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Alexandria, VA 22309
(703) 799-4844

OBJECTIVE:            Director / Program or Project Manager - Counter-Intelligence (CI) / Counter-
                      Insurgency / Counter-Terrorism (CT)


   27 years, CIA, DoD, and USN Intelligence (NCIS/HQ) Analysis (HUMINT/SIGINT)
   17 years, Active Service and Military Reserve Duty – United States Navy
   13 years, Entrepreneur, Actor, Media Production Coordinator, Commercial Film industry
   5/8 years, CIA – Intelligence / NCIS – Intelligence/Counter-Intelligence
   4 years, Government Contracting (Intelligence Analysis)

CLEARANCE:            DoD, TS/SCI w/Polygraph (last adjudicated: 06/11; expires: 06/16)
PASSPORT:             United States Citizen (exp. date = 05/21); willing to travel up to 40%
LANGUAGE:             Spanish (fluent)


1979 – present, Active / Reserve Military, US Navy and US Navy Reserve

03/11 – present, Entrepreneur / Business Owner / Subject Matter Expert (SME)
B.E.B. International, Mt. Vernon, VA

   Managed the Debaryes band, which focuses on pop, funk, and electronica
    ( and )
   Worked with promoter Karen Lee from Evolution Promotion (promoter for Sting, Sinead
    O’Connor, and R.E.M.;
   Created business plans for promotion, video recordings and international concert tour

02/11 – 06/12, Senior Intelligence Analyst, Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) &
Project Manager, Human Asset Acquisition for Programs and Contracts
ManTech, Falls Church, VA

   Sr. Intelligence Analyst - Perform a technical, counter-intelligence survey audio analysis on
    communication devices/media against communications in a Latin country believed to be
    targeting USG personnel within thirty-day deadline with negative results
   Project Manager/Asset Acquisition – review, analyze, manage acquisition of human assets for
    contract programs to fulfill contract requirements for federal government agencies

09/09 – 02/10, Department of Defense Analyst, Network Segment Architect
Dynamis USA, Crystal City, VA

   Coordinated/synchronized use of DoD Architecture Framework (DoDAF) to procure technical
    communications systems for Army’s Chief Architect’s Office
   Identified targeted communication systems the Army wished to purchase; assured systems
    suitable to the requirements identified by Army; conducted multiple meetings to affirm list
11/07 – 09/09, Intelligence Analyst
SRA International, Inc., Chantilly, VA

   Processed, analyzed, thousands of pieces of field data collections including biometric data
    identifying terrorist targets and Counter-Insurgency threats for the Office for the Under
    Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (OUSD/I), Tagging, Tracking and Locating (TTL) program
   Authored five white papers assessing DoD TTL programs, focusing on Command, Control,
    Communication, Computer, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) and
    Tactical Communications (TACOMS)

09/07 – 11/07, Senior Analyst
Evidence Based Research (EBR), Vienna, VA

   On-site Lead for secondary research team of open source research analyst
   Company lost contract; moved to next opportunity

02/07 – 05/07, Senior Intelligence Analyst (Independent Contractor)
Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO), Crystal City, VA

   Facilitated JIEDDO SIGINT programs for counter-terrorism and insurgency programs targeting
    IED networks resulting in capture of eight high-value insurgent targets by U.S. Forces
   Briefed Marine Corps General Flag Officer, JIEDDO Director, and senior staff members on
    status of current technical collections programs
   Interfaced with government agencies and five private sector companies on fielding to apply
    their technologies to the JIEDDO mission with current technical systems
   Company lost contract; moved to next opportunity

04/05 – 10/06, Rank / Senior Intelligence Chief
United States Navy (NCIS) Mobilized, Office of Administrative Review of the Detention of
Enemy Combatants (OARDEC), Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

   Supported and provided ‘current intelligence’ to the detainee case-review boards; Collaborated
    with DoD/Civilian IC team to research intelligence for interviewers
   Developed analytic workflow and collection methods for detainee interviewers
   Created intelligence unit/staff, systemized delivery of accurate, timely detainee threat level
    information to senior officer board; Quality Assurance for functional and effective intelligence
   Expanded/improved intelligence data mining process to respond to short-fused requests for
    information (RFIs)
   Coordinated with senior officer to correctly identify detainees (deficiencies identified) by a
    Congressional investigation (Committee Members: Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein)
   Identified intelligence requirements; created classified/unclassified database search processes
   Mentored three junior enlisted intelligence analysts
   Trained circa five military officers in intelligence collection, classifications, and markings
   Advisor - senior management, including Navy Captain for organizational performance/security

