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Anchors are like a contents page. You create a list at the top of your wiki page which viewers can click on and they will

be taken directly to that place on the page.
Here is how to create them:

1. At the place where you want the anchor to go down to type in: [[#name of anchor]]
This will disappear once you have completed and saved the whole anchor process.

2. At the top of the page type in a title for the section the anchor links to (eg the name of the chapter)
Highlight this and then click on the 'link' button.

3. Make sure you are in the internal link section and then select the page this anchor is to go on. (there is an option for
this which says 'choose existing page', simply select here and then select the page you are on)

4. In the last wee box type in the name of the anchor ie the name you put inside the [[# ]] further down the page.

5. Click on 'save' and once it is all ready to view, test your anchor by clicking on the title at the top of the page and it

should take you down to the section further down the page.

You can set up loads of anchors before saving, you don't need to do them one at a time.

You can also have anchors set up like internal links to go to other pages within the wiki.

6. To directly link an external document (eg google docs) to an anchor on a wiki page it is the same as linking the page

BUT click the title at the top of the page for the anchor and then highlight and copy the web address at the very top of

the screen and simply paste it into the links section of the google doc.


If I were setting up the anchor for the 'Cluster Blogs' page I would need to:

1. Name my anchors beside the headings on the page: [[#ideas]]Blog Ideas

                                                            [[#blogs]]Cluster Blogs

2. Write Titles at the top of the page: Ideas for how and why to use Blogs in the classroom

                                        Current Blogs for Classes Across the Cluster

3. a. Highlight one title at a time (drag the mouse / cursor over): Ideas for how and why to use Blogs in the Classroom

b. Click the 'link' button

The highlighted section will come up in the 'link text' box automatically – if it doesn’t you didn’t highlight it and can just
type it in.

c. 'ICT2LRNWaihopai' will appear in the wiki box

d. Choose the appropriate page name -'choose existing page' in this instance 'Cluster Blogs'

e. Click the 'link to anchor' option and type in the name of the section / chapter 'ideas'
f. click 'add link'

4. Then repeat for however many anchors you want to put in or 'save'.

Good luck!!!!!

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