Annual Report of the Board for 201112 school year

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					Annual Report of the Board of Management to the Parents of Scoil na Mainistreach for
                              the School Year 2011/12

Purpose and Rationale:

The purpose of this Annual Report to Parents is to provide a summary of information on the
operation of Scoil na Mainistreach, Quin in line with the requirements of the Education Act.
The Report serves as an addition to the information provided on the website, the various newsletters issued by the school, letters to parents,
the School Prospectus and information provided to parents on open nights. The following
summaries will now be provided to parents, members of the school community and members
of the wider community.

Overview of the 2011/12 School Year.

Scoil na Mainistreach, Quin is a co-educational primary school under the trusteeship of the
Bishop of Killaloe, Dr. Kieran O’Reilly and is in its 50th year in its present location. Its
enrolment of students continues to increase which has implications for present resources and
in particular its human resources and buildings. Teaching and learning continues to be the
main focus of the school and the results achieved in standardised tests continue to be very
good and well above the national norms. The school is staffed by a committed and dedicated
staff of teachers, SNA’s and ancillary staff and supported by the Trustee, Board of
Management, Parents’ Council, School Development Committee, the local Parish clergy and
the local community. During the year significant improvements were made to the school
building and resources as follows:

    The completion of the extension to the school G.P. room
   Working directly with the DoES to achieve agreement in relation to the school
    extension June 11 – 8 Classrooms – March 2012 €800,000 – June 2012 Principal and
    12 Classroom extension.
   The purchase of an Interactive Whiteboard and 5 laptops for the new classroom.
   The Introduction of an Accelerated Reading Programme at Fourth Class level. This
    programme allows pupils to progress in reading, with the support of information
    technology, at their individual level.
   The introduction of the Literacy Lift Off Programme at Senior Infant Level. This
    programme involved four members of staff teaching children in groups, simultaneously
    for a five week period. The resources for this programme were purchased, with the
    support of the Parents Association and are now available for the entire school as an
    additional resource.
   The Introduction of the Aistear Programme at Infant level which promotes learning
    through structured group play.
   Learning Support Classroom resources were upgraded to allow for the development of
    multi-sensory teaching supported by I.T.
   Classroom Art and Craft resources upgraded
   The upper school yard was repaired and School yard markings updated
   The school field was maintained and repaired, as necessary
   The School Website was upgraded to allow for class blogging and interactive learning
    links. For further information see

In common with many schools of its type, Scoil na Mainistreach found the past year to be
challenging as a result of budget education cutbacks. In particular the abolition of many
grants, the non-increase in the Capitation Grant the main source of school income and the
increase in the pupil/teacher Ratio. Particularly challenging for school management and staff
is the Department of Education and Skills ban on providing substitute cover for the first day
of sick leave. The Board of Management is very grateful to the Parents Association and to
the School Development Committee whose fundraising activities helped contribute to several
of the school improvements listed above.

       1. School Enrolments and Staffing

The school is staffed by a committed and dedicated staff of a Principal and eleven teachers.
The teaching staff consists of nine mainstream teachers and 3 learning support teachers. The
school teaching staff fulfilled the Croke Park agreement by dedicating 36 additional hours
outside of school time for planning purposes and on in-service education. One of these
learning support teachers is shared with two other schools. Due to recent changes by
Department of Education and Skills (DoES) in relation to the area of Learning Support two
members of our staff will now work in a shared capacity with other schools. The teaching
staff is supported in its work by two learning support assistants one of whom works on a part-
time basis and two ancillary staff. The school population at September 30th 2011 was at 259
and on the basis of this enrolment an additional appointment will be made for September
2012. School projections indicate that the school population will continue to rise over the
next five years leading to the requirement for a Principal and 12 Teacher School within the
next five years. The Board of Management has continued to apply for a twelve teacher
school structure and ancillary services at Scoil na Mainistreach, Quin. The local School
Inspectorate and local Nominees have supported this application. In November 2011 the
DoES agreed to provide eight additional classrooms at Scoil Na Mainistreach in Quin, In
June of this year the DoES reviewed this decision and has now agreed to proceed with
providing for a Principal and 12 Mainstream Class Teacher and Ancillary Staff Structure on

       2. Trusteeship, Management and Representation

The school continues to work closely with its Trustee and Patron, Bishop Kieran O’Reilly
who continues to maintain close links to the school through his Nominee on the Board, Fr.
Michael Collins. The current Board of Management, which was established in December
2011, is chaired by Mary Halton. nThe Board meets monthly and is constituted in line with
the Articles of Management for Primary Schools. The Board was supported this year by an
active Parents Council, chaired by Mrs. Margaret Frain, and by the School Development
Committee, chaired by Mr. Brian Dunne. The School Jubilee Committee was also
established in this school year with a view to organising celebrations for the 50th anniversary
of the school in September 2012. The Student Council is established annually and consists
of students from all senior classes. All of these bodies played a highly supportive and active
role in the school during the 2011/12 school year.