01/05 – 02/07, Project Analyst, Subject Matter Expert (Consultant)
Electronic Warfare Associates/Information & Infrastructure Technologies, Inc. (EWA/IIT), US
Army Intelligence & Security Command (INSCOM), Chantilly, VA
   Collaborated with Information Technology Security Coordinating Committee (IT-SCC) (private
    sector) and IT-GCC (government agencies) members to write the Executive Order mandated
    Department of Homeland Security (DHS) guidance document entitled IT Sector Specific Plan
    for the United States IT Critical Infrastructure for high-level pentagon eyes and DHS officials

01/04 – 01/05, Continuity of Operations (COOP) Analyst
Titan Corporation, Defense Continuity & Crisis Management (DCCM) , Reston, VA

   Drafted COOP plans for the Department of Defense for DCCM

10/03 – 12/03, Counter-Terrorism Analyst
Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), Honolulu, HI

   Authored intelligence reports and presented counter-terrorism briefings
   Wrote/presented fusion-cell briefs/papers on terrorism/radicalization of Madrasas
   Left company for better opportunity / preferred location to accommodate family needs

03/02 – present, E6 (Petty Officer) / Intelligence All Source Analyst
U.S. Navy Reserves, DIA, Boling Air Force Base, Washington, D.C.

   Perform overt HUMINT/SIGINT data collection at the EUROSATORY 2012 writing Intelligence
    Information Reports (IIRs) on systems collected - after action reports on required military
    systems and how accomplished, with whom I spoke, and what/why it was relevant to the USG
   Support Defense Attache Office (DAO) in Bishkek Kargyzsan; administratively supported
    debriefing of sources with insight into Kyryz military capabilities
   Support USDAO operations in Tallinn, Estonia; DAO team lead for US Air Forces in Europe
    (USAFE) Airfield Assessment team to evaluate a newly constructed Amari Military Airfield;
    contributions directly impacted USAFE decision to support the Amari Airfield opening day
    ceremony with US Ambassador to and President of Estonia
   Primary liaison to US embassy’s Political/Military (Pol/Mil) section to coordinate Military Air
    (MILAIR) request for President of Estonia to visit troops deployed to Afghanistan
   Analyze Counter-Intelligence (CI) data from investigations producing evidence of illegal
    transfer of naval technology to foreign governments for NCIS Research Protection Research
    Division; identified several companies with possible CI concerns and forwarded data to NCIS
    investigators for further investigation; other investigations led to arrests of several Chinese
    agents in Long Beach, CA on related espianage and CI matters
   Author Special Analytical Reports (SAR) on technology exploitation by Foreign Intelligence
    Security Services and country threat analyses
   Respond to request via written reports (myself and junior analyst) of changes of security
    measures for visiting personnel onboard U.S. Naval nuclear submarine forces to observe
    submarine operation procedures
   Wrote an analytical report to Navy Research Lab identifying risk of lowering security measures
    of non cleared personnel on Guided Missile Nuclear Submarines (SSGN)
   Mentor multiple civilian analysts, and enlisted and junior NCIS analyst(s) (GTMO) on sources/
    methods of intelligence collection, including Human Intelligence (HUMINT)
   Counter-Terrorism watch officer for PACOM AOR identifying and tracking terrorist activity and
    writing Intelligence Information Reports (IIRs)
   Participate in PACOM COOP Exercise(s) for US Navy to determine viability of Navy PACOM
    COOP plan; monitor message traffic during transferred COOP team to site as a team member
    of the Camp Smith Terrorist Watch Floor for PACOM AOR

10/01 – present, E6 (Petty Officer), U.S. Navy Reserves

03/90 – 09/03, Media Production Coordinator (Private Company Contractor)
Warner Bros, Walt Disney, Fox Studios, Los Angeles, CA

   Coordinated studio security, producers, animators, directors, actors, transportation, and
    production department to control access to sound stages for Disney television, films, and
    theatre productions, including: Animaniacs, The Lion King II, and Judging Amy filmed at
    Paramount Studios ( and

05/91 – 11/00, Actor, Miscellaneous Production Companies, Hollywood, CA

   More details:

11/00 – 09/03, Sales Representative, Valencia, CA

   Commission based sales representative for luxury, high-socio-economic target market
    products to surpassing (30, 60, 90) quotas, ahead of deadline for targets by assertive sales
   Earned diamond pin sales recognition award

11/90 – 01/91, Case Worker, Department of Human Services, Chester County, PA

   Responsible for 2,000 family/domestic cases

02/85 – 02/90, Intelligence Analyst & Desk Officer
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) , Mclean, VA

