An alternate _Marxist_ ending to The Lorax

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					An alternate (Marxist)
      ending to
      The Lorax
The Lorax decided it was time for a stand
So he rounded up the creatures from Ohsnapsmittle Land.
They were all reunited and stacked up real tall,
They were determined and ready to conquer it all.
With a seven foot tower of Barbaloots and such,
They attacked the Once-ler shouting, “We’ve all had enough!”
They bashed and they bonkled the Once-Ler’s employees,
All to save the Truffula Trees.
The fight was tough and hard to endure,
But there lay the Once-ler knocked out on the floor.
The land would soon look like it had before,
For the Thneed-making factory was no more.
The Lorax smiled at his army of friends,
Speaking of living as one till the end.
Your task:
 Using what you now know about
 Marxist theory, rewrite the ending of
 The Lorax to represent a Marxist
 perspective. In other words, if Marx
 was reading this book, what would he
 have liked to see the ending look like?
 Try to the best of your ability to write
 this ending using Dr. Seuss-like
 language and prose. However, please
 spend more time on the concept rather
 than the style.

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