   3. Financial Management and Accounting

The financial management of the school is conducted in compliance with DoES
requirements. The current School Accountant, Mr. Eoin Gallagher conducted an annual
review of the school accounts for the 2010/11 school year which was presented to the BoM
and to the P.A. The accounts were also examined by the Principal and the Treasurer of the
Board of Management and a projected budget was drawn up for the current school year.
The accounts of the school are computerised and are operated on the Airgead Bunscoile
accounts system, as recommended by the Irish Primary Principals Association. School
finances continue to be tight and further prudent financial management is required in the
future, particularly in view of the education cutbacks. The BoM is particularly disappointed
with the decision of the DoES to remove the minor works grants from Primary Schools going
forward as this will have implications for the repair and maintenance of schools.

   4. Inspections

There were no inspections by the Department of Education and Skills during this school year.
The school did support the training of Student Teachers in several classes. These student
teachers were supervised, at all times, by the class teacher and also by Inspectors from the
Training Colleges. The fourth class teacher, Ms. Deloughery, successfully completed her
teaching diploma this school year under the supervision of the local Inspector Ms. Claire

   5. Extra-Curricular Activities

Participation in extra-curricular activities in Scoil na Mainistreach continued at a very high
level in the 2011/12 school year. The Board of Management acknowledges the participation
of students, teachers, staff and parents in these activities. There were notable victories in
hurling and football, Féile na hInse, book writing, primary school quizzes, local community
games and various art competitions.

   6. School Curricular and Administrative Planning

The school continues to engage actively in the process of School Planning. All of the
partners in the school are consulted in regard to school planning and policy. There was very
active engagement in the consultative process by all partners in the 2011/12 school year. The
BoM has complied with the requirements of the DoES circular 56/2011 in relation to the
teaching of Literacy and Numeracy. The timetabling for literacy and numeracy has increased
in the school in line with this circular. School Self Evaluation procedures have been further
developed and school literacy and numeracy improvement plans have been drawn up. Other
school policies and procedures which were formally reviewed and ratified by the Board of
Management during this school year were as follows:

      The Social Personal and Health Education Policy
      The Relationships and Sexual Education Policy
      The Annual audit of the Child Protection Procedures
      The Policy on Equal Access and Gender Equity
      The School Literacy Improvement Policy
      The School Numeracy Improvement Policy
      The Visual Arts Policy
      The Music Policy
      The Drama Policy
      The Gaeilge Policy
      The Parent/Teacher Communication Policy
      School Policy for Splitting/Combining Classes
      School Results have been collated and tracked at each class level. School overall
       results have been compared to National Norms. In all subjects tested our school
       results compare very favourably with national norms.

   7. Areas Targeted by the Board of Management for the 2012/13 School Year
    An increased emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy as outlined in Circular
    The further development of self-evaluation processes in the school.
    To evaluate the Action Plan for 2011/12 and to develop an Action Plan for
    To review and update the School Improvement Policies in Literacy and
    To continue with the implementation of the Accelerated Reading Programme
      throughout the school.
    The development of the additional language programme at senior class level.
    To continue the Literacy Lift Off Project with the Senior Infant classes.
    The celebration of the School Jubilee in September 2012.
    To continue to formally review targeted school policies in consultation with the
      education partners.
    School Yard Markings to reflect the Curricular Programme and Friendship
    To commence the school building project in collaboration with the DoES.


The Board of Management wishes to express its deep appreciation of the hard working and
committed staff of Scoil na Mainistreach, who are very dedicated to their vocation of
teaching and who are extremely flexible and willing to participate in after-school activities.
The Board also acknowledges the admirable contribution of Special Needs Assistants, the
school secretary, playschool staff and school cleaner for maintaining such excellent standards
in our school. The Board also commends the involvement and work of the Parents
Association, the School Development Committee, the School Jubilee Committee and the
parents and members of the community who actively support the school, on a voluntary basis,
in so many ways. The students of the school are deserving of special mention for their
excellent behaviour, co-operation, their academic and extra-curricular achievements. The
Board is happy that the religious ethos and characteristic spirit of the school is being
promoted. The motto of the school “We do our best, we show respect” is also evident in all
school activities and in the behaviour and achievements of the students and staff. The Board
of Management wishes to acknowledge the commitment of the Trustee to the school. The
Board thanks the Trustee, Bishop Kieran O’Reilly for his continued support and interest in
the school. The Board for its part strives to uphold the Catholic ethos of Scoil na
Mainistreach and to fulfil the Mission Statement of the school.

                                     Mission Statement

“Scoil na Mainistreach is a co-educational, Catholic primary school. Under the Patronage of
Dr. Kieran O’Reilly, Bishop of Killaloe. Our ethos is Catholic and Christian and respect and
tolerance for other faiths is also promoted. It is our aim to enable and inspire each
individual, through positive learning experiences to achieve his/her potential, face life
confidently, find fulfilment and be respectful in an ever changing world”

Signed by the Chairperson on behalf of the Board of Management:

____________________________ _              Date: ___________________

Mary Halton

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