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									          DIVISION 27 21 29                               C. All fiber optic Ethernet managed switches and
CWGE9MS –9-PORT FIBER OPTIC GIGABIT                           SFP modules shall be supplied from a single
   ETHERNET MANAGED SWITCH                                    manufacturer.
                                                          A. Model Number Descriptions: Reference Table
PART 1 - GENERAL                                               A: Product Number Descriptions
1.01 SUMMARY                                              B. Model Compatibility Chart: Reference Table B:
A. Nine Port Gigabit Ethernet Managed Switch                   Product Compatibility Chart
1.02 SECTION INCLUDES                                     2.03 GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS
A. CWGE9MS Series Gigabit Ethernet Managed                B. The Ethernet managed switch system shall be a
    Switch                                                    ComNet CWGE9MS. The module shall support
1.03 REFERENCES                                               transmission utilizing Category 5e cable or
A. Underwriters Laboratory (UL)                               better, multimode, or single-mode fiber. The
B. Underwriters Laboratory Canada (ULC)                       module shall support IEEE 802.3 protocol using
C. European Union Compliance (CE)                             Auto-negotiating and Auto-MDI/MDI-X
1.04 SYSTEM DESCRIPTION                                       features. The module shall feature 7 (seven)
A. Performance Requirements: Provide 7 (seven)                10/100/1000TX RJ-45 ports and 2 (two) combo
    10/100/1000TX RJ-45 ports, 2 (two) combo                  10/100/1000TX RJ-45 ports / Gigabit SFP ports.
    10/100/1000TX RJ-45 ports, / Gigabit SFP ports.           Use of an SFP port disables the corresponding
    Use of an SFP port disables the corresponding             10/100/1000TX RJ-45 port. Similarly, use of a
    10/100/1000TX RJ-45 port. Similarly, use of a             10/100/1000TX RJ-45 port disables the
    10/100/1000TX RJ-45 port disables the                     corresponding SFP port. The module shall
    corresponding SFP port.                                   require no in-field electrical or optical
    1. The system shall have SFP ports allowing               adjustments or in-line attenuators to ease
         for the use of SFP modules for flexibility in        installation. The module shall provide power,
         determining operating wavelength, range,             link speed, and fiber port status indicating LED’s
         number of fibers, type of receptacle, and            for monitoring proper system operation. The
         type of fiber.                                       modules shall provide automatic re-settable
1.05 SUBMITTALS                                               solid-state current limiters on each module to
A. Manufacturer’s Installation and Operating                  reduce the chance of a single point failure of the
    Manual: Printed installation and operating                system. The module shall have redundant power
    information for each type of device specified.            supply connections to minimize single point
1.06 DELIVERY, STORAGE AND HANDLING                           failure. The module shall provide a serial
A. Store in original packaging in a climate                   connection for local management of the device.
     controlled environment. Storage Temperature              The module shall have a 5 year warranty to
     not to exceed -40˚ C to +85˚ C                           reduce system life cycle cost in an event of a
1.07 PROJECT/SITE CONDITIONS                                  module failure.
A. Temperature Requirements: Products shall               C. The following IEEE Networking Standards shall
     operate in an environment with an ambient                be supported:
     temperature range of 0.0˚ C to +50˚ C without            IEEE802.3 10BASE-T
     the assistance of fan-forced cooling.                    IEEE802.3u 100BASE-TX
B. Humidity Requirements: Products shall operate              IEEE802.3z Gigabit fiber
     in an environment with relative humidity of 0%           IEEE802.3ab 1000Base-T
     to 95% (non-condensing). If product is installed         IEEE802.3x Flow Control and Back Pressure
     in condensation conditions, add –C to the part           IEEE802.3ad Port Trunk with LACP
     number.                                                  IEEE802.1d Spanning Tree Protocol
1.08 WARRANTY                                                 IEEE802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree
A. Standard Communication Networks                            IEEE802.1p Class of Service
     Comprehensive 5 year Warranty: ComNet                    IEEE802.1q VLAN Tagging
     warrants the product to be free of factory defects       IEEE 802.1x User Authentication
     under manufacture’s 5 year Warranty as               D. Switching Performance
     submitted under article 1.05 (A).                        Switch Technology: Store and Forward
PART 2 - PRODUCTS                                             Technology
2.01 MANUFACTURER                                             Switch Architecture Back-plane (Switching
A. Acceptable Manufacturer: Communication                     Fabric): 18Gbps
    Networks; 3 Corporate Drive; Danbury CT                   Packet throughput ability (Full-Duplex):
    06810 USA; Telephone: 203-796-5300; Fax                   26.7Mpps @64bytes
                                                              Transfer Rate 14,880pps for Ethernet port
    203-796-5303; Email:;
                                                              148,800pps for Fast Ethernet port
    Internet:                                  1,488,000pps for Gigabit Ethernet port
B. Substitutions: Not Permitted                               Packet Buffer 1Mbits
                                                              Mac Address 8K MAC address table
     Flash ROM 4Mbytes                                     100 ~240VAC, 50/60Hz internal, 19.3 W
     DRAM 32Mbytes                                     B. Current Protection: Automatic re-settable solid-
E. MANAGEMENT                                              state current limiters
SNMP v1 v2c, v3/ Web/Telnet/CLI Management             C. Voltage Regulation: Solid-state.
SNMP MIB RFC 1215 Trap, RFC1213 MIBII, RFC             D. Circuit Board: UL 94 flame rated and meets all
1157 SNMP MIB, RFC 1493 Bridge MIB, RFC 2674               IPC standards.
Private MIB                                            A. 8.5 in (W) x 5.5 in (D) x 1.7 in (H)
VLAN Port Based VLAN IEEE 802.1Q Tag VLAN                       217 mm (W) x 140 mm (D) x 43 mm (H)
(256 entries)/ VLAN ID (Up to 4K, VLAN ID can be       B. Finish: Module shall be constructed of a metal
assigned from 1 to 4094.) GVRP (256 Groups)                enclosure with a powder coat.
Port Trunk with LACP                                   C. Weight: <3 lb/1.3kg
LACP Port Trunk: 4 Trunk groups/Maximum 4 trunk        2.10 ENVIRONMENTAL SPECIFICATIONS
members                                                A. MTBF: >100,000 Hours
Spanning Tree Support IEEE802.1d Spanning Tree         B. Operating Temp: 0.0˚ C to +50˚ C
and IEEE802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree                     C. Storage Temp: -40˚ C to +85˚ C
X-ring Support X-ring, Dual Homing, and Couple         D. Relative Humidity: 0% to 95% (non-
Ring Provide redundant backup feature and the              condensing).
recovery time below 300ms                              2.11 REGULATORY AGENCIES/APPROVALS
Quality of Service The quality of service determined   AND LISTINGS
by port, Tag and IPv4 Type of service, IPv4/           A. Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Listing Number:
IPv6Different Service                                      I.T.E. 6D16
Class of Service Support IEEE802.1p class of           B. Underwriters Laboratory Canada (ULC) Listing
service, per port provides 4 priority queues               Number: I.T.E. 6D16
Port Security Support 100 entries of MAC address       C. UL 94-flame rated PCB board: 94VO
for static MAC and another 100 for MAC filter          PART 3 - EXECUTION
Port Mirror Support 3 mirroring types: “RX, TX         3.01 EXAMINATION
and Both packet”.                                      A. All optical connectors shall be covered with dust
IGMP Support IGMP snooping v1,v2 256 multicast             caps and remain on the module until installing
groups and IGMP query                                      cable connectors to module.
IP Security Support 10 IP addresses that have          3.02 PREPARATION
permission to access the switch management and to      A. Optical Fibers
prevent unauthorized intruder.                             1. Caution: NEVER look into the end of an
Login Security Support IEEE802.1X                               active optical fiber when using laser light
Authentication/RADIUS                                           output. Eye damage can occur. Wear eye
2.04 DATA SPECIFICATIONS                                        protection when cleaving, terminating, and
A. Data Interface: Ethernet IEEE802.3                           splicing fiber.
B. Data Rate: up to 1000 Mbps                              2. The number and type of optical fiber shall
