Electrical Circuits Lesson Plan by T08G2Yz


									Electric Circuit Lesson Plan

Overview: In this lesson students will explore properties of parallel and series circuits, build an
electrical circuit, calculate theoretical values for resistance in a circuit, and measure actual
resistance in series and parallel circuits.

The students will:
    Build a circuit.
    Measure voltage, resistance, and current.
    Draw a schematic of a circuit.
    Demonstrate the effects of breaking a circuit.

Require materials and equipment

      Wire cutters/strippers
      Wire
      Lamps socket with bulb
      Switch (SPST)
      Screw driver
      Battery holder with batteries
      Multimeter (VOM)

Lesson Outline

      Present information from the Circuits content pages and PowerPoint.
      Distribute required materials, the Electric Circuit Activity.
      Have student follow the instruction in the Electric Circuits Activity Sheet.

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