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									                                                                 Our Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) is a
                                                                 dynamic partnership between statutory, voluntary,
                                                                 community and independent agencies working increasingly
                                                                 with children, young people and their parents or carers.
                                                                 The Board is responsible for establishing, coordinating and
                                                                 monitoring safeguarding practices in Salford. It considers
                                                                 everything from reducing accidents and bullying, monitoring
                                                                 child protection performance, implementing and updating
                                                                 workforce training and multi-agency policies, investigating
                                                                 child deaths and conducting Serious Case Reviews etc.

                                                                                                                      May 2012


        Inside this Issue:        Welcome to this edition of the SSCB e-bulletin. It’s been another busy
                                  time at the Salford Safeguarding Children Board, taking forward many
     New Inspection Framework    strategic and operational developments. This time we have been
     New SSCB Members            concentrating on sharing best practice and learning from Serious Case
     CAF Developments            Reviews, audits and inspections. Those of you who attended our ‘Practice
     Transfer Protocol           in Focus’ event in May know that the presentations were stimulating, and
     CIN Coordination Service    provided the opportunity to continue to improve multi-agency practice.
     Working with Resistance
     This is Why                 We have identified how we will pick up the business of the Safeguarding Improvement
     Practice in Focus Event
                                  Board (SIB) in anticipation of the Improvement Notice eventually being removed. When
     Salford Safeguarding
                                  the Notice is lifted the SSCB becomes the body responsible for driving all the necessary
     Voice of the Child
                                  safeguarding improvements, so we need to be ready for that.
     Child Death Overview
                                  The Board is reshaping, as you know, and the new sub-groups will be starting up soon
     Teenage Rape Prevention
                                  ready to drive forward improvements even more. We know that we are moving into a
      Campaign                    really busy time with the possibility of an Ofsted inspection coming up, and I am sure we
     E-Learning                  will all do our very best to ensure that services are able to demonstrate the
                                  improvements that have been made so far.

    Comments or Suggestions?      A new and very necessary area the Board is working on is how it can include the voice
                                  of the child as part of its considerations. Members of the Board have a particular interest
Contact Tiffany Slack, SSCB       and skill set to support this priority, and hope to have a good arrangement in place as
Performance Coordinator on        soon as possible.
0161 603 4336 or email:      Finally, in order to enhance and develop our service provision to best improve the
                                  outcomes for children and families in Salford, we recognise the need for firmly
                                  embedded auditing processes. We have been working on pulling together a
           Contact Us:            comprehensive audit programme, mapping out all audit activity so that we can assure
                                  ourselves that work across all agencies to safeguard children is of the highest standard.
Salford Safeguarding Children     It only remains for me to wish you well and to thank you for your continuing commitment
Sutherland House,
                                  to improving outcomes for our children and young people of Salford.
303 Chorley Road,
                                  Sally Rees
M27 6AY                           Independent Chair - Salford Safeguarding Children Board

Tel: 0161603 4350
Fax: 0161 603 4343
                                  New Inspection Framework
Email:        As we are now in May, it is clear that the inspection of our Safeguarding Services will
Website:                          follow the new Ofsted Framework. All inspections will be unannounced and inspectors
                                  will be onsite for about 8 days. The inspection will focus on the child’s journey,
                                  effectiveness of the Local Authority’s child protection services, and the LA’s leadership
                                  of strategic partners in their shared work to help and protect children and young people.

                                  We continue to work with all partners to ensure we are ready. It’s a great opportunity to
                                  show the progress we have made on so many fronts in recent times.

     Thank you to everyone who contributed to this edition of the SSCB e-bulletin. The next issue is available July 2012
                                    New SSCB Members
                                    Wayne Miller, Superintendent at GMP has joined the SSCB in place of David Wilkinson.

