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The Four 2012 by netudara


									The Four 2012

Directors:Gordon Chan, Janet Chun

Stars:Ronald Cheng, Collin Chou and Chao Deng



Release Date:12 July 2012 (Hong Kong)

Plot: Gordon Chan (Painted Skin) reinvents the legendary constables from Wen
Ruian’s best-selling wuxia novel series The Four as crime-fighters with
superpowers! In his big-budget, big-screen retelling co-helmed with Janet Chun
(The Jade and the Pearl), the filmmaker boldly breaks the original’s boundaries
and merges martial arts, detective mystery, and even fantasy elements into a new
breed of wuxia movies. Veteran actor Anthony Wong (White Vengeance) leads
the cast as the wise mentor to the heroic quartet played by Crystal Liu (A Chinese
Ghost Story), Ronald Cheng (Mr. Cinema), and Mural duo Deng Chao and Collin
Chou. Jiang Yiyan, Cheng Taishen, Wu Xiubo, Sheren Tang, and Waise Lee join the
effects-laden period blockbuster, which already has two sequels in the making!

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