Cook County Circuit Court by T08G2Yz


									      Cook County Circuit Court

      Sally v. Phillips

      Count 1: Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress

1.      P Employed by D from October 2009 to Jan 2011 as Receptionist/legal assistant
2.      From oct 09 until nov 10, D and P had lunch together every friday
3.      During those lunch meetings, P disclosed to D that she had body dysmorphic disorder
4.      That she suffered from anxiety and depression
5.      That she was medicated, in psychiatric treatment and taking several anti depressants to
      combat anorexia and body dysmorphic disorder
6.      That as a result of her depression, she suffers from low self esteem and is sensitive to
      criticism and about her body image.
7.      Beginning November of 2010, P ceased to meet D for lunch on Fridays
8.      On the first Friday of November of 2010, D told P that she was hired "to provide
9.      Beginning November 2010 until jan 11, D would see P eating in the lunch room twice a
10.     Beginning November 2010 until January 2011 during every lunch room meeting, D
      snorted like a pig at plaintiff and asked P to disclose the parts of her meal.
11.     During at least ten occasions, he criticized the food plaintiff was eating as fatty,
      disgusting, and lard.
12.     On at least five occasions D offered P leftovers while snorting.
13.     One three occasions, he said "you're getting chunky"
14.     On 2 occasions, he said "you are developing cankles"
15.     All of these occurred in the presence of other employees.
16.     On several occasions, P asked D to stop making such remarks.
17.     As a result of defendants words and actions, P now seeks psychiatric treatment 3 times
      a week instead of once every two weeks
18.     P is now medicated for treatment of anxiety, depression, and anorexia nervosa
19.     As a result of D's words and actions, P resigned from her position at X law offices.
20.     P seeks damages in the amount of $150,000 for medical expenses and pain and

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