                                    Irfan Syed, SSCB Lay Member attended his first SSCB meeting on 9 May. This role will
     Worried about a child?         support stronger public engagement in local child safety issues and contribute to an
                                    improved understanding of the SSCB’s child protection work in the wider community, it
If you are worried about the
welfare or safety of a child, you
                                    will also challenge the SSCB on the accessibility by the public and children and young
should contact the Referral and     people of its plans and procedures; and help to make links between the LSCB and
Initial Assessment team (RIAT)      community groups.
on 0161 603 4500.
                                    Marie Garside, Head Teacher at Ambrose Barlow will rejoin the SSCB in autumn 2012
If a child is in immediate danger
of being harmed, or if a child is   Sue Woodgate, Assistant Director of Targeted Services has recently agreed to take on
home alone, the police should       the role of Chair for the Challenging Behaviour Sub-group and will attend the Executive
be called on 999.                   Committee to update the SSCB on this group’s work.

                                    Andrew Pownall, Community Safety Officer, GM Fire & Rescue Service has joined the
          SSCB Minutes              Executive Committee and attended his first meeting in April 2012
Salford Safeguarding Children       All of these new members have been invited to attend an Induction Session in May.
Board members meet bi-monthly.      They will be asked to provide a profile in the next E-Bulletin.
The minutes of meetings are
available for download.

                                    CAF Developments
 SSCB Policy and Procedures
                                    The Common Assessment Framework (CAF) has been adapted following the Munro
SSCB multi-agency policies and      recommendations and feedback from internal and external partners. The revised CAF
procedures can be found on the      form is live and available on the internet, please make sure you download the latest
SSCB website.                       copy from the secure upload page.

                                    It is imperative that the CAF is reviewed and closed when needed on the EMS system
   SSCB Training Programme          within Children’s Services. In Salford, when you complete CAF it is your responsibility to
                                    review the CAF every 4-6 weeks either on a level 2a review form or a Team Around the
The SSCB inter-agency training      Child (TAC) delivery plan.
programme for 2011-12 is now
available online.                   It is also your responsibility to let Children’s Services know when the CAF is to be
                                    closed and why by completing a 2a review form and sending in via the secure upload.
  Comments or Suggestions?          Practitioners should close a CAF under one of the following outcomes:

Contact Tiffany Slack, SSCB             Need met
Performance Coordinator on              Case escalated to Children’s Social Care
0161 603 4336 or email:                 Family disengaged            Child moved to another Local Authority

                                    If you require further support please contact a CAF Coordinator, email:
           Contact Us:     or or tel: 0161 603 4239
Salford Safeguarding Children       Transfer Protocol
Sutherland House,                   Where cases have come down from Children's Social Care and an assessment has
303 Chorley Road,                   taken place by a Social Worker a de-escalation process should happen. This is where
Swinton,                            the Social Worker closes the case at level 3 or 4 as the level of risk has been deemed
M27 6AY                             lower and can be managed and monitored outside of Social Care at a lower threshold
                                    (2b or 2a).
Tel: 0161 603 4350
Fax: 0161 603 4343                  The flow chart attached shows this step by step process and the Social Worker’s
Email:          responsibilities in transferring the case down. It is important that this is followed correctly
                                    to allow for a smooth and safe transition from Children's Social Care to enable the
                                    child/young person and family’s needs to still be supported and monitored by
                                    professionals involved with the case.


