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									360° Security Leadership:
 Understanding Now for
               the Future
                         April 5, 2012
        NCMS Channel Islands Seminar

                     deborah russell collins
The Security Professional of Today

                    More strategic than tactical
                          High business acumen
                                  Change agent
                           Process management
           Critical thinking skills, detail focused
                             Consensus builder
                        Negotiation, facilitation
                Excellent communication skills
                             Global perspective
                Credible, fair, politically astute
 The Security Professional of Today
                     Internal Liaison   Problem-Solving

Personnel Security                                  Awareness and Training

   Clearances                                             Initial Briefings
    Renewals                                             Annual Briefings
 Badge Provision                                       Day-to-Day Education
  Certifications                                         Special Issue Ed.

                               You!                        Information
     Security                                               Assurance

Employee Safety                                        System Accreditation
 Access Control                                         System Monitoring
 Accreditation                                           System Upgrades
    Storage                                                    Etc.

                Professionalism            Marketing
                   Think Outside the Bowl

It is not the job that defines you;
           you define you!
“The difference in our success or
failure is not chance, but choice.

Because when adversity strikes, it’s
not what happens that will
determine our destiny;
It’s how we react to what happens.”

                              Mac Anderson
                               Finish Strong
           Where Do We Start?

• The changing landscape of the security
• Preparing now for the future
• 360° Security Leader
  – Outward Focus
  – Inward Focus
• Staying Positive!
                      The Name of the Game
                           is Change
• The world is changing on a scale and pace that is
• The world of security is changing too
• Our business, protecting vital national security assets, is getting
  more complicated and challenging every day

            “The security profession requires 360° thinkers,
    people able to adapt to succeed in the new environment
                           we live in now and in the future.”
                                                  William R. Kotapish
                                          Former Security Director, CIA
          The Changing Landscape
 Nothing is more important to National Security than the
   making and the conduct of good security policies and
    timely, accurate, objective and relevant intelligence.

• Senate Select Intelligence Committee Testimony – DNI
  James Clapper, January 2012
   • Espionage continues; it’s not just terrorism
   • Cyber enabled attacks; migration from unclassified to
     classified systems
   • Trusted insider threat
   • Critical infrastructure protection; it’s not just classified we
     care about
       The Changing Landscape
            – 2012 Issues

• Globalized integration
• World-wide connectivity of IT systems
• Information sharing – federal, state, local, private
• Miniaturization of everything!
• Supply chain security
“Intelligence value today arises from how fast we
can gather, understand and move information to


   for our civilian and military leaders - - -
  not by how much of it is locked in a safe.”
                   Dr. Joel F. Brenner
      Former National Counterintelligence Executive
Why was this a Security

            Security Success 1:
                We didn’t know until they wanted us
                to know.

            Security Success 2:
                Our war fighters returned safely.

            Security Success 3:
                A national security objective was met.
 Where Does Security Fit In?

    Therefore We Need A 360°
What are the challenges
      we face in
the security profession?

                           How is your job different
                           today vs. ten years ago?
          Challenges We Face

• Selling security to the non-security
• Ability to forecast security needs
• Overcome being typecast
• Procurement of resources to deliver the
• Maintaining a counter-intelligence focus in a
  counter-terrorism environment
360° Security Leaders
turn challenges into

                  Security is a paradox.
                 The more it succeeds,
         the less important it appears.
                    The 360° Security
• Mission driven – with a balanced perspective
   – Sees every security environment as unique
   – Enables operations – an acceptable level of risk at an
     acceptable cost
• Embraces intuitive & situational awareness
• Delivers Value

  “No one cares what you did for them yesterday so every
          day is another day to demonstrate value to the
                                                        Rob Rogalski
                              Corporate Director of Security & Safety
                                                  RAND Corporation
              Preparing Now for the
• We’re all implementing different aspects of security in
  an era of overlapping interfaces

• Leverage of common infrastructures to address
  several areas of risk at once
   – Streamline repeatable processes, employ technology
   – Information & Physical Security
   – Counterintelligence & Cyber Security

• We need security professionals who are…
   – Multi-disciplinary in expertise
   – Business & program generalists with a broad
     understanding of all aspects of protection
               Preparing Now for the
• In the face of difficult economic times, prioritize based
  on risk – you cannot protect everything

• Making the business case – Security as a “shared
  cost” across the organization; phased expenditures

• Have the right people – when budgets are cut, so are
  staff; talent management

• Outsource wisely – cutting costs; bring in a proven
  skill set
“Leaders who navigate do more than control the
 direction in which they and their people travel.