   Trained special forces in one country and trained other services in two additional countries)
    foreign military Special Forces units in use of tactical communications SIGINT system for arms
    interdiction, counter-insurgency, and anti-guerrilla operations
   Facilitated administration of approximately $500K+ funds for SIGINT and other United States
    government intelligence programs
   Uncovered and reported embezzlement of project funds by foreign national liaison Intelligence
    staff personnel on SIGINT program with punitive results
   Managed, operated, tested, and integrated five SIGINT systems
   Operated Intelligence Community Tactical Communications (IC-TACOMS) remote
   Briefed intelligence programs to executive management/general line officers (GS-15+ ranks)
   Responsible for assessing and validating recruited assets for USG Intelligence for intent of
    sources who, where, and where not polygraphed for USG on matters on counterinsurgency
   Met mission objectives for agency requirements and USG foreign policy for collection of
    communications from a targeted ‘hostile nation’
   Coordinated air and ground transportation (logistics/liaison) supporting transportation
    operations in remote regions for team mission completion of meeting with sources
   Created and nurtured relationships with foreign host intelligence services in Latin America and
    Africa, facilitating coordination of ongoing technical operations

08/83 – 12/84, Student, Pennsylvania State University & other non-relevant job experience
03/80 – 05/83, E-4/E-5 / Radioman, US Navy, LSD-34 USS Hermitage, Little Creek, VA
04/79 – 02/80, E-3/E-4 / Radioman, US Navy, NAF Lajes Azores, Portugal


   09/12 – present, Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts, Excelsior College, Albany, NY; expected
    graduation: 12/13
   Diploma, Great Valley High School, Malvern, PA


   Basic Reserve Intelligence Training and Intelligence Reserve “A” School, US Navy
   Counterintelligence Operation briefing, US Navy
   Electronic Messaging System (EMS), US Navy
   Government Technical Training, US Navy
   Joint Military Attaché School, Trident, US Navy
   M4 & Glock19 Certified, US Navy
   NCIS Operational Readiness Course, US Navy
   NCIS Technology Transfer Investigation Course, US Navy
   Soviet Intel Services & Their Activities, US Navy
   Space and Missile Course, US Navy
   Strategic Organizations and Processes, US Navy
   Tactical Radio Direction Finding, US Navy
   Understanding Terrorism, US Navy


   Security weekly briefings while in government status at CIA
   Security weekly briefings at GTMO as Intelligence Chief for Detainee matters


   Analyst Notebook
   Automated Inventory Management System (AIMS)
   Biometric Intelligence Resource (BIR)
   Coliseum
   DIA Database (HARMONY)
   Hercules
   Human Online Tasking and Reporting (HOTR)
   Hydra
   Intelligence Databases: JWICS
   Investigative Information Management System (I2MS)
   Joint Detainee Information Management System (JDIMS)
   Microsoft Office Software: Word, Excel, PowerPoint
   Multimedia Message Manager (M3)
   NCTC database
   Pathfinder
   Proton
   Query Tree
   SIGINT Systems & Tactical SIGINT Systems
   SIPRnet/NIPRnet (The first one is a SECRET level computer system and the second is
   Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment (TIDE)
   Web Intelligence Search Engine (WISE)


   Armed Forces Reserve Medal (M)
   Exceptional Performance Award (CIA)
   Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal
   Global War on Terrorism Medal
   Humanitarian Service Medal (2)
   Joint Meritorious Unit Award (3)
   Letter of Commendation - Commander of Joint Intelligence Center Pacific (JICPAC)
   National Defense Service Medal (2)
   Navy Expeditionary Medal
   Navy Good Conduct Medal
   Navy Reserve Meritorious Service (2)
   Sailor of The Quarter Award
   Sea Service Deployment Medal (2)
   Sharpshooter (Rifle), Expert (Pistol)
   U.S. Air Force and Navy Letters of Appreciation & Unit Commendation


   04/12 – 06/12, Assistant Coach, Woodlawn Little League, Alexandria, VA
   01/07 – present, 4th Degree Knight, Knights of Columbus, Mt. Vernon, VA
   07/05 – 10/05, Sulgrave Manor Civic Association Rep, Planning Board, Mt. Vernon, VA
   05/05 – 03/06, Volunteer, Vice President, Sulgrave Manor Civic Association, Mt. Vernon, VA
   05/05 – present, Voting Member, Fairfax County Republican Party, Alexandria, VA
   05/05 - present, Poll Watcher, Alexandria, VA

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insurgency, interdiction, IT-GCC, IT-SCC, JDIMS, JICPAC, JIEDDO, JWICS, Kyrgyzstan, liaison,
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Radioman, Reconnaissance, Research, RFIs, SAR, Security, Sharpshooter, SIPRnet/NIPRnet,
Soviet, Space, Spanish, SRA, SSGN, submarine, Surveillance, TACOMS, Tactical, target,
Terrorism/Terrorist, threat, TIDE, Titan, tracking, traffic, TTL, United States Navy (USN), USAFE,
USDAO, USG, Warfare, Watch, WISE, workflow.

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