    Thank you to everyone who contributed to this edition of the SSCB e-bulletin. The next issue is available July 2012
                                      Child in Need Coordination Service
                                      The CIN (Child in Need) Coordination Service in Salford is now in place. The CIN
                                      Coordination Service is a case management response to recommendations made in
                                      recent Serious Case Reviews (SCRs) and key findings set out in the Munro Review of
     Worried about a child?           Child Protection 2011. In purpose and design the service reflects developments in other
                                      Local Authority areas intended to improve Childrens Social Care and safeguarding
If you are worried about the          standards.                Useful Contacts:
welfare or safety of a child, you
should contact the Referral and                           If you have on cases identified
                                      The service will initially focusa concern about the as discontinuing child protection plans.
Initial Assessment team (RIAT)                            safety or welfare of a the service
                                      In the near future it is anticipated that child, you will support cases where it is deemed
on 0161 603 4500.                                         should contact care’.
                                      that children are on the ‘edge of the Referral and
                                                         Initial Assessment Team (RIAT)
If a child is in immediate danger     In terms a wealth to information it is children that cases people
                                    As well asof referringof0161-603 4500.for proposed and youngwill be identified at the
                                                         on the service,
of being harmed, or if a child is     Review Case Conference when core parents and carers, agreement that there are no
                                    themselves, there is information for group members are in and
                                                         If you require more information
                                    members of the public who however continued social work involvement at level 3 is
home alone, the police should         longer safeguarding issues, have concerns about a child.
be called on 999.                                        about the work of the SSCB you
                                    For people who work with children and young people, this is the
                                                          can contact
                                           you'll find the service is SSCB Interim
                                    place objective ofall Tiffany Slack,toand procedures, training courses
                                      The                  the policies provide
                                                          Business Manager on a seamless service to children, parents/carers
          SSCB Minutes              (including an online booking form for 0161-603 information that a robust CIN Plan is
                                      and improve outcomes or by email           courses),              about
                                                          4336 for the children of Salford, by ensuring
Salford Safeguarding Children
                                                                                      and much more.
                                    case reviews and safe working practiceswork has been identified. The CIN Service
                                      implemented where outstanding or further
Board members meet bi-monthly.        will be responsible for ensuring continued monitoring and reviewing of case plans until is
The minutes of meetings are           agreed by all professionals that that the case can either transfer to the Team Around the
available for download.               Child Service, the Early Intervention and Prevention Service or close.

                                      The three CIN Coordinators are; Joanne Bailey, Margaret Dillon and Mark Wodrow. The
 SSCB Policy and Procedures                              Thank you the Safeguarding
                                      Coordinators are based within to everyone who Children and Quality Assurance Unit at
                                                        The service is managed of
                                      Sutherland House. contributed to this editionby Sean Atkinson.
SSCB multi-agency policies and                           the SSCB e.bulletin. The next
procedures can be found on the        CIN Coordinators are available for consultation to discuss potential referrals.
                                                         issue is available September
SSCB website.                         Coordinators’ are willing to attend the Review Conference where the intention is to
                                      discharge the plan if a period of 15 working days notice is given.
                                              Policies and
   SSCB Training Programme
                                      For more information please contact Sean Atkinson, Service Manager for CIN and
                                      Quality Assurance email: or tel: 0161 603 4507.
The SSCB inter-agency training
programme for 2011-12 is now                  Subgroup
available online.
                                      Working with Resistance
  Comments or Suggestions?            The modern approach to services for children and families is to offer them as early and
                                                         One of the core functions of
                                      as conveniently as possible for the family. This has been one of the successes of Early
Contact Tiffany Slack, SSCB                              the Local Safeguarding
                                      Intervention and the Common Assessment Framework (CAF). For the large majority of
Performance Coordinator on                               Children Board (LSCB) is to
                                      families this approach works well and was endorsed by the Munro Review.
0161 603 4336 or email:                                  ensure that multi-agency                             policies and procedures are
                                      However, for a relatively small number of children it is sometimes difficult to encourage
                                                         in place which promote the
                                      parents/carers to engage with services. This can be for a number of reasons including
                                                         wellbeing and services are
                                      cultural or language barriers of children and always prepared to address these. But it
           Contact Us:
                                                          on an attitude welfare. This
                                      can also be basedsafeguard theirtowards authority in which the parent/carer will resist
Address:                                                  services even in Working
                                      the involvement ofis emphasised though it is clear that the child would benefit from
                                      them.              Together 2010 (Chapter 5).
Salford Safeguarding Children
Sutherland House,                                   The on working Procedures
                               The SSCB has a policy Policy and with resistant families which provides advice on
303 Chorley Road,                                   Subgroup resistance.
                               recognising and responding to of the Salford
Swinton,                                            Safeguarding Children Board
M27 6AY                        C4EO has published a Safeguarding Knowledge Review "Effective practice to protect
                                                    (SSCB) ensures that policies
                               children living in ‘highly resistant’ families" which provides an in-depth analysis of this
                                                    and       procedures        are
Tel: 0161 603 4350                                                    about
                               area of practice. More informationacross the review results can be found at
                                                    accessible                   all
Fax: 0161 603 4343   
Email:                          agencies, which safeguard
Website:                                            children and promote their
                                                    welfare can take many forms
                               Resistance to intervention and analyse any new and one that is not always easy to
                               identify is ‘disguised compliance’ which involves a parent or carer giving the appearance
                                                    national guidance, policy and
                               of co-operating with child welfare agencies to avoid raising suspicions, to allay
                                                    procedures published by the
                                                    government. The to diffuse professional intervention. NSPCC have
                               professional concerns and ultimatelygroup then
                                                     factsheet an briefly explains what professionals can do to identify
                               produced a helpfuldevelops which implantation
                               disguised compliance and counteract it. For more information visit
                                                    plan to ensure that the
                                                    agreed       policies       and
                                                    procedures are embedded in
   Thank you to everyone who contributed to this edition of the SSCB e-bulletin. The next issue is available July 2012

