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									     Logical Framework Matrix
     Title: Modification and Demonstration of Existing multi-crop Thresher for finger millet Starting date July 20007 EC
     Table 3
                                                         Objectively verifiable Indicators (OVI)                     Means of              Important
Narrative Summary                                                                                                    Verification (MOV)    Assumption/Risk

ACTIVITIES:                                                                                                                                    Required budget,
                                                             Numbers of collected and selected threshing unit         Quarterly and          raw materials,
  Assessment of proper threshing unit                       Numbers component drawing Produced                       annual reports          testing or
  Preparation of manufacturing drawing                      Thresher components fabricated                          Test report             measuring
  Manufacturing of threshing unit                           printed Performance results                             Observation             equipment and
  Preliminary testing of prototype                          Numbers of site and farmers selected and trained                                 logistic available
  Refinement of work                                        Printed document                                                                 on time
  Final testing and evaluation of prototype
  Site and farmers selection
  On farm evaluation of prototype
  Demonstration of prototype to users
  Data analysis and report writing Providing
     Budget (Recurrent) =25,000
     Personal Researcher and technical assistance
     Duration 2years
 One suitable Finger millet thresher                        Developed prototype of thresher                           Progress report
 50 farmers utilized modified finger millet thresher        Amount of farmers accepting the technology                Filed Visit

  To improve the performance of existing multi-           An increment of finger millet production in the region     BOA and Co-
   crop threshers on threshing of finger millet.           Raising request on manual labor and time reducing          operative
  To create interest and recognition of make use of       technology on finger millet                                 Reports
   finger millet thresher among crop processing           Increasing of co-operative owned farm activities           Field report
   farmers                                                Numbers of farmers or group of farmers ask for or
                                                           acquire the technology
GOAL:                                                                                                                                      Availability of market
 Enhancement of live situation of farmers through           Increment of individual income of farmers                 Survey
  reducing of grain loss, maintaining quality thereby,
  increasing means of income generation.
Title: Modification and Demonstration of Existing multi-crop Thresher for finger millet Starting date July 20007 EC
Monitoring and Evaluation
Table 4
No.   Narrative summary                         M&E                      Indicators       Information to be       Method of       Tools for         Method of
                                                Objectives                                collected               collection      collecting        analysis
                                                                                                                  information     information

1     In puts:                                  To check that:           - Budget         - Amount of             - Observation   - Observation     -
           Human resource                      - the required budget      released         budget released       - Interview     - Report          Descriptive
           Budget & its source                 is released and          - Persons          and utilized          - Referring     - Questionnaire   analysis
           Facilities                          appropriately utilized     involved       - person involved
                                                - The required           - Vehicle          in the study
                                                   manpower is in the     available
                                                - Vehicle is available
2       Assessment of proper threshing unit    To check that:           - Collected      - presence of           - observation   - observation     Same
        Preparation of manufacturing drawing   - Information &          information,     collected information   - interview     - report
        Fabrication of threshing unit          prototype/designs are    prototype will   Manufactured models     - data sheet
        Preliminary testing of prototype       collected                developed and    and selected farmers
        Refinement of work                     - working drawing           tested
        Final testing and evaluation of        prepared, thresher       - 50 farmer
         prototype                              manufactured and         will be
                                                tested                     selected and
        Site and farmers selection
                                                - Selected and make      trained
        On farm evaluation of prototype
                                                use of thresher by
        Demonstration of prototype to users    farmers
        Data analysis and report writing       - Compiled document

3      Suitable finger millet thresher         - To check that          - number of      - Presence of           - observation   - observation     Same
       50 farmers utilized manual operated        affordable having     thresher           Affordable finger     - interview     - report
        milk churn                                  good performance     requested by     millet thresher                         - questionnaire
                                                     thresher is         farmer

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