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									If you're already using Google+ for business you may be wondering what
the benefits of using Google Hangout are and how to get started. The
beauty of Google+ Hangouts is that the service offers you complete
flexibility on who you arrange video calls with especially if you have
already segmented your target audience by using Google Circles. Chat with
clients, hold meetings with colleagues or speak to another team in
another location.


Many small businesses run from a remote location these days. If you are
one of those businesses, you might want to take advantage of Google+
Hangouts for arranging your regular meetings. Whether you hold meetings
weekly or monthly, you'll save on costs and become more productive than

Customer Service

Who says online service can't come with a smile? With Google+ Hangouts,
you can connect with your customers and show the friendly side of your
business. Imagine Hangouts as being similar to those live chat windows on
websites only with video thrown in too. Video is more personal and it
shows a human face to your business. Visual cues can be very helpful to
customers - for example, if a customer calls asking for assistance with
using a product, you could give them a video demonstration. It's a really
personal way of doing things.

Market Research

There's nothing like a good old fashioned Q&A to uncover things about
your audience. Arranging a Q&A session over Hangouts gives your customers
and potential customers a chance to find out about your business and to
ask questions about your services, products and what makes you tick. You
can also ask your customers questions such as how they came to use your
brand, how their experience has been and what their favourite product or
service is. Gathering this information can help you to improve the
customer experience and your business overall.


If you have just launched a new service or product and you are wondering
how your customers are finding it, you can arrange to collect feedback
over Google+ Hangouts. Invite your customers to join you for a feedback
session to discuss their experience, their problems, or their sheer
delight about your latest offering. This is a great way to show you care
about you customers and that you want their feedback. It's a much more
personal way of doing things than simply offering customers a faceless
contact form. As an incentive to join the feedback discussion, you might
want to offer a discount code or some other money off bonus.

Company or Product Announcements

Got something urgent or ground-breaking that you want to share? Use
Hangouts to make your announcement to your audience. Adding a new
location, launching a new product, welcoming a new member of staff, or
simply wishing your customers happy holidays, are all ways you might want
to use Hangouts to make important announcements. You can still send out
your usual mailshots and social media announcements, but with Google+
Hangouts, you can go one stage better and create a video experience for
your audience. Hangouts allows you to create a buzz before you launch,
before you move locations and before you do anything exciting that you
want your audience to know about and to start talking about.


Just as we mentioned the company meetings above, brainstorming over
Hangouts allows you and your colleagues (some may be in another location)
to come together over a video link to talk about the future, what's new,
or anything you need to discuss. Get your group together for a chat
whenever you feel the need without having to get huge desk diaries out or
schedule a one-dimensional conference call over the phone. Creative
companies especially could really benefit from the free-flow
communication that Google+ Hangouts allows.


You don't have to make a big thing about hanging out with customers or
arranging video meetings with colleagues. Just start up a public Hangout
and see who swings by to join in. You may be surprised just how many
people you attract in this way especially if you have large numbers of
people in your Google Circles. Get chatting about anything, strike up a
rapport and find out what makes your customers tick. It's never been
easier to interact with your customers and colleagues online so why not
start populating your Google Circles now and get ready to host your first
Google+ Hangout For Business?

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