Ohms Law Lesson Plan by T08G2Yz


									Ohm’s Law Lesson Plan

Overview: In this lesson students will build an electrical circuit; measure voltage, current, and
resistance in circuit; and compare these measurements to those predicted by Ohm’s law.

The students will:
    Build an electrical circuit.
    Measure voltage, resistance, and current.
    Collect, record, and analyze data.

Require materials and equipment

      Wire cutters/strippers
      Wire
      Lamps socket
      Three different powers of lamps
      Switch (SPST)
      Screw driver
      Battery holders with batteries (single, double, quad)
      Multimeter

Lesson Outline:

      Distribute pre-test, allow students to complete the pre-test.
      Review Ohm’s Law from the Electricity and Electrical Circuits content pages and
      Distribute materials and instructions for the Ohm’s Law Activity.
      Have student follow the instruction in the Ohm’s Law Activity Sheet.

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