Protein Synthesis Activity by hcj


									Protein Synthesis
     Flinn Scientific

   Kasi L. Bolden
  Washington H.S.
            Protein Synthesis
• Objective: The objective is to show how
  individual genes are translated into protein
• Experiment overview: In this activity, models
  of mRNA, tRNA, amino acids and ribosomes
  will be used to better understand protein
               Teaching Tips
• Students should know where transcription and
  translation occurs.
• Student should know that the triplet of bases
  brought by tRNA are anticodons and is
  complementary to an mRNA codon.
• Students should have a basic understanding of
  nucleic acids, transcriptions and translation
  before beginning the activity.
• A summary discussion after each step may be
  worthwhile to be sure of students’
  comprehension before moving on to the next
•   Ribosome
•   mRNA strand
•   tRNA
•   Amino acid round chips, 20 (10)
•   Label, round 20(10)
•   Marker
•   Tape, double stick
•   Tape, transparent
•   *Protein Synthesis Worksheet( not provided)
     Protein Synthesis Questionnaire

1.   Does the lab present protein synthesis in the
     proper sequence so students will gain
     understanding?        Yes or No
2.    Are there any materials that can be substituted or
3.    Do you think the first and second steps of the
     procedure are necessary?
4.    Do you feel it’s necessary to teach the importance
     of 3’ & 5’?
5.    Please list any flaws in this activity. List any flaw
     that may cause confusion

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