Recommendation of a Strategy - Nelson Disc Golf Society by yurtgc548


									 Nelson Disc Golf Society


               - Mike Moor
          - Chris Charlwood
             - Bob Keating
              - John Kiefer

   Nelson Disc Golf Society
           40+ members
           $10K of pledges
   Asking for land-use only
           15 acres, Nelson Memorial Cemetery
           Spring 2011 installation
What is Disc Golf?
            Started in 1975
            10-15%/yr growth
            3,100 courses world
                   100+ in Canada
                   40 BC, 6 Koots
            BC Seniors Games
Why Disc Golf Course in Nelson?

    Already zone parkland (P1)
    Link rail trail to cemetery (Active Transportation Plan)
    Multi-use area for all ages
    Reduce fire risk via volunteers (CWPP)
    Land stewardship at no cost to city/tax payers
    Sports tourism, tour within Koots
    Outdoor education benefits
       How will we fund this?

   18 hole course will cost $15,000
   $10K in pledges received to date
   Business and player sponsorships
   CBT / Credit Union
   Southeast Forest Fire crew
   Volunteers
          Issues Considered

   Protect as a multi-use area
   Neighbourhood/cemetery ambiance
   10 to 15 players per day
   Parking options nearby (up to 5 vehicles)
   Liability coverage under city
   Tourneys covered under BCDGS
            Course Design

   Work with city on trails/design/signage
   Consult dog walkers, hikers, neighbours
   150 feet from cemetery markers minimum
   Guided by PDGA standards
   John Kiefer, course designer & pro
           Cranbrook Testimonial
“The Disc Golf Course today is well used by the Disc
  Golf Association, students from the College of the
  Rockies, and Disc Golf has now become a popular
  sport amongst the community of all ages throughout
  most of the year. The best outcome - this parkland has
  gone from a high fire hazard in a residential area to a
  popular natural park used by the community to support
  healthy living.”
          Diane Butz, Director Leisure Services,
          City of Cranbrook

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