                                                         The Policies and Procedures
                                                         Subgroup is currently
                                    This is Why
                                    The Safeguarding Children Team at Salford Royal
                                    Foundation Trust (SRFT) hosted its third annual conference
                                    on 1 May 2012. The aim of the conference was to inspire
     Worried about a child?         staff and remind them of why we do this work.
                                    Presentations included:
If you are worried about the
welfare or safety of a child, you
should contact the Referral and        Attachment and early brain development of children
Initial Assessment team (RIAT)         The work of the UK Border Agency
on 0161 603 4500.                      The Victoria Climbie Foundation (VCF)
                                       Munro and its impact on Health Services.
If a child is in immediate danger
of being harmed, or if a child is
home alone, the police should       The event was attended by 150 practitioners from Health, Children’s Services and
be called on 999.                   Youth Offending Services, all attendees evaluated the conference highly.

                                    The speakers were locally and nationally renowned. Mr. Mor Dioum Director and co-
          SSCB Minutes              founder of VCF and close friend of Mrs. Climbie (Victoria’s mother) gave a moving
                                    presentation and left the audience in no doubt of the importance of assessment,
Salford Safeguarding Children       challenge and perhaps most importantly the value of the child’s voice.
Board members meet bi-monthly.
The minutes of meetings are
available for download.             SRFT managed to raise almost 200 pounds to support the work of the VCF which will
                                    be used to support ‘Centre d’Education Primaire Victoria Adjo Climbe’, a school built in
                                    Victoria’s home town.
 SSCB Policy and Procedures

SSCB multi-agency policies and
procedures can be found on the      Practice in Focus Event
SSCB website.
                                    The SSCB hosted an event on 24 April 2012 at Salford Royal Hospital to provide
   SSCB Training Programme          practitioners with the opportunity to look at how policy and practice has improved in
                                    Salford in the light of recent Serious Case Reviews, inspection and audit activity. The
The SSCB inter-agency training      event was attended by 79 practitioners from a wide range of agencies and
programme for 2011-12 is now        organisations.
available online.
                                    Ian Rush, Chair of Manchester Safeguarding Children Board, gave the key note speech,
  Comments or Suggestions?
                                    which outlined the national policy landscape and included reflections on the Munro
                                    Review and lessons from research on Serious Case Reviews.
Contact Tiffany Slack, SSCB
Performance Coordinator on          The day was led by Sally Rees, SSCB Independent Chair, who introduced the Salford
0161 603 4336 or email:             Safeguarding Strategy (SSS) 2012-15, encouraged partnership working and stressed        the importance of practitioners using professional judgement to ensure that the voice of
                                    the child is at the centre of every intervention.

