Percy-Jackson-Ch-1-5-Jeopardy-1 by lanyuehua


									Percy Jackson Jeopardy ch 1-5
 Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3   Chapter 4   Chapter 5

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Short Answer

-What kind of School is
Yancy Academy?
Short Answer

-What happened to Cronus
(Kronos) after the gods defeated him?
Short Answer

-What happens to Mrs. Dodds
when Percy is at the Museum?
Short Answer

-What two learning disabilities
does Percy have?
Short Answer

-At the end of chapter 1
Does Mrs. Dodds exist? Does
she ever exist? Why or why not?
What caused Percy to be
 expelled from Yancy

A.He called his teacher an old
B. He cheated on his Tom
 Sawyer paper
C. He kept having bad dreams
D. He pushed Nancy into the
When Percy went to ask Mr.
 Brunner for help with his Latin
 test, what happened?

a.Mr. Brunner wasn’t there
b.He overheard a conversation
  between Grover and Mr.
c.Grover helped him instead
d.He got lost and went back to his
Why does Percy not get to go
 anywhere special over the

a.He is in trouble for getting
  kicked out of Yancy?
b.Grover won’t let him.
c.He doesn’t want to go
d. His family isn’t rich.
When Percy is waiting for the bus,
he sees _________.

a.A taco stand.
b.Three old ladies sewing in rocking
c.Mrs. Dodds calling him to cross the
d.Grover helping the bus driver
What caused Grover to get
 extremely upset in chapter 2?

a.Percy was mean to him
b.Percy saw the three old ladies
  snip yarn with scissors.
c.The three old ladies smiled
  cruelly at Grover
d.The bus was ready to leave.
Is this statement
about chapter 3
True or False?

- Percy has had
problems at every
school he has
Is this statement in Chapter 3
True or False?

- Gabe is Percy’s father.
Is this statement in Chapter 3
True or False?

- Grover is part goat.
Is this statement for Chapter 3
True or False?

-Percy and his mother were
heading to the beach for a
Is this statement for Chapter 3
True or False?

-Percy’s mother thinks it is best if
he stays with her instead of going
Who does Grover say is
 after Percy?

c.Mr. D
When the car flips over and
they leave the car, what does
Percy think is trying to hurt him
but his mom doesn’t let him say its

What happens to Percy’s mother?

A.She goes across the property line
B.She evaporates into light
C.She kills the Minotaur
D.She takes the car back to Gabe
What happens to the Minotaur?

A.It kills Grover
B.It survives and runs away
C.It passes out
D.Percy kills it
How does the Minotaur die?

a.It trips and falls on a fence post
b.Percy stabs it with its own horn
under its ribs.
c. Percy stabs it with his sword.
d. It blows up driving the car away.
What does the blond girl ask
Percy about at the beginning of the

a.About the popcorn pudding.
b.About the summer solstice
c.Who he is
d.About the furies
What is the fancy name for the
Drink Percy had to make him well.

Short Answer

-What does the drink that Percy
Drinks taste like?(be specific)
Short Answer

-Who is Mr. D really? What clues
give it away?
Short Answer

-Where does Chiron say that
Mount Olympus (the home of the gods,
Not the actual mountain) is located?

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