C. Data Inputs/Outputs: up to 9                                 meet the requirements of the ComNet model
D. Operation Mode: Half or Full Duplex                          number in article 2.05 used in the
2.05 OPTICAL SPECIFICATIONS                                     installation.
A. ComNet Model Number CWGE9MS                             3. All optical fiber cables shall be properly
     1. Number of Optical ports: up to 2 SFP-based              installed and terminated with the mating
     2. Number of Fibers Required: 1 or 2, SFP-                 optical connectors as submitted in article
          dependant                                             2.07 (A).
     3. Optical Wavelength: 1310 or 1550 nm, SFP-          4. The optical link shall be tested with either a
          dependant                                             power meter, at a minimum, or OTDR to
     4. Optical Power Budget: SFP-dependant                     ensure the link budget (overall path loss)
     5. Maximum Distance: up to 120 km (70 mi)                  plus an added 3dB of optical safety margin
          single mode, SFP-dependant                            does not exceed the optical power budget as
2.06 STATUS INDICATORS                                          submitted in article 2.05.
A. Per unit: Power (Green)                                 5. All optical connectors on cable shall be
B. Per port: Link/Activity (Green),                             cleaned in compliance to optical connector
     Speed 1000(Green)                                          manufactures specifications and covered
C. Mini GBIC: Link/Activity (Green)                             with dust caps until connection to the fiber
2.07 CONNECTORS                                                 optic module.
A. Optical: LC or SC, SFP-dependant                    3.03 INSTALLATION
B. Power: Removable Line cord                          A. General: Locate fiber optic modules as indicated
C. Data: RJ-45                                             on the approved detail drawings and install
D. Console: DB9 serial communication.                      module in compliance with the ComNet
2.08 ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS                             installation and operations manual.
A. Power:                                              3.04 TESTING
A. Testing the Fiber Optic Ethernet Link.                 3.   Successful data link operation should be
   1. Verify that the data leads and optical fibers            confirmed at this point by communicating
       are properly connected.                                 with other equipment.
   2. Make sure that power is applied to all fiber    3.05 CLEANING
       optic modules, controllers, and receiver       A. Follow all instructions for proper use of solvents
       drivers or other equipment used in the             and adhesives used for termination and splicing.
       system.                                        B. At completion of the installation, dispose of all
                                                          fiber scraps properly.
Table A: Product Number Descriptions
CWGE9MS PORTS†                       DESCRIPTION                                   MAX. DISTANCE*

                                         Electrical 10/100TX, IEEE 802.3           320 ft (100 m)
ports 1 through 7

                                                                                      Electrical: 320 ft (100 m)
                                         Any combination of Electrical
                                         10/100/1000 TX using Category 5
CWGE9MS                                                                               Multimode, SFP-dependant up to
                                         cable or better, and/or Optical
combo ports 8 and 9                                                                   550 m
                                         1000Base FX via SFP module using
                                                                                      Single mode, SFP-dependant up to
                                         multimode or single mode fiber
                                                                                      70 mi (120 km)
* Maximum range will be limited by optical loss of the fiber, connectors, and splices.

Table B: Product Compatibility Chart

CWGE9MS                                  COMPATIBLE DEVICES

CWGE9MS ports 1 through 7                And device that meets IEEE 802.3 10/100/100 TX protocols

CWGE9MS combo ports 8 and 9              Any device that meets IEEE 802.3 1000Base TX/FX protocols

                                               END OF SECTION

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