           Contact Us:              Gani Martins, Assistant Director for Children’s Services, launched the SSS and the
                                    refresh of the SSCB compact. Attendees helped to identify practice priorities to inform
Address:                            the way that the SSS will be implemented.
Salford Safeguarding Children
Sutherland House,
303 Chorley Road,
                                    Salford Safeguarding Strategy
M27 6AY                             The Salford Safeguarding Strategy (SSS) 2012-15 has bow been published.

Tel: 0161 603 4350                  The overall aim through the implementation of this strategy is to provide outstanding
Fax: 0161 603 4343                  Safeguarding Services in Salford for children, young people and their families. It outlines
Email:          priority areas of work to be completed to effectively safeguard and improve outcomes
Website:                            for vulnerable children and young people in Salford. It will be ‘owned’ by the SSCB and      all agencies will contribute to it through their business plans.

                                    To find out more, access the Salford Safeguarding Strategy

    Thank you to everyone who contributed to this edition of the SSCB e-bulletin. The next issue is available July 2012
                                    Voice of the Child
                                    Ofsted evaluated 67 serious case reviews in England between 1 April and 30
                                    September 2010 and the importance of listening to the voice of the child was recurrent
                                    theme. For more information, or to download the report visit
     Worried about a child?
If you are worried about the        The voice of the child is a critical priority for the SSCB to ensure all partner agencies
welfare or safety of a child, you   listen to children and young people in Salford and it is a meaningful experience for
should contact the Referral and
Initial Assessment team (RIAT)
on 0161 603 4500.
                                    The SSCB have recently established a ‘Voice of the Child’ Sub-group to drive this
If a child is in immediate danger   agenda. An engagement framework is currently being developed to enable the Voice of
of being harmed, or if a child is   the Child Subgroup to produce a Participation Strategy in consultation with young
home alone, the police should       people who will also advise the SSCB on how best to involve children and young people
be called on 999.                   in the business of the SSCB.

                                    For further information or if you have suggestions about how to promote the involvement
          SSCB Minutes              of young people, please contact Eileen Buchan, Voice of the Child Sub-group Chair,
                                    email: or tel: 0161-603 6836
Salford Safeguarding Children
Board members meet bi-monthly.
The minutes of meetings are
available for download.
                                    Child Death Overview Panel
                                    Since April 2008 all Local Safeguarding Children Boards (LSCB) have been required to
 SSCB Policy and Procedures         establish a Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP). The guidance for this is set out in
                                    Chapter 7 of Working Together to Safeguard Children from Harm.
SSCB multi-agency policies and
procedures can be found on the      Bolton, Salford and Wigan LSCBs have set up a tri-partite CDOP as an effective way to
SSCB website.                       share learning from the child deaths. The CDOP has an independent chair and the
                                    purpose of the CDOP is to use the findings to make recommendations to the LSCBs so
                                    that action can be taken to minimise the likelihood of further deaths in childhood.
   SSCB Training Programme
                                    From 1 April 2011 to 31 March 2012 there were 76 child deaths notified across the three
The SSCB inter-agency training      areas, 27 of which were Salford cases. Of those 27 cases, 18 were deaths of children
programme for 2011-12 is now        under one year old; and of the 18 cases, seven were neonatal deaths (babies under 28
available online.                   days old). In the previous three years there had been 249 cases in total, 88 being
                                    Salford children. Of those Salford children, 65 deaths occurred in the first year of life
  Comments or Suggestions?          and 50 within the neonatal period.

