Circuit Training Assignment by T08G2Yz



DUE: MONDAY February 13th

                        Circuit Training Assignment

You will be assigned one of the exercises that the class will participate in during the circuit
training unit. Your assignment is to learn about this exercise and walk us through step by step
how to properly perform this exercise and ways to reduce injury. Use the back of this paper
OR a separate sheet of paper attached to this assignment sheet.

    You should include the following…

                     Name of the exercise-___________________________

                     What major muscle groups are worked during this exercise?

                     What is the proper lifting form and technique for this exercise? Please be
                      specific and discuss any special safety concerns (ie. Spotter and their job)

    Be prepared to present your findings by __________________
    Please list the resources used to prepare for this assignment.

    EXTRA: List at least 1 song (title and artist) that you like to work out to for our class
     workout mix (only appropriate music will be added so you may have to think hard ;)

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