G, Carra Bignell 6D, Joni Money 6D, Isobel Browne 6Q,
                         Sammi Graver 6Q and Alice Bush 6Q
 For being immaculately behaved whilst on the coach and looking around the Natural
                    History Museum. A delight to take on any trip!

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