 They see the whole trip before they leave the
dock – seeing farther, seeing more and seeing it
             before others see it.”

                                           John Maxwell
                        Leadership Promises for Every Day
          360° Security Leader
            Outward Focus
• Global perspective
• Mission driven
• Creative thinking – We need both pragmatics
  and visionaries
• Business acumen – translate whatever it takes
  to deliver security into their language
• Politically astute – credible & fair
• Consensus Builder
None of us is as smart as all of us.
                    Don’t React - LEAD

• Gain a seat at the management table
     • Be seen as a resource beyond security requirements
     • Build alliances
• Do not play the blame game with management
  - you are them!
     • Move from blame to ownership
     • Who owns the problem? We all do!
• Coach & mentor program personnel
     • Spread security responsibility throughout the
Gain a seat at the table.
              Take Ownership

Don’t blame management –
  you are one of them!
                  “Management wants to ‘see’ and ‘feel’ what you
                     bring to the organization. Be approachable;
                             develop trust by being trustworthy.”
                                                             Glenn Gates
                                         Senior Security Manager - Boeing

“Show sincerity, integrity and honesty to everyone.
The only truth is your principles.
Never compromise them.”
Jim Linn
Former Corporate Vice-President & Director of Security
                  360° Security leader
                     Inward Focus

• Are you willing to be energetic, passionate and
  committed to delivering the best security program
      • Leadership – born or taught?
      • Self-awareness – discover your strengths & exploit them;
        find resources to fill the gaps
          – 360DegreeLeader.com

• Living your core values – Proverbs 10
      Diligence, Resilience, Discernment, Integrity,
      Practical Wisdom
It is both what you know and
        who you know.
                         Attributes for Your Success

 Be know as a problem solver
   - Gather information wisely, prepare thoroughly with the
     right motives, display flexibility and march forward with
   - “The book” doesn’t always have the answer

 Be a force multiplier
 Embrace what everyone brings to the table
   - Industry provides a consistent brain trust
   - Government provides command and control
   - The two can and do work well together when done right!
                         Attributes for Your Success

 Again, be an excellent communicator

 Make time for people
    - Gain the trust of the workforce
    - The best ideas come from the people that are closest to the
      work – engage them

 Possess a high business acumen
   - Get to know your customers – relationships matter
   - Enable the mission by achieving an acceptable level
     of risk at an acceptable cost
Security is Strategic,
 Valued & Credible

             Always do what is right.
            This will gratify some and
                      astonish the rest.
                           Mark Twain
                 Strategic, Valued &

• Security doesn’t “just happen”
     • Be known as a forwarding thinking organization –
       proactive vs. reactive
     • When you know where you stand, you know
       where you are going
• Know your business, act with integrity

Competence              Credibility           Trust
           We’ve Come Full Circle

• Understand the changing landscape of the security

• Prepare now for the future – embrace convergence &

• Be Holistic – engage all available resources inside &
  outside the organization

• Be a 360° Security Leader that is mission driven &
  delivers value to the organization
                       Staying Positive!

In security we touch every life in the organization.
                     That is a tremendous privilege.
             It is also a tremendous responsibility.
             Let us lead well and let us serve well.
                                                deedee collins

“Trying times are no time to quit trying.
Quit when the job is done, not when you’re tired.”
John Maxwell
The 360° Leader
360° Security Leadership:
 Understanding Now for
               the Future
                         April 5, 2012
        NCMS Channel Islands Seminar

                     deborah russell collins

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