Contact Tiffany Slack, SSCB         Salford also participates in the Greater Manchester Rapid Response Team of consultant
Performance Coordinator on          paediatricians who will liaise with the family of the child and work with the Police and the
0161 603 4336 or email:             relevant hospital doctor immediately following the death of a child.
                                    For further information visit
           Contact Us:

Address:                            Teenage Rape Prevention Campaign
Salford Safeguarding Children
Board,                              The Teenage Rape Prevention Campaign, was launched by the Home Office on 5
Sutherland House,                   March 2012, aims to prevent teenagers from becoming victims and perpetrators of
303 Chorley Road,                   sexual violence and abuse. It encourages teenagers to re-think their views of rape,
Swinton,                            sexual assault, violence and abuse, and direct them to places for help and advice.
M27 6AY
                                    The campaign targets 13-18 year old boys and girls and aims to:
Tel: 0161 603 4350
Fax: 0161 603 4343                     raise awareness of the issue of rape and sexual violence
                                       improve understanding of what constitutes rape, sexual assault and consent
Website:         empower young people to avoid, challenge and report sexually violent behaviour

                                    The campaign website ‘This is Abuse’ gives teenagers the change to discuss the issues
                                    with their peers and get access to third party support and advice.

                                    For more information regarding local implementation please contact Eileen Buchan,
                                    Head of Integrated Youth Support Services email: or tel:
                                    0161-603 6836.

     Thank you to everyone who contributed to this edition of the SSCB e-bulletin. The next issue is available July 2012
                                  E-learning is accessible to all practitioners in the voluntary sector, independent agencies
                                  and the wider community. E-learning is an option for those who are not able to access
      Worried about a child?
                                  SSCB courses as it provides courses at a basic level which is adequate for some target
                                  groups. For those who the regularly with children or with is available November 2011
  Thank you to everyone who contributed to this edition ofworkSSCB e-bulletin. The next issue vulnerable parents, face-to-
If you are worried about the
welfare or safety of a child, you face training is essential.
should contact the Referral and
Initial Assessment team (RIAT)      E-learning offers:
on 0161 603 4500.

If a child is in immediate danger          Free online training resources which provide similar content as traditional
of being harmed, or if a child is           instructor-led classroom-based training. However the delivery is a flexible way
home alone, the police should               to complete training courses at a convenient time, place and pace.
be called on 999.                          Easy instructions to complete registration and a user guide can be downloaded.
                                           Courses validated by the SSCB Strategic Training Group.
                                           A certificate when the course is successfully completed.
          SSCB Minutes

Salford Safeguarding Children       E-learning courses available include:
Board members meet bi-monthly.
The minutes of meetings are         Basic Awareness Child Protection: This course walks the learner through the
available for download.
                                    safeguarding procedures so practitioners recognise the possible signs of harm, know
                                    how to respond if a child discloses abuse and how to raise safeguarding concerns.
 SSCB Policy and Procedures
                                    The course is available at
SSCB multi-agency policies and
procedures can be found on the
SSCB website.
                                    Child Death: This course takes the learner through the processes involved after a child
                                    dies. It helps practitioners understand their role and the investigation or consequent
   SSCB Training Programme          reviews.

The SSCB inter-agency training      The course is available at
programme for 2011-12 is now
available online.
                                    Safeguarding Child Victims of Trafficking: In addition to the above courses, End
                                    Child Prostitution, Pornography and Trafficking (ECPAT) have produced an e-learning
  Comments or Suggestions?          resource on child trafficking entitled 'In Your Hands- Safeguarding Child Victims of
                                    Trafficking’. It follows the story of a young woman named Marie and asks the user to
Contact Tiffany Slack, SSCB         make critical decisions about her to learn more about protecting and supporting victims.
Performance Coordinator on
0161 603 4336 or email:        The course is available at

           Contact Us:

Salford Safeguarding Children
Sutherland House,
303 Chorley Road,
M27 6AY

Tel: 0161 603 4350
Fax: 0161 603 4343

   Thank you to everyone who contributed to this edition of the SSCB e-bulletin. The next issue is available July 2012

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