Recap - Thomas ONeal by yurtgc548


Part Four
Funding Growing Ventures
              We Learned…

• The role of the venture capital market
• The process associated with the initial
 public offering
• How to grow with strategic alliances
• Ways to value a business
Planning for Growth
               We Learned…

• Strategic innovation as a growth strategy.
• Intensive growth strategies — growing within
  the current market
• Integrative growth strategies — growing within
  the industry
• Diversification growth strategies —growing
  outside the industry
• Growing by going global
 Planning for Change

                We Learned…

• How entrepreneurs should prepare for

• The purpose of a harvest plan

• The role of bankruptcy in business failure
You Know How To…
 Identify and Develop   …
          Entrepreneurial Opportunities
 Conduct and Prepare…

                Feasibility Analyses
 Construct and Complete…

                   Business Plans
 Prepare and Plan for…

                Growth and Change
Good Luck on Your Venture Presentation…

             Just a Reminder…

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Feasibility Analyses

Business Plans

Growth and Change

              GOOD LUCK…!!!

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