Report on SC C6 activities for UK Technical Committee by 8f7sAU


									    Report on CIGRE SC C6 activities for UK Technical
                    November 2005
1) SCOPE of SC C6
To assess the technical impacts and requirements which a more widespread
adoption of DG (Distributed Generation) and which a larger proportion of
undispatchable power generation could impose on the structure and operation of
transmission and distribution systems. In parallel the SC also assesses the
degree to which such solutions are likely to be adopted in the short, medium and
long term and, consequently, the practical importance and timing of the technical
impacts and requirements mentioned above. Rural electrification, demand side
management methodologies and application of storage are within the scope of
this SC.


SC C6 has its own web site at

                       C6 Working and Advisory Groups

           Full name
           Connection of generators and customers (completed)
WG         Operating DG with ICT (Information & Communication
C6.03      Technology)
           Connection and Protection Practices for Dispersed Generation
TF         Connection Criteria at the Distribution Network for Distributed
C6.04.01   Generation
TF         Computational Tools and Techniques for Analysis, Design and
C6.04.02   Validation of Distributed Generation Systems
WG         Technical and Economic impact of Intermittent Generation on
C6.05      Transmission and Generation Systems
           Rural electrification
           Integration of large share of fluctuating generation
AG C6.01   Strategic Advisory Group
Progress of C6 working groups and task forces
-   The activity of working group WG C6.03, “Operating DG with ICT”, is coming
    to an end. A report for ELECTRA will be prepared rather than a technical
    brochure. The full report will be made available on the CIGRE website.
-   The working group WG C6.04.01 has completed its work. The draft report
    has been prepared and is currently undergoing review and being commented
    upon by interested parties before final publication. Publication is likely to be
    May/June 2006. Consideration will be given to publishing publication of the
    work in the form a Technical brochure. The executive summary of the report
    will be published in ELECTRA.
-   The working C6.05, “Technical and economic impact of intermittent
    Generation on T&G systems”, continues to be active. The group is scheduled
    to complete its work in June 2006 with a full Technical report and a summary
    in ELECTRA.
-   The working group WG C6.06 held its kick off meeting in June 2005 in Turin.
    It is expected to conclude its work in 2007.
-   The working group WG C6.07, “Rural electrification” will be restructured to
    reduce the scope as the current scope proved too wide and may duplicated
    knowledge already in the public domain. A subcommittee of the WG is
    committee is drafting new terms of reference for approval by C6 committee.
    The convenor of the WG has stepped down and consequently a new
    convenor will have to be sought.
-   The Advisory Strategic Group AG C6.01 created to assist the SC Chairman
    to perform the mission and to pursue the assigned scope is still active.
-   An advisory group on Tutorials has been set up.

SC C6 Meeting

-   A meeting of SC C6 was held at Mabula Game Reserve in South Africa on
    20th and 21st November 2005.
-   New Task forces have been proposed and will be circulated for comments.
-   The scope and title of the study committee will be reviewed so as to include
    all the areas of activity of interest. This decision came out of the remarks
    regarding the wind turbine issue from the DUBAI meeting. The title of C6
    could simply read “Distribution, Dispersed Generation and Renewables”

Further activities
-   Planning for the CIGRE Paris meeting in 2006 (28 August to 1 September) is
    in hand.
-   A workshop on “Power System Security and Control” has been planned for
    25 August 2006. The venue has yet to be decided.
-   Three possible venues for the next C6 meeting are Malaysia, Finland and
    Spain. The committee will make a decision in due course.

Dissemination in the UK/RoI

The activities of C6 were publicised at the joint UK/RoI meeting on 16 th
September in Dublin and also at the meeting organised by the Centre for
Distributed Generation and Sustainable Electrical Energy in London on 18 th

N Jenkins/J Mutale

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