Cinnamon water extract by 0VzlRHK


									                     ‫پایان نامه های تحقیقاتی‬
1-Didedar. Investigation of blood leptin befor and after treatment with
metformine in diabetic type 2
2- Y. Neghyani. -comparison the isoenzyme alkaline phosphatase and
gerelin in individual with BMD, 1387
3-Zara Akbarian. The effects of Cuminum Cyminum L compared to
sibutramine on the weight, serum leptin, glucose and lipids in Rat, 1387
4-F. Talebi. Investigation the ratio free to total leptin and it correlation
to obesity , IR and Insulin in Diabetes type 2. 1385
5- Absalan. Cinnamon water extract , a candidate for diabetes type 2
treatment enhances GLU4 in C2C12 cells. 1389 Effect of curcumin on expression and relocation
ofUT4 in C2C12 cells in cell culture in .
7- Abedini . Effect of ( Ferula assa foetida(stingin gassa) on expression
and relocation of Glut4 in C2C12 cells in cell culture.
Ahmadipor, Synergistic effect of curcumin and insulin on relocation of
GLUT4 in C2C12 cell
8 --parizadeh: Identification and correlation between NPY and multiple
sclerosis in patients and normal individual


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