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									Module 8

Smokeless Tobacco
Smokeless Tobacco

                                          Putting smokeless tobacco in your
 I don’t smoke. I just dip every now
                                          mouth is every bit as dangerous as
 and then. What is the harm?
 Smokeless or spit tobacco
 comes in several forms:
    • snuff (moist and dry)
    • loose leaf (chewing tobacco)
    • plug (looks like a brownie)
    • twist (looks like a twisted rope)
    • snus (looks like a tiny pouch)
Tobacco 101: Module 8                                                          3
Smokeless Tobacco

 So, what is in the stuff that makes   Smokeless tobacco has harmful
 it so bad?                            chemicals, too.

 • Smokeless tobacco has more
   than 28 chemical compounds
   that are known to cause
 • Just like cigarette smoking,
   smokeless tobacco is
 • Also like smoking, smokeless
   tobacco is bad for the heart.

Tobacco 101: Module 8                                                  4
Smokeless Tobacco

 That only happens to a few        Did you know that most spit
 people. What else can smokeless
 tobacco do to me?                 tobacco users have mouth sores?

 Spit tobacco users are
 from four-to-seven times
 more likely than nonusers
 to get oral cancer.

Tobacco 101: Module 8                                                5
Smokeless Tobacco

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Smokeless Tobacco

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 Prepared by Sterling Fulton-Smith, North Carolina Department of Health and
    Human Services; Sandhya Joshi, RTI International; Caley Burrus, Duke
University; Ronny Bell, Maya Angelou Center for Health Equity; and Barri Burrus,
                               RTI International.

                                  March 2012

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